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15:00:57 <gmcharlt> #info Agenda is https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=dev:meetings:2018-08-08
15:01:30 <gmcharlt> #topic Introductions
15:01:37 <Dyrcona> #info Dyrcona is Jason Stephenson CW MARS
15:01:40 <gmcharlt> #info gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, Equinox
15:01:41 <miker> #info miker == Mike Rylander, EOLI
15:01:44 <dpearl> #info dpearl is Dan Pearl (C/W MARS Inc.)
15:01:55 <berick> #info berick = Bill Erickson, KCLS
15:02:00 <miker> ha! pinesol, hush
15:02:08 <abneiman> #info abneiman is Andrea Neiman, EOLI
15:02:26 <remingtron> #info remingtron is Remington Steed, Hekman Library (Calvin College)
15:02:40 <dbwells> #info dbwells is Dan Wells, Hekman Library (Calvin College)
15:03:54 <gmcharlt> #topic Action items from previous meeting
15:04:15 <gmcharlt> one was csharp loading an update for the Hatch FF add-on
15:04:21 <gmcharlt> csharp: did that happen?
15:05:13 <Dyrcona> csharp may not be here. He said earlier he has a schedule conflict.
15:05:13 <berick> i think csharp said he'd be missing the meeting
15:05:16 <gmcharlt> ah, OK
15:05:26 <gmcharlt> so, next was in regards to OpenSRF 3.0.2
15:05:57 <gmcharlt> and since testing for bug 1774703 in production has not been promising, and it looks like we'll likely be changing websocket servers, no bugfix release
15:05:59 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1774703 in OpenSRF "Websockets processes locked at 100% CPU" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1774703
15:06:13 <gmcharlt> but I have issued a call for roadmap entries for OpenSRF 3.1 today
15:06:33 <berick> gmcharlt++
15:06:38 <gmcharlt> #info Roadmap entries for OpenSRF 3.1 can be added here: https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=dev:opensrf_roadmap
15:06:53 <gmcharlt> with, at present, websocketd being the biggest one targetted
15:07:07 * Dyrcona ponders adding SASL support.
15:08:00 <gmcharlt> there's also https://bugs.launchpad.net/opensrf/+bug/1702978, which is just a bugfix, but the full fix adds a small change to the ABI
15:08:01 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1702978 in OpenSRF "memcache keys containing % fail" [High,Confirmed]
15:08:05 <dbs> #info dbs = Dan Scott, Laurentian
15:08:10 <dbs> win 31
15:08:25 <gmcharlt> dbs: ancient history man, ancient history
15:08:30 <tktech16> Christel just posted this "denial" on the freenode blog https://freenode.net/news/spam-shake Why does this blog post mention "10.2 million" THREE times?
15:08:35 <tktech16> This blog is essentially an ad for the Handshake ICO scam with a one-line "denial" of involvement mixed in there. It's obviously very unethical of Christel to not mention her own involvement in the scam which the blog post promotes.
15:08:39 <tktech16> Consider Andrew Lee's involvement, Andrew Lee is Christel's boss at London Trust Media and he also controls the majority of freenode voting rights. Andrew Lee also heads the handshake ICO scam. Coincidence?
15:08:56 <kmlussier> #info kmlussier is Kathy Lussier, MassLNC
15:09:13 <gmcharlt> #action gmcharlt will open and work on bugs for documentation changes for better ejabberd configuration during installation of OpenSRF
15:09:23 <gmcharlt> but for another update
15:09:41 <gmcharlt> #info berick and gmcharlt have scheduled a presentation to discuss new Angular at the hack-a-way
15:10:10 <gmcharlt> it will be on Monday 11/5
15:10:26 <gmcharlt> so y'all will be expected to be fresh! and full! of vim! and vigor!
15:10:34 <gmcharlt> (or be full of emacs, if you must)
15:10:39 <Dyrcona> heh
15:11:09 * bshum has a soft spot for nano
15:11:17 <gmcharlt> #info kmlussier and JBoyer finished their review of https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1750894
15:11:19 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1750894 in Evergreen "Wishlist: Store web staff workstation settings on the server" [Wishlist,Fix committed]
15:11:28 <gmcharlt> and that does it for action items
15:11:40 <gmcharlt> and for that matter, the OpenSRF release update
15:11:46 <gmcharlt> so, without further ado
15:11:50 <gmcharlt> #topic Evergreen release
15:11:52 <gmcharlt> berick?
15:12:14 <berick> jump into 3.2 stuff?
