14:00:45 <tspindler> #startmeeting 2017-05-18 - Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting
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14:01:03 <tspindler> #topic roll call
14:01:05 <tspindler> Use the #info command stating name and affiliation
14:01:14 <sherbertbc> #info sherbertbc = Sharon Herbert, Sitka/BC Libraries Co-op
14:01:15 <tspindler> #info tspindler is Tim Spindler, C/W MARS
14:01:19 <scottthomas> #info Scott Thomas, PaILS
14:01:24 <collum_> #info collum is Garry Collum, Kenton County Public Library
14:01:29 <hbrennan> #info hbrennan is Holly Brennan, Homer Public Library, AK
14:01:31 <terran_> #info terran is Terran McCanna, PINES
14:01:53 <scottthomas> #info scottthomas is Scott Thomas, PaILS
14:02:01 <rgagnon> #info rgagnon is Ron Gagnon, NOBLE
14:02:28 <tspindler> poke miker
14:03:07 <tspindler> #topic Report of the Chair
14:03:23 <tspindler> I really don't have anything to report
14:03:49 <tspindler> Agenda is here https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:minutes:2017-5-18
14:03:55 <hbrennan> no news is good news?
14:04:07 <tspindler> #topic Minutes from last meeting
14:04:17 <tspindler> https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:minutes:20170405
14:04:27 <tspindler> Any corrections or changes?
14:05:36 <tspindler> Can I have a motion to accept the minutes?  (use #info to move
14:05:57 <terran_> #info I move to accept the meeting notes as they stand.
14:05:58 <rgagnon> #info Move to accept minutes.
14:06:09 <rgagnon> #info Second
14:06:31 <tspindler> #start vote Accept the minutes of 4/5/2017
14:06:45 <tspindler> #startvote Accept the minutes of 4/5/2017
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14:06:45 <hbrennan> +1
14:06:53 <scottthomas> +1
14:07:10 <tspindler> need to do command correctly
14:07:18 <terran_> There is a format we're supposed to do it in, which I always forget
14:07:26 <tspindler> #startvote Minutes
14:07:26 <pinesol_green> Unable to parse vote topic and options.
14:07:43 <tspindler> startvote is the command but getting parse error
14:08:18 <tspindler> #startvote <April Minute> Yea, Nea, Abstain
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14:08:27 <tspindler> anyone have the correct command
14:08:52 <tspindler> #startvote Should we accept the minutes of the 4/5/2017 meeting? Yes, No, Abstain
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14:09:03 <tspindler> #vote Yes
14:09:08 <terran_> #vote Yes
14:09:10 <scottthomas> #vote Yes
14:09:11 <collum_> #vote yes
14:09:11 <rgagnon> #vote Yes
14:09:13 <hbrennan> #vote yes
14:09:25 <sherbertbc> #vote yes
14:10:01 <tspindler> #endvote
14:10:01 <pinesol_green> Voted on "Should we accept the minutes of the 4/5/2017 meeting?" Results are
14:10:01 <pinesol_green> Yes (7): tspindler, collum_, rgagnon, terran_, scottthomas, hbrennan, sherbertbc
14:10:26 <tspindler> #topic Financial report
14:11:08 <tspindler> I haven't seen a report.  I know gmcharlt had one at past meeting but not sure if we have anything prepared for now.
14:12:04 <tspindler> Moving on
14:12:07 <tspindler> #topic SFC Updates
14:12:30 <tspindler> I think Amy would report on this but I don't see her online at this time.  Any other information?
14:12:33 <terran_> I believe Amy is traveling
14:12:49 <tspindler> Oh yes, saw she was in Italy
14:13:00 <terran_> She's probably not thinking about us, then :D
14:13:09 <tspindler> Ok, next topic
14:13:12 <tspindler> #topic Release Manager
14:13:51 <tspindler> Does gmcharlt have anything to report?
14:14:39 <tspindler> Ok next topic
14:14:41 <tspindler> #topic SFC Membership Review
14:14:53 <tspindler> I think I'll leave it to Sharon here.
