If you’re coming from a version before the 2.2 series, you may wish to review the release notes for 2.2.0 and 2.2.1.

This release contains a SECURITY FIX and other bugfixes improving on Evergreen 2.2.1.

Significant changes since 2.2.1 are mentioned below, roughly grouped by area affected. For more information on a given change, see the technical changelog.

Thanks everyone!


  • SECURITY FIX: Sanitize NULL out of cstore limit/offset param values

  • TPAC: Standardize i18n file installation

  • TPAC: Prevent JS error from Autosuggest focus()

  • TPAC: use POST instead of GET for locale picker

  • TPAC: Fix footer on hold history page

  • TPAC: fix pickup locations for edit holds

  • TPAC: add library scoping to shelf browser

  • TPAC: Remember facet when sorting, etc., on results page

  • TPAC: fix alignment of "You are now browsing…" in shelf browser

  • TPAC: Fix shelf browser’s previous link

  • TPAC: Physical Location Fixes/Enhancements

  • ACQ: Default to current fiscal year in ACQ order upload

  • ACQ: Enable pcrud access to fiscal year / fiscal calendar

  • ACQ: Fiscal year selector in ACQ order record upload

  • Staff client: avoid popup caused while saving patron messages

  • Documentation: Fix typos and include references in root.txt.

  • Documentation: Update upgrade instructions for 2.2.2 release.

  • Authorities: Fix broken UI due to new XUL/Dojo/regressions

  • Provide permission for copy editor field hiding

  • Hide OPAC-invisible holdings from SRU/Z39.50

  • Check for filled hold on transit checkin

  • SuperCat fixes - Child Init

  • Change grammar for lost and missing failure messages