14:03:05 <miker> #startmeeting 2018-07-20 - EOB Meeting
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14:03:22 <miker> #topic Introductions
14:03:35 <rgagnon> #info rgagnon is Ron Gagnon, NOBLE
14:03:48 <terran> #info terran is Terran McCanna, PINES
14:03:50 <miker> #info miker is Mike Rylander, EOLI
14:03:51 <agoben> #info agoben is Anna Goben, Evergreen Indiana
14:03:53 <collum> #info collum is Garry Collum, KCPL
14:03:53 <scottt> #info scottt is Scott Thomas, PaILS
14:03:58 <jvwoolf> #info jvwoolf is Jessica Woolford, Bibliomation
14:04:25 <miker> we have a quorum!
14:04:27 <agoben> Jason Boyer may be able to join us soon, but has been called out on a family matter.
14:04:40 <terran> Hope everything is okay.
14:04:51 <miker> as do I
14:04:53 <agoben> yes, all good news, but he's out of the office
14:05:07 <miker> #topic Approval or Correction of Minutes: http://evergreen-ils.org/meetings/evergreen/2018/evergreen.2018-06-21-14.09.html
14:05:23 <miker> Any objection/corrections/changes for discussion?
14:06:05 <rgagnon> #info Move to approve June minutes
14:06:11 <scottt> so moved
14:06:15 <miker> #startvote Accept 2018-06-21 meeting minutes? yes, no
14:06:15 <pinesol_green> Begin voting on: Accept 2018-06-21 meeting minutes? Valid vote options are yes, no.
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14:06:20 <miker> #vote yes
14:06:22 <terran> #vote Yes
14:06:25 <collum> #vote Yes
14:06:26 <jvwoolf> #vote yes
14:06:26 <rgagnon> #vote Yes
14:06:27 <scottt> #vote Yes
14:06:27 <agoben> #vote Yes
14:06:44 <miker> #endvote
14:06:44 <pinesol_green> Voted on "Accept 2018-06-21 meeting minutes?" Results are
14:06:44 <pinesol_green> yes (7): scottt, jvwoolf, miker, rgagnon, collum, terran, agoben
14:06:54 <miker> we're like a well oiled machine
14:07:02 <miker> On to officer reports
14:07:09 <miker> #topic Chair report
14:07:30 <miker> #info Nothing to report here that we won't discuss in more detail later
14:07:44 <miker> thus...
14:07:52 <miker> #topic Financial report
14:08:03 <miker> we have some updates at https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:financials:update_2018_07_20
14:08:20 <miker> gmcharlt detailed them in an email earlier today
14:09:41 <miker> #info we believe there are outstanding 2018 expenses still to reconcile
14:09:57 <miker> which brings us to #topic SFC updates
14:10:00 <miker> er
14:10:04 <miker> #topic SFC updates
14:10:19 <miker> alas, we don't have an Amy in channel
14:10:26 <jvwoolf> I can poke her
14:10:31 <miker> can I get a ... heh
14:11:09 <miker> jvwoolf: thank you. if she could just email the EOB with any (or, confirmation of no) info regarding the conference reconciliation, it would be much appreciated
14:11:39 <miker> or(!) afterl, do you have any info on 2018 conference reconciliation with SFC?
14:11:52 <afterl> No, miker, I'm sorry - I don't.
14:12:05 <afterl> I will try to get a response from the SFC ASAP.
14:12:12 <miker> no worries, and thank you!
14:12:25 <miker> any other general SFC communication in the last month?
14:13:16 <afterl> No - I'm working with them
14:13:17 <scottt> I emailed them about 2019 conference registration. No response yet.
14:13:33 <afterl> On ..
14:13:45 <afterl> some loose ends from the 2018 conference
14:13:57 <afterl> Just reached out to them again
14:14:19 <miker> afterl: thanks. of import, I think, is that the expenses that have been paid have not made it to the final ledger
14:14:33 <afterl> noted
14:14:44 <miker> so it looks like we have $160k+ in the bank. I'm certain we don't
14:14:54 <afterl> If I can follow up with them on any of these outstanding issues, just let me know
14:15:00 <miker> it should be more like ~$70k-$80k
14:15:01 <afterl> Okay.  Yes, that's important
14:15:41 <miker> perfect, thanks
14:15:49 <miker> anything else for Amy re SFC?
14:16:05 <afterl> No, just looks like I need to continue to poke
14:16:06 <miker> ok, moving on to...
14:16:22 <miker> afterl: aye, and thanks for continued poking
14:16:26 <miker> now
14:16:29 <miker> #topic Release manager (Bill Erickson)
14:16:57 <miker> berick: anything you want to update EOB on? date changes, etc, pleas for beatings?
14:17:17 <miker> (beating bushes for tuits, in particular)
14:18:19 <miker> I'll consider that a "no" and move us along to:
14:18:29 <miker> Committees!
14:18:39 <miker> #topic 2019 Conference committee (Scott Thomas)
14:18:45 <miker> scottt: the floor is yours
14:19:00 <scottt> Here it is: Timeline has been finalized. Working on logo and financial projections. Save the Date email just went out.