14:15:00 <sherbertbc> The sub-committee has developed a questionnaire that will be sent to four identified non profits to determine what services they can provide to meet our needs. As BCLC is not competing, I will be contacting the four nonprofits to gather info and then anonymize the results to reduce potential of bias. Aiming to get the questionnaires out in early June.
14:15:17 <sherbertbc> any questions?
14:15:48 <terran_> sherbertbc++
14:15:51 <collum_> sherbertbc++
14:15:54 <tspindler> sherbertbc++
14:16:02 <rgagnon> sherbertbc++
14:16:10 <scottthomas> sherbertbc++
14:16:12 <sherbertbc> rest of committee+++
14:16:14 <tspindler> She was the last person standing so she got the work dumped on her i'm afraid
14:16:26 <sherbertbc> no problem
14:16:40 <tspindler> #topic 2017 Conference Committee Report
14:17:03 <tspindler> I'm not sure if collum_ or someone else can report.
14:17:26 <collum_> I don't have any figures.
14:17:45 <tspindler> How did everyone feel about the conference.  I thought overall it went well.
14:17:51 <collum_> We did get the survey results back.  Mostly positive responses.
14:18:26 <scottthomas> I heard nothing but good things, and I had a good experience myself.
14:18:30 <tspindler> #info Conference Committe figures and survey incomplete at this time
14:18:42 <terran_> I had a good conference, but I am worried that the numbers have dropped.
14:19:29 <tspindler> #topic 2018 Conference Committee Report
14:19:50 <tspindler> Is there someone here who can speak on the 2018 conference.
14:20:10 <gmcharlt> sorry for being late, got sidetracked
14:20:13 <gmcharlt> can provide update if desired
14:20:24 <tspindler> gmcharlt: yes please
14:20:43 <gmcharlt> ok, proceeding
14:21:06 <gmcharlt> #info development towards 3.0 is progressing normally
14:21:21 <gmcharlt> #info feedback fest this week is resulting in a number of older pullrequests getting reviewed by community
14:21:37 <gmcharlt> #info security releases in the 2.12 and 2.11 series are expected to be made next week
14:21:47 <gmcharlt> that's it, unless there are anyquestions for me
14:22:18 <terran_> gmcharlt++
14:22:22 <hbrennan> gmcharlt++
14:22:29 <tspindler> gmcharlt++
14:22:33 <scottthomas> gmcharlt++
14:22:35 <rgagnon> gmcharlt++
14:22:36 <sherbertbc> gmcharlt++
14:22:37 <tspindler> I like the frequent updates on the list
14:22:52 <tspindler> unrelated but will you still be pulling the financials from SFC or should I be working with Amy?
14:22:52 <terran_> Definitely!
14:22:54 <kmlussier> gmcharlt++
14:23:28 <collum_> gmcharlt++
14:24:06 <gmcharlt> tspindler: I will, and will do so later this afternoon
14:24:19 <tspindler> gmcharlt++
14:24:48 <tspindler> Ok, the next topic.  I know kmlussier has some things to discuss.
14:24:57 <tspindler> #topic Outreach Committee
14:25:14 <tspindler> kmlussier has the floor
14:25:20 <kmlussier> I wrote a general report and didn't have time to share it before the meeting.
14:25:26 <kmlussier> #link https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=outreach:reports:2017-05-18
14:26:02 <kmlussier> The Outreach Committee has three specific items we wanted to bring to the board.
14:26:40 <kmlussier> The first is that, when reviewing our wiki page with the original charge, I realized the work of the committee was supposed to expire at the end of December.
14:27:36 <kmlussier> We had a short-term trial period because the original focus of the committee was to rent exhibit booths at conference, which carried a high cost. But the focus has changed over the past two years.
14:28:15 <kmlussier> We would like to continue our work, and we would like the EOB to approve a new charge for the group.
14:28:18 <kmlussier> #link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DUTW5cJ6L5CHii8E9HtgqaLgImTogdbb23KLgrI5jJE/edit
14:29:21 <kmlussier> Most of the changes were to reduce verbiage and to remove specific activities that don't really belong in a committee charge. But we would also like the target audience to include an internal audience as well as external.
14:29:43 <tspindler> Any discussion about the proposed charge?
