14:00:28 <tspindler> #startmeeting 2017-07-20 - Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting
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14:00:38 <tspindler> #topic roll call
14:00:39 <tspindler> Use the #info command stating name and affiliation
14:00:48 <miker> #info miker = Mike Rylander, EOLI
14:00:51 <tspindler> #info tspindler is Tim Spindler, C/W MARS
14:00:57 <rgagnon> #info rgagnon is Ron Gagnon, NOBLE
14:01:06 <collum> #info collum is Garry Collum, Kenton County Public Library
14:01:08 <sherbertbc> #info sherbertbc is Sharon Herbert, Sitka/BCLC
14:01:18 <ScottThomas> #info ScottThomas is Scott Thomas, PaILS
14:01:38 <afterl> #info afterl is Amy Terlaga, Bibliomation (Evergreen conference update)
14:01:39 <terran> #info terran is Terran McCanna, PINES
14:02:01 <tspindler> I think that's all the board who was attending.
14:02:10 <tspindler> #topic Report of the Chair
14:02:23 <tspindler> let me back step to minutes
14:02:54 <tspindler> #topic Approval of 6-15-17 minutes
14:02:57 <tspindler> http://evergreen-ils.org/meetings/evergreen/2017/evergreen.2017-06-15-14.00.html
14:03:38 <tspindler> May I have a motion to approve?
14:03:58 <rgagnon> Move to approve the 6/15/17 minutes
14:04:02 <terran> Second
14:04:19 <tspindler> #info rgagnon moved to approve minutes and terran seconded
14:04:53 <tspindler> #startvote Approve minutes of 6-15-17? Yes, No, Abstain
14:04:53 <pinesol_green> Begin voting on: Approve minutes of 6-15-17? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Abstain.
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14:05:02 <collum> #vote yes
14:05:03 <tspindler> #vote yes
14:05:05 <miker> #vote Yes
14:05:06 <sherbertbc> #vote yes
14:05:08 <ScottThomas> #vote yes
14:05:12 <rgagnon> #vote yes
14:05:12 <terran> #vote Yes
14:05:23 <tspindler> #endvote
14:05:23 <pinesol_green> Voted on "Approve minutes of 6-15-17?" Results are
14:05:23 <pinesol_green> Yes (7): tspindler, rgagnon, miker, collum, ScottThomas, terran, sherbertbc
14:05:41 <tspindler> #topic Report of the Chair
14:06:24 <tspindler> I was contacted by someone from UCLA and Lyrasis because they received a grant for looking at Open Source projects
14:06:32 <tspindler> #info “It Takes a Village: Open Source Software Models of Collaboration & Sustainability,” a one-year IMLS National Forum project to convene stakeholders from open source software
14:06:40 <tspindler> #info  http://lyrasisnow.org/press-release-lyrasis-receives-100000-imls-grant/
14:07:04 <terran> Nice!
14:07:23 <tspindler> There is a conference I was invited to attend in October in Baltimore.  I'm not sure what the end result of all this will be but I am planning to attend.
14:07:33 <tspindler> Are there any questions or thoughts on this?
14:07:57 <rgagnon> Sounds good, we need to be out there representing Evergreen.
14:08:17 <ScottThomas> Agreed.
14:08:23 <miker> tspindler: must the recipient of any funds be a lyrasis member? I ask, because they started a program last year to award grants to OSS projects
14:08:27 <miker> but you had to be a member
14:08:32 <miker> so, not a question for you right now
14:08:44 <miker> but something to find out when you attend the conf
14:08:48 <tspindler> C/W MARS is not a member of Lyrasis
14:09:42 <tspindler> but they invited me as chair of the Oversight Board
14:09:53 <tspindler> not as executive director of C/W MARS
14:10:33 <tspindler> Any other thoughts or questions?
14:11:06 <tspindler> #topic Financial report
14:11:46 <tspindler> I have not seen a financial report this month.  I'm not sure if gmcharlt has anything to share yet.  I can't remember if June was already posted
14:12:18 <terran> Looks like July is on the site: https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:financials
14:12:42 <tspindler> Thanks terran
14:12:55 <terran> Although when I click on July it shows me June...
14:13:01 <tspindler> I don't think there has been any significant financial activity since the last meeting.
14:13:32 <tspindler> moving on
14:13:35 <tspindler> #topic SFC Updates (Amy Terlaga)
14:13:53 <afterl> No update on the SFC from me this meeting.
14:14:07 <afterl> Do you have any questions that I can take to the SFC?
14:14:10 <tspindler> #topic Release Manager (Galen Charlton)
14:15:03 <tspindler> gmcharlt any updates?
14:15:51 <tspindler> what is the next deadline?
14:16:55 <tspindler> #topic SFC Membership Review (Sharon Herbert)
14:17:09 <sherbertbc> We sent a detailed RFI to a short list of 4 organizations that had potential to offer comparable services to the SFC.
14:17:27 <sherbertbc> .  So far: one organization has responded in full; one organization’s response is pending; one organization withdrew; and one organization declined, but asked us to check back in about 6 months when they hope to have some improvements in place (I don’t think we should wait on them unless we are not finding what we need elsewhere).
14:17:43 <sherbertbc> We will wait a bit longer for the one organization to respond so we can review and compare against the one completed submission. So, should have adequate information by the time we meet again in August.
14:17:53 <sherbertbc> That is all. Any questions?
14:18:12 <tspindler> C/W MARS withdrew, we have too much going on take this on.
14:18:29 <ScottThomas> Where can we access a copy of the RFI?
