14:01:24 <miker> #startmeeting 2018-11-15 - EOB meeting -- https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:minutes:2018-11-15
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14:01:31 <miker> #topic Introductions -- announce yourself, please
14:01:38 <hbrennan> #info  hbrennan is Holly Brennan, Homer Public Library, Alaska
14:01:38 <miker> #info miker = Mike Rylander, EOLI
14:01:54 <terran> #info terran is Terran McCanna, Georgia PINES
14:01:54 <agoben> #info agoben = Anna Goben, Evergreen Indiana
14:01:59 <collum> #info collum = Garry Collum, KCPL
14:02:04 <rgagnon> #info rgagnon is Ron Gagnon, NOBLE
14:02:04 <Sthomas> #info Sthomas = Scott Thomas, PaILS
14:02:34 <JBoyer> #info JBoyer = Jason Boyer, IN State Library, Evergreen IN
14:03:03 <miker> well, there's a quorum, so...
14:03:08 <terran> FYI Jessica Woolford indicated by email that she would be late
14:03:17 <miker> ah, indeed. thanks
14:03:21 <miker> #topic Approval or Correction of Minutes: http://evergreen-ils.org/meetings/evergreen/2018/evergreen.2018-10-18-14.02.html
14:03:38 <miker> any questions or corrections for the minutes? discussion?
14:03:58 <miker> perfect!
14:04:01 <miker> #startvote Approve 2018-10-18 meeting minutes? yes, no
14:04:01 <pinesol> Begin voting on: Approve 2018-10-18 meeting minutes? Valid vote options are yes, no.
14:04:01 <pinesol> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
14:04:06 <hbrennan> I apologize for missing that one. But I was on an airplane. :)
14:04:11 <miker> #vote yes
14:04:15 <rgagnon> #vote yes
14:04:16 <Sthomas> #vote yes
14:04:16 <hbrennan> #vote yes
14:04:17 <collum> #vote yes
14:04:18 <terran> #vote yes
14:04:18 <JBoyer> #vote Yes
14:04:19 <agoben> #vote yes
14:04:22 <miker> hbrennan: that's an /OK/ excuse, I suppose ;)
14:04:31 <miker> #endvote
14:04:31 <pinesol> Voted on "Approve 2018-10-18 meeting minutes?" Results are
14:04:31 <pinesol> yes (8): rgagnon, JBoyer, agoben, miker, collum, Sthomas, terran, hbrennan
14:04:49 <miker> On to officers
14:04:57 <miker> #topic Chair report
14:05:05 <miker> As usual, nothing here that won't be discussed later.
14:05:18 <miker> #topic Financial report
14:05:28 <miker> #info No changes as of 1:55pm EST today; still waiting on final ledger reconciliation.
14:05:49 <miker> and related...
14:05:55 <miker> #topic SFC Update
14:06:07 <miker> #info Wearing our "The Evergreen Project" corporation hats, we have started the process of taking over from SFC.  We await their draft proposal, but, strictly speaking, that is now outside the EOB proper, and EOB's role is shrinking.
14:06:53 <miker> That said, "The Evergreen Project" now has a lawyer who will be working with "TEP" to finalize the SFC agreement, the IRS Form 1023, and additional initial setup of the entity.
14:07:57 <JBoyer> Excellent news.
14:07:57 <miker> we don't have an ETA on the SFC proposal, but Karen at SFC was responsive, and did not express any concerns about our needs, especially WRT timing and ordering of payments, etc.
14:08:22 <miker> so ... now, we wait
14:08:29 <miker> Does anyone have EOB-oriented question, comments, concerns or news to share, re SFC?
14:09:06 <terran> Very glad it's moving forward. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on this process.
14:09:27 <JBoyer> indeed
14:09:28 <agoben> Seconded
14:09:31 <JBoyer> jvwoolf++
14:09:34 <JBoyer> Sthomas++
14:09:36 <rgagnon> Yes, thank you
14:09:36 <JBoyer> miker++
14:09:38 <miker> welcome, jvwoolf! I'd just asked: Does anyone have EOB-oriented question, comments, concerns or news to share, re SFC?
14:10:00 <miker> after providing a basic update on the status
14:10:15 <jvwoolf> miker: Thanks! Nothing from me at the moment.