15:12:20 <berick> alright..
15:12:20 <gmcharlt> sure
15:12:27 <berick> buildmasters wanted.
15:12:42 <berick> first builds will be early next month
15:12:52 <berick> #info https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gZayHfF7qK0zwLMEAXt-PbKBMiAM_F6EZguqzIYceBY/edit#gid=0
15:13:19 <berick> i realized I have some travel plans this month
15:13:46 <berick> so I propose we push the feature slush deadline back from the 17th to the 22nd
15:13:57 <gmcharlt> +1
15:14:03 <berick> not critical, but I'd prefer to be around for the deadline
15:14:12 <berick> (though I'll be away for the days leading up to it)
15:14:17 <Dyrcona> +q
15:14:19 <Dyrcona> +1
15:14:21 <Dyrcona> :)
15:14:37 <berick> that may mean pushing back the feature freeze, but I was going to see how things go
15:14:53 <kmlussier> I'm always in favor of later feature freeze deadlines. :)
15:15:20 <berick> :) one in the plus column there
15:16:03 <berick> and finally, csharp had some good luck testing the ang6 code today
15:16:15 <gmcharlt> cool
15:16:16 <berick> there's some momentum toward including it in 3.2
15:16:35 <berick> if we do, we need to decide soon what in the 3.2 code should be available to staff
15:16:42 <berick> so we can test those bits specifically
15:16:49 <berick> we're limited to some admin UI's at this point
15:17:17 <Dyrcona> Is it all of the admin uis or just some of them?
15:17:23 <berick> also, good everyone understands that means adding a new build step when installing from source.
15:17:26 <miker> I'd prefer just dojo-replacing code ATM (and infrastructure and static-ish pages)
15:17:36 <berick> Dyrcona: just some of them
15:17:44 <berick> miker: agreed
15:17:46 * Dyrcona agrees with miker.
15:18:01 <kmlussier> +1
15:18:07 <berick> it's about 2/3 of the server->admin pages and acq admin pages
15:18:34 <berick> i can propose a list of pages to thumbs up/down if that helps
15:18:39 <Dyrcona> I can probably arrange some testing of those soon, even though I'll be out most of next week.
15:18:39 <berick> then we can test them
15:19:47 <berick> ok, so I'll get the ang6 branch into final merge-able state and..
15:20:12 <berick> put together a list of admin UI's that should be suitable for using in 3.2 as replacements for the dojo versions.
15:20:25 <berick> that will also mean modifying the links in the angjs app to point to the same new UI's
15:21:40 <berick> otherwise, re: 3.2, we've closed a few more blockers in the past ~week
15:21:41 <Dyrcona> berick++
15:22:00 <berick> and of course, those are not bound by the feature slush, but sooner the better, obviously
15:22:12 <berick> any questions for me?
15:23:16 <Dyrcona> Well, I have a question for "room" generally.
15:23:31 <Dyrcona> What do we think the odds of being able to remove XUL in 3.2 are at this point?
15:23:40 * kmlussier was about to ask a similar question.
15:23:46 <berick> good question
15:24:09 * gmcharlt can commit to a patch to disable it sufficiently for release purposes
15:24:15 <Dyrcona> We've actually had at least one library "give up" and go back to XUL on 3.0.
15:24:19 <gmcharlt> but that's kinda the much easier question
15:24:29 <miker> the room asks back: what's the bar for removing XUL? all blockers gone? something more (or less)?
15:24:52 <kmlussier> We still have a handful of blockers - https://bit.ly/2MvbmsT
15:25:01 <Dyrcona> Well, I guess that's part of my question, too, because I don't have a definitive answer on what the bar should be.
15:25:36 <kmlussier> My thought was that blockers are blockers that prevent people from moving to the web client.
15:25:43 * miker suspects that bug 1768947 might be gone now, with the new offline code in
15:25:45 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1768947 in Evergreen "web client: non-hatch white screen issues" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1768947
15:26:07 <berick> that's the hope
15:26:13 <berick> and some of those have pullrequests...
15:26:21 <dbwells> My preference would be that we remove XUL no matter what from 3.2, and that we commit to supporting 3.1 until all blockers are gone.  I can do my part for the second piece of that.
15:26:24 <kmlussier> miker: The code just went in today. I thought it would be good to keep it open until people start using EG with the fix.