14:29:48 <terran_> #info I move to approve the changes to the Outreach Committee
14:29:48 <scottthomas> I like all of the changes and definitely think the committee's work should continue.
14:30:00 <scottthomas> #info second
14:30:12 <terran_> kmlussier++
14:30:21 <tspindler> kmlussier++
14:30:29 <scottthomas> kmlussier++
14:30:30 <sherbertbc> kmlussier++
14:30:32 <tspindler> any discussion we have a motion and a second
14:31:17 <tspindler> #startvote Should we accept the new charge as presented? Yes, No, Abstain
14:31:17 <pinesol_green> Begin voting on: Should we accept the new charge as presented? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Abstain.
14:31:17 <pinesol_green> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
14:31:29 <hbrennan> #vote yes
14:31:30 <tspindler> #vote Yes
14:31:30 <terran_> #vote Yes
14:31:31 <sherbertbc> #vote yes
14:31:31 <collum_> #vote yes
14:31:34 <scottthomas> #vote yes
14:31:40 <rgagnon> #vote Yes
14:31:59 <tspindler> #endvote
14:31:59 <pinesol_green> Voted on "Should we accept the new charge as presented?" Results are
14:31:59 <pinesol_green> Yes (7): tspindler, collum_, rgagnon, terran_, scottthomas, hbrennan, sherbertbc
14:32:27 <collum_> kmlussier++
14:32:29 <kmlussier> Moving on...
14:32:36 <kmlussier> #info The Outreach Committee is seeking approval for a budget to cover costs through next April.
14:32:48 <kmlussier> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Zazk_x3KlrDn0sZmTgdh2rfznL1_I20tJVWavlJGdH0/edit?usp=sharing
14:33:02 <kmlussier> I've made a change to the proposed budget since first posting it to the list.
14:33:35 <tspindler> any discussion?
14:33:35 <kmlussier> After talking with graced, we've reduced the merchandising request to $1,500, which reflects the amount of merchandise we'll need to restock for next year's conference.
14:34:42 <tspindler> kmlussier: have we generally recovered the cost on what we spent on merchandise?
14:35:09 <kmlussier> tspindler: We didn't spend anything on merchandise. Equinox was the merchandise sponsor and paid for the initial stock.
14:35:39 <hbrennan> equinox++
14:35:42 <tspindler> thanks, can I have a motion to accept the Outreach Committee Budget
14:35:44 <kmlussier> We made $1,800 on merchandise at the conference.
14:35:53 <tspindler> equinox++
14:36:09 <sherbertbc> equinox ++
14:36:13 <rgagnon> equinox++
14:36:18 <kmlussier> Sorry, $1,600
14:36:20 <terran_> equinox++
14:36:21 <scottthomas> #info I will make that motion.
14:36:26 <collum_> #info second
14:36:37 <scottthomas> equinox++
14:36:44 <tspindler> We have a motion and a second, any further discussion?
14:37:42 <tspindler> #startvote Should we accept the Outreach Commitee budget totaling $4500? Yes, No, Abstain
14:37:42 <pinesol_green> Begin voting on: Should we accept the Outreach Commitee budget totaling $4500? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Abstain.
14:37:42 <pinesol_green> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
14:37:46 <terran_> #vote Yes
14:37:47 <rgagnon> #vote Yes
14:37:49 <collum_> #vote yes
14:37:50 <tspindler> #vote Yes
14:37:50 <hbrennan> #vote yes
14:37:54 <scottthomas> #vote yes
14:38:08 <sherbertbc> #vote yes
14:38:25 <tspindler> #endvote
14:38:25 <pinesol_green> Voted on "Should we accept the Outreach Commitee budget totaling $4500?" Results are
14:38:25 <pinesol_green> Yes (7): tspindler, rgagnon, terran_, scottthomas, collum_, hbrennan, sherbertbc
14:39:16 <kmlussier> OK, last thing from me today.
14:39:27 <collum_> kmlussier++
14:39:39 <kmlussier> During out meeting at the conference, we also discussed the idea of possibly refreshing the current logo.
14:40:24 <kmlussier> The person who worked on the conference logo did very good work, and, if the EOB thinks it's worthwhile, we would like to approach that person about working on the community logo.
