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evergreen_in_action.jpg Evergreen in Action: So You've Installed Evergreen 2.3, Now What? was written for new Evergreen administrators, by Evergreen administrators. It provides guidance on how to:

  • set up your library,
  • migrate data,
  • import bibliographic records,
  • set up acquisitions,
  • create circulation and hold rules,
  • customize your catalog look and feel,
  • change search behavior,
  • back up your data in case of disaster

… and more!

Support the Evergreen project

Evergreen in Action is available for purchase on Lulu.com. All proceeds go to the Evergreen project (via the Software Freedom Conservancy) to be used to fund efforts like more documentation sprints, development internships, or other efforts that advance the state of the Evergreen project.

Get a copy for free

The authors have also made ePub and PDF versions of Evergreen in Action freely available under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

Help us!

There are lots of ways to help us improve the book: from correcting typos, to merging chapters into the official docs, to writing additional chapters… and we would love your help.

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