14:02:25 <tspindler> #startmeeting 2018-02-15 - Evergreen Oversight Board Meeting
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14:02:35 <tspindler> #topic roll call
14:02:35 <tspindler> Use the #info command stating name and affiliation
14:02:43 <hbrennan> #info hbrennan is Holly Brennan, Homer Public Library, Alaska
14:02:47 <tspindler> #info tspindler is Tim Spindler, CW MARS
14:02:56 <rfrasur> #info rfrasur is Ruth Frasur, Evergreen Indiana
14:02:58 <collum> #info collum is Garry Collum, KCPL
14:02:58 <ScottThomas> #info scottthomas is Scott Thomas, PaILS
14:03:05 <rgagnon> #info rgagnon is Ron Gagnon, NOBLE
14:03:17 <afterl> #info afterl is Amy Terlaga (SFC and Conference reports)
14:03:57 <tspindler> terran and miker?
14:04:06 <terran> Sorry
14:04:14 <terran> #info terran is Terran McCanna, PINES
14:04:38 <tspindler> #info Agenda
14:04:38 <tspindler> #link https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:minutes:2018-02-15
14:05:14 <tspindler> #info minutes of January 19, 2018
14:05:22 <tspindler> #link http://evergreen-ils.org/meetings/evergreen/2018/evergreen.2018-01-19-13.00.html
14:05:33 <tspindler> Are there any corrections to the minutes?
14:06:02 <rfrasur> nope.  I'll move to accept them.
14:06:09 <rgagnon> Second
14:06:21 <tspindler> #info rfrasur moved to accept the minutes and rgagnon seconded
14:06:40 <tspindler> #startvote Accept minutes of 1-19-18? Yes, No, Abstain
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14:06:50 <tspindler> #vote Yes
14:06:53 <terran> #vote Yes
14:06:53 <ScottThomas> #vote Yes
14:06:54 <rgagnon> #vote Yes
14:06:59 <collum> #vote Yes
14:07:00 <hbrennan> #vote Yes
14:07:08 <rfrasur> #vote yes
14:07:16 <tspindler> #endvote
14:07:16 <pinesol_green> Voted on "Accept minutes of 1-19-18?" Results are
14:07:16 <pinesol_green> Yes (7): tspindler, rgagnon, collum, rfrasur, ScottThomas, terran, hbrennan
14:07:29 <tspindler> #topic Report of the Chair
14:07:52 <tspindler> I don't have anyting to report other than the move to MOBIUS.  I will report on that further down the agenda.
14:08:09 <tspindler> #topic Financial report
14:08:09 <tspindler> #link https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:financials:update_2018_01_18
14:08:22 <tspindler> I don't know if gmcharlt has any other updates on this?
14:09:06 <tspindler> #topic SFC Updates (Amy Terlaga)
14:09:18 <afterl> #info I worked with Karen Sandler of the SFC to purchase 500 lanyards for $550 based on the Board's approval last November.
14:09:31 <afterl> The order is almost complete.  Thank you to the Board.
14:09:42 <terran> afterl++
14:09:42 <afterl> #info I am still following up with Karen to make sure the SFC has purchased conference insurance for this year's conference.
14:11:11 <tspindler> Thanks afterl, anything else?
14:11:25 <afterl> No, thanks.
14:11:43 <tspindler> #topic Release Manager (Dan Wells)
14:12:02 <tspindler> Not sure if dbwells is avaialbe to udpate anything.  We are past the feature slush correct?
14:12:18 <dbwells> Yes, that is correct.
14:12:34 <dbwells> Feature freeze is set for next Friday, with beta following the next week.
14:13:02 <tspindler> #info Feature freeze set for next Friday with beta the following next week
14:13:20 <tspindler> dbwells++
14:13:26 <tspindler> sounds like things are moving along
14:14:05 <tspindler> #topic SFC Membership Review
14:14:40 <tspindler> #info Yesterday, we had a call with Donna Bacon, the executive director of MOBIUS to talk about our next steps
14:15:15 <tspindler> #info ScottThomas, rfrasur were in on the call.  I don't think collum made it unless I missed you
14:15:38 <collum> Nope.  I didn't make it.
14:16:54 <tspindler> #info Once incorporate, decisions will have to be made by the board in person, conference call, or web meeting, we can distribute information in IRC but the attorney indicted decisions have to happen synchronously and I guess IRC doesn't count
14:17:29 <tspindler> #info We would incorporate in the state of Missouri.  This will cost approximately $1500
14:18:01 <tspindler> #info Trademark transfers will cost between $300-500 since it will have to be transferred from the SFC to the new Evergreen corporation
14:18:45 <tspindler> #info I don't have details but there will also be another cost in applying for non-profit status but it coulde be approximately another $2000 (my rough estimate not the attorneys)
14:19:27 <tspindler> #info The existing EOB will be the governing board with the same people including the newly elected members in May
14:20:11 <tspindler> I think i'm forgetting something but do Ruth or Scott have anything to add.
14:20:40 <ScottThomas> You have most of it. The costs Tim stated include fees for the Mobius attorney
14:20:49 <ScottThomas> Also, the attorney will be writing the Bylaws.
14:21:06 <ScottThomas> Needless to say we will need to scrutinize them carefully.
14:21:19 <tspindler> #info We will have to have 1 inperson meeting a year which can be done at the annual conference
14:21:30 <rfrasur> I think the thing that I got from it...well, two things were..
14:21:44 <rfrasur> That we'd have to look very closely at how we do EOB meetings.