14:40:46 <kmlussier> I didn't include it in the budget request. I first wanted to see what you all thought of the idea.
14:40:54 <kmlussier> I outlined a couple of reasons in my email to the board.
14:41:10 <terran_> Can you please remind us of those reasons?
14:41:12 <hbrennan> We definitely need an official square/round logo to use
14:42:12 <kmlussier> Yes, so one of the reasons was that we don't have an official small / square logo.
14:42:25 <terran_> I agree with the need for a square or round version, but I'm not sure about refreshing the standard one.
14:42:36 <kmlussier> The larger reason was the the original logo was done with a rare font that was then customized. It has made it difficult to work with the logo.
14:43:15 <terran_> Isn't it stored as line art? The font shouldn't matter.
14:43:27 <kmlussier> In our discussions, nobody wanted to see a total redesign. Because I think it identifies the Evergreen brand.
14:43:31 <tspindler> If you just need to convert the frond part of the logo into a square vectored image, I can do that but I was assuming there was more to it than that
14:44:09 <kmlussier> Yes, people have actually used the frond part as an unofficial square logo.
14:44:14 <hbrennan> I think it should be a little more, sometime like the pins
14:44:39 <hbrennan> so it would require a little more design work
14:44:50 <hbrennan> *something like
14:44:51 <kmlussier> terran_: As it was explained to me, it's when you're trying to do something with the logo. For example, when we recently had to change the trademark symbol on the log.
14:45:47 <terran_> I don't think I understand why that would matter - were they trying to match the font on the TM to the logo font? Because that's not necessary
14:46:10 <tspindler> The font is now a vector graphic that i suppled to Galen and put up on a google folder.  But the frond piece is not a line drawing.
14:46:38 <tspindler> However, I could see doing some kind of refresh of the existing image and logo with a professional.
14:47:20 <terran_> If we're going to do a refresh, I'd want to do it because we want a visual change, not because there are technical issues we can straighten out.
14:47:37 <tspindler> https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwdUgxEmWFdEcThNSi04SVJMZ00
14:47:43 <kmlussier> Yes, in addition to the technical reasons provided, I would say some on the committee thought that a refreshing of the design would be nice. We still want it to be recognizable, but maybe modernized a bit.
14:48:47 <hbrennan> Assuming since no one has been approached about this yet, a budget number isn't handy?
14:48:47 <tspindler> kmlussier, are you looking to attache any money to it yet?
14:49:17 <scottthomas> I agree. If we are going to refresh it, I think we should update the design.
14:49:24 <kmlussier> tspindler: No, not yet. I was looking for feedback before we approached the person about doing the work.
14:49:40 <tspindler> I think its a good idea to do something like this.
14:50:52 <tspindler> If we are not spending money at this time, I'm not sure we need a vote but how do others feel?
14:51:00 <scottthomas> We are in competition with proprietary vendors who seem to regularly refresh their logos.
14:51:20 <tspindler> It seems within the purview to research options
14:51:30 <hbrennan> As a graphic designer myself, I fully agree it needs sprucing up
14:51:44 <kmlussier> heh...sprucing
14:51:51 <hbrennan> (ha!)
14:51:51 <collum_> I think a square logo along with the elongated one would be nice.
14:51:56 <collum_> tee hee
14:52:11 <hbrennan> Is it weird to approach one individual about this though?
14:53:00 <terran_> I think we should also ask for a light-on-black option as well as the green-on-white.
14:53:03 <kmlussier> hbrennan: We could certainly approach others, but the thought was this a person that we know does good work. At least, based on our experience with the conference logo.
14:53:12 <kmlussier> collum_: Was it a librarian who worked on the conference logo?
14:53:35 <scottthomas> We could approach this person and, if we aren't happy with their work or quote, approach others.
14:53:37 <collum_> It was a graphic designer from one of the Ohio libraries.
14:53:43 <kmlussier> terran_: That's a good point.
14:54:01 <collum_> I can find the name and send it to you kmlussier.
14:54:06 <hbrennan> I have done contract work that involved designing the logo and providing an RFP
14:54:11 <kmlussier> Thanks collum_ !