14:20:09 <miker> scottt: does the committee need any resources, info, or decisions from the EOB at large, or are we good?
14:20:17 <scottt> We are good
14:20:27 <miker> good :)
14:20:36 <terran_> scottt++
14:20:47 <miker> questions (or more karma) for scottt?
14:20:48 <agoben> scottt++
14:20:51 <miker> scottt++
14:20:57 <collum> scottt++
14:21:01 <jvwoolf> scottt++
14:21:04 <rgagnon> scottt++
14:21:09 <scottt> Thank you.
14:21:23 <miker> our next committee is:
14:21:26 <miker> #topic Outreach committee (Kathy Lussier)
14:22:09 <miker> however, we're missing Kathy ATM.  do any other Outreach committee members have updates/info/needs to bring to the EOB?
14:22:36 <rgagnon> We had a good program at the ALA annual conference, about 20 attendees.
14:22:56 <terran_> Great! How many were current Evergreen users versus not?
14:22:56 <rgagnon> The subject was options for running an open source system.
14:23:04 <miker> rgagnon: primarily EG users, or a good number of new faces?
14:23:42 <rgagnon> Some of both, since it was not geared exclusively to Evergreen, though all the presenters were from EG systems, we had more general open source attendees.
14:24:00 <miker> that's good news
14:24:25 <miker> is it something we should look at repeating at ALA-MW next ALA-A?
14:25:12 <rgagnon> I think we are not scheduling for Midwinter, but will definitely plan a program for Annual in June.
14:25:43 <afterl> miker:  as one of the panelists, I'm glad we had a presence at ALA
14:26:38 <miker> #info we should plan to repeat the "Options for running an Open Source system" (or similar) panel/program at the next ALA Annual
14:27:01 <miker> any other outreach updates?
14:27:20 <miker> hearing none, it's on to Old Business
14:27:28 <miker> #topic Update on nonprofit status
14:27:36 <miker> First, we have an EIN!  So there's that.
14:27:47 <miker> we can not pay taxes correctly now. :)
14:28:02 <terran_> miker++
14:28:08 <scottt> miker++
14:28:09 <rgagnon> miker++
14:28:12 <collum> miker++
14:28:13 <agoben> miker ++
14:28:14 <jvwoolf> miker++
14:28:20 <miker> donna_bacon++
14:28:27 <miker> (and thanks)
14:29:08 <miker> Second, the MOBIUS lawyers have roughed out our Form 1023.  Scott has started working on the narrative elements, but I've been buried for the last, well, couple weeks and I know he had an issues sending to the SFC-hosted EOB list (evergreen@sfconservancy.org) due to a typo of mine.  That is resolved, so we'll want to collaborate there to complete the form for submission to the IRS.
14:29:44 <scottt> I just sent an email out about this before the meeting. Need some help with the narrative
14:29:54 <miker> Please, as you have time, take a look at the Form, raise any concerns and make any suggestions you have.
14:30:20 <miker> scottt: are you find with continuing to coordinate and compile the form until we're ready to submit?
14:30:26 <scottt> Sure
14:30:30 <miker> thanks
14:31:04 <miker> #info scottt will continue to coordinate and compile our Form 1023 until it is ready to submit to IRS
14:31:46 <miker> #info collaboration to occur on the evergreen@sfconservancy.org list.  If anyone is /not/ receiving email there, please let me know ASAP
14:32:21 <miker> scottt: any other updates re: non-profit? those are all of mine
14:32:36 <scottt> I think we have it covered.
14:32:38 <miker> (for the actual non-profit formation and exception)
14:32:48 <miker> great, which brings us to:
14:32:55 <miker> #topic Search for an Evergreen lawyer
14:33:25 <miker> I did a preliminary scan looking for lawyers that were versed in Open Source software and non-profits ... I did not find any immediate (good) matches, but I will find some that have one or the other and then provide a list to the EOB by next meeting, unless someone else would like to take a crack at it(?)
14:34:48 <miker> Does anyone have interest in jumping in on this REALLY FUN PROJECT?
14:35:14 <scottt> I'm glad I volunteered to do the 1023
14:35:22 <miker> scottt: ha! :)
14:35:45 <miker> ok, I will broaden my search and report back with and OR'd list
14:36:13 <agoben> miker++
14:36:17 <miker> #info miker will broaden the lawyer search to be an OR rather than AND on OSS and non-profit, report back to the board before next meeting
14:36:21 <terran_> miker++
14:36:26 <jvwoolf> miker++
14:36:28 <rgagnon> miker++
14:36:32 <scottt> miker++
14:36:49 <miker> which brings us nearly to the end, with:
14:36:54 <miker> #topic New Business
14:37:09 <miker> does anyone have New Business they would like to raise?
14:38:03 <miker> going once...
14:38:43 <miker> ok, then, with that I'll go ahead and adjorn, releasing you all back into the wild.
14:39:08 <miker> thank you all for your time!  see you next month! (and on the sfc list for Form 1023 collaboration!)
14:39:14 <collum> miker++
14:39:15 <miker> #endmeeting