14:18:51 <sherbertbc> I can share a copy shortly
14:19:13 <ScottThomas> Thank you.
14:19:38 <tspindler> Sharon and I thought we could present details once all the responses are complete.
14:20:02 <tspindler> but that doesn't prevent sharing the RFI
14:20:26 <tspindler> Are there any questions?
14:20:37 <sherbertbc> yes, we'll share the replies (anonymized) once we have the 2nd response
14:20:45 <terran> sherbertbc++
14:20:51 <tspindler> sherbertbc++
14:20:55 <sherbertbc> #info RFI template https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C5bCIHXhhGPkNwEBdkO3dBMlS4iDhgKpnxfbwbxVp3I/edit?usp=sharing
14:20:59 <collum> sherbertbc++
14:21:08 <rgagnon> sherbertbc++
14:21:19 <ScottThomas> sherbertbc++
14:21:30 <tspindler> #topic 2018 Conference Committee Report (Amy Terlaga)
14:21:37 <afterl> #info Evergreen 2018 Conference Update:  The contracts with the St. Charles Convention Center and Embassy Suites hotel have been signed.  The first conference email blast went out on the main Evergreen list on July 7th.  The conference website will be updated with the basic conference information sometime next week (thank you, Garry Collum).  We are in the process of forming the conference programs committee.  Regular planning
14:21:57 <terran> afterl++
14:22:04 <tspindler> afterl++
14:22:08 <rgagnon> afterl++
14:22:11 <collum> afterl++
14:22:32 <ScottThomas> afterl++
14:22:42 <miker> afterl++
14:22:54 <miker> also, afterl, we lost you at "Regular planning"
14:23:09 <afterl> Oh....
14:23:12 <afterl> It cut off?
14:23:35 <afterl> Regular planning meetings will begin sometime in late August or early September.
14:23:52 <tspindler> #info Regular planning meetings will begin sometime in late August or early September.
14:24:22 <afterl> tspindler:  thanks for the #info.  Why can't I remember that?
14:24:33 <tspindler> Any questions or comments about the conference? It is off to a good start
14:25:27 <tspindler> #topic Outreach Committee (Kathy Lussier)
14:25:49 <kmlussier> I said on the agenda that I have nothing to report, but I do have something.
14:26:55 <kmlussier> #info The Outreach Committee hosted a meeting at ALA Annual in Chicago. About 20 people attended, including several Evergreen users who are already active in the community, several Evergreen users who are not active in the community, and two people who are not Evergreen users. One indicated that her library is currently system shopping.
14:27:10 <kmlussier> #info We presented on the new activity metric feature and on the ability to group formats and editions in a search, including the new feature where you can jump directly from a record to another format of the same title.
14:27:36 <kmlussier> #info Tim Spindler also introduced people to the community with an overview of our values. gmcharlt gave an update on 3.0 progress.
14:28:15 <ScottThomas> Regarding the system that is shopping, do you happen to know what state they are in?
14:28:20 <kmlussier> Many thanks to Elizabeth Thomsen from NOBLE for facilitating the session and to rgagnon, tspindler, Debbie Luchenbill and gmcharlt for presenting.
14:28:32 <kmlussier> ScottThomas: It was an academic library in Canada.
14:28:49 <kmlussier> ScottThomas: I don't recall of the top of my head which library it was.
14:29:04 <kmlussier> That's all I have.
14:29:11 <ScottThomas> kmlussier: Thank you. A little outside of my target market.
14:29:18 <kmlussier> :)
14:29:22 <tspindler> I thought it went well, I just wish we had more attendees
14:29:50 <rgagnon> But it was a small room, so it appeared pretty good.  But I agree with you.
14:30:32 <kmlussier> For the next meeting at MidWinter, we're thinking the web client might be the focus of discussion.
14:30:33 <terran> kmlussier++ outreach++
14:30:35 <tspindler> Any other questions or comments for Kathy?
14:30:46 <collum> kmlussier++ and_everyone_who_participated++
14:30:59 <tspindler> kmlussier++
14:31:07 <ScottThomas> kmlussier++
14:31:14 <rgagnon> kmlussier++
14:31:37 <tspindler> #topic Old Business
14:31:48 <tspindler> I don't think there is any old business unless i missed something
14:31:59 <tspindler> #topic New Business
14:32:14 <tspindler> Terran would you be able to comment about Bug Squashing?
14:32:56 <terran> Bug Squashing Week is going well! Running statistics are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C5bCIHXhhGPkNwEBdkO3dBMlS4iDhgKpnxfbwbxVp3I/edit
14:33:23 <tspindler> #info Bug Squashing Week running statistics  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C5bCIHXhhGPkNwEBdkO3dBMlS4iDhgKpnxfbwbxVp3I/edit
14:33:34 <kmlussier> terran: Wrong link
14:34:11 <terran> #info Bug Squashing Week statistics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/122-vjYs__4n9rcT8KvaggzwnT2seKs1yBlshCrjcTXs/edit?usp=sharing
14:34:24 <tspindler> terran++
14:34:38 <rgagnon> terran++
14:34:40 <terran> Sorry about the wrong link - at least it wasn't anything embarassing :D
14:34:46 <kmlussier> terran++
14:34:48 <collum> terran++
14:34:58 <afterl> terran++
14:34:59 <ScottThomas> terran++
14:35:18 <tspindler> Any other news to report?
14:36:17 <tspindler> May I have a motion to adjourn?
14:36:37 <terran> I move to adjourn this meeting.
14:36:41 <miker> second
14:36:55 <tspindler> #info Terran moves to adjourn and miker seconds
14:37:06 <tspindler> #endmeeting