15:26:34 <berick> and some of those i18n bugs might need re-verifying after the IDL fix
15:26:39 <miker> kmlussier: totes agree
15:27:24 <kmlussier> My preference is to wait on xul removal until the blockers are gone. Otherwise, we could be supporting 3.1 for a very long time. It's extra motivation.
15:27:36 <berick> i'd be a little surprised if we haven't broken some stuff in XUL by now
15:28:04 <gmcharlt> I share dbwells' view
15:28:35 <gmcharlt> I'd rather an extended 3.1 support period (which I can also help with) than an indefinite postponement of the cutoff
15:29:10 <berick> kmlussier: from another perspective, removing XUL is motivation to fix the blockers
15:29:13 <dbwells> I think having XUL removed from 3.2 is a really strong motivation to work on blockers.
15:29:19 <Dyrcona> It also does no good to keep XUL if much of it is broken.
15:30:01 <miker> the biggest "breakage" AFAIK is copy alert msg vs alert matrix
15:30:16 <miker> but that's a known quantity
15:30:21 <kmlussier> In any case, I would be willing to take an action item to test any webstaffblockers with a pullrequest.
15:31:07 <kmlussier> There are a couple of bugs there without pullrequest tags that I know are big concerns for our libraries.
15:32:02 <berick> if anyone can describe a way to reproduce bug 1724029, i'll happily fix that one.
15:32:04 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1724029 in Evergreen "Web Client: Patron Search sorted by last name not working as expected" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1724029
15:32:24 <berick> or give me SSH access to their prod servers!
15:32:39 <dbwells> berick: right on
15:34:29 <berick> we have a little over a month before RC is cut.
15:34:43 <berick> if it looks like we're really close on the blockers, that can also be pushed back.
15:34:57 <berick> i'd rather not yet, just to avoid procastination
15:35:20 <kmlussier> Here is my concern. Way back in the jspac removal days, we had a bunch of bugs with blocker tags on them. But we decided to remove jspac without addressing the blockers, and a lot of them sat in LP without any love.
15:35:33 <kmlussier> I really don't want to delay removing the XUL client, but I would hate to see something like that happen again.
15:37:00 <gmcharlt> an increasingly broken XUL client also imposes costs on users
15:37:44 <berick> and new blockers will be opened during the 3.2 cycle :|
15:38:04 <kmlussier> berick: Of course! :)
15:40:07 <gmcharlt> so... I think it's fair to say that we have an open question - but one that maybe we can punt until closer to release?
15:41:13 <berick> my only request is the XUL removal code be merged by beta cutting day (1 month from today) so it can get some real testing
15:41:42 <berick> so ideally decide then-ish
15:41:46 <gmcharlt> sounds like a plan, or a guideline, anyway
15:42:44 <gmcharlt> any other questions regarding 3.2?
15:42:58 <gmcharlt> or any questions or updates regarding maintenance releases?
15:45:19 <kmlussier> Nope
15:45:20 <gmcharlt> ok
15:45:30 <gmcharlt> #topic Hatch updates
15:45:40 * gmcharlt summons the spirit of csharp-past
15:45:46 <gmcharlt> #info No new releases since last meeting
15:45:49 <gmcharlt> onward
15:46:00 <gmcharlt> #topic Feedback for stuff under development
15:46:16 <gmcharlt> #info Dyrcona would like eyes on the patch for bug 1780660
15:46:17 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1780660 in Evergreen "Add More Workstation Functions to OpenILS::Utils::TestUtils" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1780660
15:46:24 <gmcharlt> Dyrcona: any comments to add?
15:46:37 <Dyrcona> Just a bit of me being selfish and cleaning up some test code.
15:47:17 <Dyrcona> When writing Perl tests recently, I noticed we had at least 3 different implementations of code to add workstations for testing.
15:47:45 <Dyrcona> So, thought I'd come up with a single version of the necessary functions and add them to TestUtils.
15:47:52 <gmcharlt> Dyrcona++
15:48:05 <miker> +1
15:48:14 <Dyrcona> I'm also using the changes in the tests in my working branch, so I'd like the changes to go in before I rebase.
15:48:45 <Dyrcona> Should be simple to test. Just check out the branch cd to perlmods and run make livecheck
15:49:20 <Dyrcona> I rebased the branch after someone updated a test this week, too.
15:49:36 <kmlussier> Dyrcona++
15:50:08 * miker is willling to simply push it having read the commit
15:50:11 <Dyrcona> So, that's my shameless plug. :)
15:50:30 <miker> the CI tester will tell us if it is unhappy
15:50:42 <Dyrcona> :)
15:50:56 <gmcharlt> DRY: applies to cubicle farms and workstations?