14:22:45 <rfrasur> And also be conscientious about the role of the MOBIUS attorneys if, for whatever reason (and this hopefully never happens) there was a legal issue between Evergreen and MOBIUS.
14:23:26 <ScottThomas> Yes, the role of the MOBIUS attorney is simply to get us incorporated. After that we will need to find our own.
14:23:47 <rfrasur> The attorneys are retained by MOBIUS and would act on their behalf.  Meaning there'd need to be alternate representation for Evergreen.  I suspect that's something that'll be spelled out in the by-laws, but it was good to have it clarified.
14:24:26 <hbrennan> Are our current bylaws with SFC accessible somewhere?
14:24:52 <tspindler> MOBIUS is planning to absorb the attorney fees for the initial consultation
14:25:04 <tspindler> Yesterdays meeting
14:25:22 <rfrasur> hbrennan: https://evergreen-ils.org/governance/
14:25:28 <hbrennan> https://evergreen-ils.org/wp-content/uploads/gov/2012-07-01_evergreen-sponsorship-agreement_signed-by-all_scanned-by-bkuhn.pdf
14:25:32 <hbrennan> Found it :)
14:26:13 <tspindler> ScottThomas is correct, when the by-laws are presented we will have to make sure they are exactly what we want.  Board members will be the ones signing off on it also.
14:26:50 <tspindler> Are there any questions or concerns?
14:27:55 <tspindler> Ok moving on
14:27:59 <tspindler> #topic 2018 Conference Committee Report (Amy Terlaga)
14:28:03 <afterl> #info Conference Update:  The Early Bird deadline ends tomorrow.  We are very close to our budget goal in terms of number of registered attendees for end of early bird (100).  We are in very good shape in terms of our sponsorships.
14:28:07 <hbrennan> My only concern is that this is uncharted territory for me, personally. But I'm going to start familiarizing myself with the current bylaws
14:28:21 <afterl> #infoThe last one received was for $5,000 (Champion / Tote Bags) by MOBIUS.  Hurray, MOBIUS! That brings us to three Champion sponsorships.  We have 10 exhibitors and would love to bring in at least two more.
14:28:41 <afterl> That's all
14:28:52 <tspindler> Are registrations good?
14:29:05 <afterl> Yes.  94 now.
14:29:07 <hbrennan> I still need to register! :) Will do that today
14:29:37 <tspindler> Any questions for Amy about the conference?
14:29:49 <terran> We'll have at least 7 from PINES but we're still waiting on the state to process our approval.
14:30:04 <rfrasur> Evergreen Indiana just awarded nine scholarships, so there should be some more registrations soon.
14:30:05 <ScottThomas> 9 from PaILS
14:30:13 <terran> Nice!
14:30:22 <tspindler> 4 from CW MARS and all are registered now
14:30:57 <tspindler> #topic Outreach Committee (Kathy Lussier)
14:31:15 <tspindler> I hope all had a chance to see kmlussier's message yesterday
14:31:38 <kmlussier> Hi, I'm here too if there are any questions.
14:32:46 <kmlussier> As I mentioned in the email, we held our Evergreen session at ALA Midwinter last weekend. Elizabeth Thomsen and Shae Tetterton did a great job presenting the program, and Debbie Luchenbill provided a conference update.
14:33:22 <tspindler> I think we need to reimburse kmlusser first of all.  Would someone like to make a motion to reimburse her for $1,023?
14:33:29 <ScottThomas> So moved
14:33:37 <terran> I second
14:34:17 <tspindler> #info ScottThomas moved to reimburse kmlusser $1023 for AV use at ALA Midwinter for the Evergreen Program.  Seconded by terran.
14:35:05 <tspindler> #startvote Motion to reimburse Kathy Lussier $1023 for AV use at ALA Midwinter for the Evergreen Program? Yes, No, Abstain
14:35:05 <pinesol_green> Begin voting on: Motion to reimburse Kathy Lussier $1023 for AV use at ALA Midwinter for the Evergreen Program? Valid vote options are Yes, No, Abstain.
14:35:05 <pinesol_green> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
14:35:09 <rfrasur> #vote yes
14:35:11 <collum> #vote yes
14:35:12 <terran> #vote Yes
14:35:13 <tspindler> #vote yes
14:35:16 <ScottThomas> #vote Yes
14:35:18 <hbrennan> #vote yes
14:36:16 <tspindler> #endvote
14:36:17 <pinesol_green> Voted on "Motion to reimburse Kathy Lussier $1023 for AV use at ALA Midwinter for the Evergreen Program?" Results are
14:36:17 <pinesol_green> Yes (6): rfrasur, tspindler, collum, ScottThomas, terran, hbrennan
14:36:29 <tspindler> afterl, do you have to contact the SFC to cut a check?
14:37:33 <kmlussier> tspindler: I can coordinate with afterl.
14:38:19 <tspindler> Ok, I am going to have CW MARS donate money to the program to defer the costs also.  I can coordinate that with afterl.
14:39:18 <tspindler> Any other questions for Outreach?
14:39:51 <rgagnon> Sorry, our bank rep. came in, I had to talk to her, I'm back.
14:40:30 <tspindler> There was no old business so I wil skip ahead
14:40:39 <tspindler> #topic New Business
14:40:58 <tspindler> I don't have anything but does anyone have anything?
14:42:12 <tspindler> #info Next meeting will be in IRC on 3/15/18 2PM EST
14:42:24 <tspindler> Thanks all.
14:42:31 <tspindler> #endmeeting