14:54:18 <tspindler> yes, it should work well on the web, in print and social media
14:54:20 <terran_> I suspect someone within the community would give us a better rate than someone from outside the community.
14:54:57 <tspindler> I know one of our libraries just spent $4000 on a logo with a professional graphic artist
14:55:07 <kmlussier> hbrennan: Designing the logo as part of the response to the RFP?
14:55:13 <hbrennan> yes
14:55:23 <kmlussier> wow
14:55:38 <terran_> Yes, I know two professional graphic designers and they'd probably be in the several-thousand-range as well
14:56:21 <kmlussier> Well, that gives us a ballpark. If we get a quote that seems high compare to those ranges, we can look at getting quotes from others.
14:56:55 <tspindler> I think its worth the the committee to research the issue and come back with a recommendation.  Do we want to vote on this?
14:57:17 <hbrennan> Should be much lower than that if an existing logo is provided to work with
14:57:27 <hbrennan> yes, we need more info
14:58:04 <terran_> #info I move that the Outreach Committee investigates pursuing a logo redesign
14:58:07 <tspindler> The library tha paid the $4000 was for an entirely new design and probably part of a larger marketing strategy
14:58:23 <scottthomas> #info second
14:58:24 <hbrennan> And I'm about to head to the circ desk for a shift so apologies in advance for delayed responses from here on
14:59:14 <tspindler> #startvote Direct the Outreach Committee to research options and report back on the logo design? Yes, No, Abstain
14:59:14 <pinesol_green> Begin voting on: Direct the Outreach Committee to research options and report back on the logo design? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Abstain.
14:59:14 <pinesol_green> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
14:59:20 <terran_> #vote Yes
14:59:21 <sherbertbc> #vote yes
14:59:24 <tspindler> #vote Yes
14:59:26 <hbrennan> #vote yes
14:59:27 <scottthomas> #vote yes
14:59:29 <collum_> #vote Yes
14:59:34 <rgagnon> #vote Yes
14:59:41 <tspindler> #endvote
14:59:41 <pinesol_green> Voted on "Direct the Outreach Committee to research options and report back on the logo design?" Results are
14:59:41 <pinesol_green> Yes (7): tspindler, collum_, rgagnon, terran_, scottthomas, hbrennan, sherbertbc
15:00:20 <tspindler> There is no old business and I only have one new item that should be able to be handled quickly
15:00:32 <tspindler> #topic New Business
15:01:21 <tspindler> #info Graced requested payment for the lockbox used at the conference, the expenditure was previousely approved.  She provided a receipt and it cost $184
15:01:50 <tspindler> Can I have a motion that we make the payment?
15:01:51 <graced> er... no just the $28.78
15:02:10 <tspindler> I missed that then. thanks for the correction.
15:02:12 <graced> Sorry - should have circled that on the receipt
15:02:24 <terran_> #info I move that we make the payment
15:02:40 <rgagnon> #info Second
15:03:01 <tspindler> #startvote Make the payment of 28.78 for the lockbox? Yes, No, Abstain
15:03:01 <pinesol_green> Begin voting on: Make the payment of 28.78 for the lockbox? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Abstain.
15:03:01 <pinesol_green> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
15:03:04 <collum_> #vote yes
15:03:05 <sherbertbc> #vote Yes
15:03:06 <terran_> #vote Yes
15:03:07 <tspindler> #vote Yes
15:03:09 <hbrennan> #vote yes
15:03:09 <rgagnon> #vote Yes
15:03:12 <scottthomas> #vote yes
15:03:30 <tspindler> Any other issues to bring up?
15:03:41 <tspindler> #endvote
15:03:41 <pinesol_green> Voted on "Make the payment of 28.78 for the lockbox?" Results are
15:03:41 <pinesol_green> Yes (7): collum_, tspindler, rgagnon, terran_, scottthomas, hbrennan, sherbertbc
15:03:57 <tspindler> Can I have a motion to adjourn?
15:04:07 <terran_> There's a bug squashing week coming up in June
15:04:17 <rgagnon> #info Move to adjourn
15:04:21 <hbrennan> #info second
15:04:27 <tspindler> #endmeeting