15:50:59 * gmcharlt ducks
15:51:44 <miker> DONE
15:51:45 <berick> miker: heh, oh yeah, let's put that machine to work
15:52:27 <gmcharlt> ok
15:52:40 <gmcharlt> so any other pull requests that folks would like to draw attention to?
15:52:54 * miker dusts of his committing finger
15:53:18 <pinesol> [evergreen|Jason Stephenson] LP 1780660: Add more workstation functions to OpenILS::Utils::TestUtils. - <http://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=Evergreen.git;a=commit;h=913237b>
15:53:40 <miker> I'd like to see the %-in-usernames patch go in ASAP
15:54:07 <miker> there's one for each of EG and OpenSRF
15:54:23 <kmlussier> miker: Which bug number is that?
15:54:37 * miker looks... terrible LP searching... grumble
15:55:18 <Dyrcona> Is that bug 1702978 ?
15:55:20 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1702978 in OpenSRF "memcache keys containing % fail" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1702978
15:55:35 <miker> Dyrcona: yeppers
15:55:53 <miker> there's a non-abi-breaking version posted currently
15:56:29 <Dyrcona> Are there any advantages to the abi-breaking version?
15:57:04 <miker> it would keep someone from accidentally implementing a similar bug
15:57:37 <gmcharlt> but that part can be reserved for OpenSRF 3.1 IMO
15:57:40 <miker> but requires tighter coordination between EG and OSRF
15:58:11 <abneiman> regarding things in need of testing, several cataloging bugs have PRs -- bug 1732761 bug 1675882 bug 1739460 bug 1739286 -- a couple of which are flagged as blockers
15:58:17 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1732761 in Evergreen "Web Client - When adding vols/copies to multiple branches, circ library does not populate" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1732761
15:58:17 <Dyrcona> OK. I'll see about having a look at it.
15:58:18 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1675882 in Evergreen "webclient: adding individual copies defaults circ OU to workstation OU" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1675882
15:58:19 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1739460 in Evergreen "Web client: branch library shelving locations not visible to HQ workstation" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1739460
15:58:20 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1739286 in Evergreen "web client: Cannot set default search box in Z39.50" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1739286
15:58:27 <miker> abneiman++
15:59:19 <berick> what's the status of 1732761 since it references the omnibus?
15:59:25 <berick> which was already merged
16:00:28 <berick> ditto bug 1675882
16:00:30 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1675882 in Evergreen "webclient: adding individual copies defaults circ OU to workstation OU" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1675882
16:00:44 <berick> are they branches built atop the omnibus, but not merged w/ the omnibus?
16:00:55 <miker> 1732761 is in master
16:01:11 * miker will mark it dup and close
16:01:15 <berick> awesome
16:01:20 <kmlussier> miker++
16:01:29 <Dyrcona> Speaking of the omnibus, should that be backported to 3.0?
16:01:59 <Dyrcona> We've tested it here with 3.0.10 and it works. There's a conflict, but I know how to resolve it.
16:02:24 <miker> berick: checking the other ... Dyrcona: I'm for it
16:02:27 <abneiman> +1 to backporting omnibus
16:02:48 <berick> miker: bug 1739460 too please, unclear what to merge
16:02:49 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1739460 in Evergreen "Web client: branch library shelving locations not visible to HQ workstation" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1739460
16:02:50 <miker> berick: 1675882 is already marked dup of obnibus, actually
16:03:56 <berick> oh, so it is.
16:04:12 <kmlussier> For bug 1739460, I thought people were no longer able to replicate the original problem. Is it still needed?
16:04:13 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1739460 in Evergreen "Web client: branch library shelving locations not visible to HQ workstation" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1739460
16:04:26 <miker> berick: well, 1739460 is working as intended -- filtering locations based on selected copies. I don't know if that's what people want, though...
16:05:23 <miker> the actual code is belt-and-suspenders for filtering by numeric values, really
16:05:48 <miker> so... maybe it doesn't hurt to merge?
16:06:27 <berick> that would be user/miker/lp-1739460-all-relevant-locations ?
16:06:39 <miker> berick: yessir
16:06:52 <berick> OK, i can merge that, I've already tested it once
16:06:55 * berick grabs
16:07:28 <gmcharlt> and.. that takes us past the hour
16:07:31 <gmcharlt> thanks, folks!
16:07:34 <gmcharlt> #endmeeting