14:10:25 <miker> cool, thanks!
14:10:49 <miker> well, let's turn to slightly more regular business!
14:11:13 <miker> I'm going to split the Release Manager part into 2...
14:11:20 <miker> #topic Release maintainer (Bill Erickson)
14:11:27 <miker> berick: updates/requests/etc for the maintenance of 3.2?
14:12:21 <miker> I'll take that as "it's moving along swimmingly", and head on to...
14:12:25 <miker> #topic Release Manager (Dan Wells)
14:12:51 <miker> dbwells, having received no challenge to his reign, will be our esteemed release manager for 3.3
14:13:00 <miker> 3(.3) cheers for dbwells!
14:13:08 <hbrennan> ha
14:13:08 <miker> dbwells: it's early in the cycle, but do you have anything to discuss?
14:13:22 <terran> dbwells++
14:13:34 <Sthomas> dbwells++
14:13:36 <collum> dbwells++
14:13:41 <JBoyer> dbwells++
14:13:42 <jvwoolf> dbwells++
14:13:43 <agoben> dbwells++
14:13:45 <rgagnon> dbwells++
14:13:50 <dbwells> miker: No report at this time, thanks for asking, and for the complete and partial cheers :)
14:13:51 <miker> dbwells++ #indeed
14:14:14 <miker> thanks! that brings us to:
14:14:21 <miker> #topic 2019 Conference committee (Scott Thomas)
14:14:31 <miker> Sthomas: please take it away!
14:14:37 <Sthomas> Going to send Save the Date emails to exhibitors / sponsors while we wait for prospectus to be approved by SFC or reach a point where we don't need SFC approval. We received three program proposals I believe for the pre-conference. 11/16 is deadline for pre-conference. 12/7 is deadline for general proposals.
14:15:39 <Sthomas> I would be happy to entertain questions.
14:15:56 <miker> Sthomas: at this point, do you expect we'll need to extend either? (probably too early to even guess about the regular proposals ... I imagine they flood in at the last minute)
14:16:37 <Sthomas> We have a conference committee call at 3PM Eastern. Extending the pre-conference deadline (and sending out a begging email) will be discussed.
14:17:02 <terran> trying to remember who I was talking about preconference ideas with at the hackaway...
14:17:04 <miker> fair enough. how many were you hoping for?
14:17:30 <miker> or, how many slots are we trying to fill?
14:17:37 <terran> 4 slots to fill
14:17:47 <Sthomas> Yes 4.
14:17:58 <miker> kk, thanks
14:18:05 <collum> We still have until 3:00 for you viewers out there.
14:18:48 * miker glares at the 69 voiced members of this channel...
14:18:53 <terran> :D
14:19:10 <miker> any other questions for Sthomas, re the conference?
14:19:21 <terran> FYI, so far we have one on print templates, one on collection development, and one on deduplicating bib records
14:19:53 <JBoyer> Yes, these don't *have* to be conde-on-slides extravaganzas.
14:20:07 <JBoyer> Conde? Code-on-slides...
14:20:38 <terran> I thought you were saying something in French that I didn't understand.
14:20:44 <jvwoolf> JBoyer: I was wondering what kind of fancy thing I was not hip to...
14:20:47 <miker> terran: same :)
14:20:47 <hbrennan> terran: ha!
14:21:01 <terran> The print template submittal is meant to be hands-on
14:21:15 <miker> JBoyer, coiner of fancy typos
14:21:20 <terran> LOL
14:21:26 <jvwoolf> Hahaha
14:21:29 <JBoyer> Auw, haw haw.
14:21:32 <JBoyer> Ui.
14:22:17 <JBoyer> Hard to onomatopoeia en France.
14:22:40 <miker> at least when reading as english in one's head
14:23:05 <miker> alright, let's move on
14:23:09 <miker> #topic Outreach committee (Kathy Lussier)
14:23:13 <terran> A hands-on code-y thing would be cool if someone was willing to lead it. Maybe cover a few simple types of things, like how to add columns to the grid/column picker?
14:23:21 <terran> (Sorry, typed too slow)
14:23:50 <miker> kmlussier: do you have things to deliver unto us before The End(tm)?
14:24:00 <JBoyer> :,-(
14:24:10 <miker> or, should we officially start directing that call to someone else now?
14:24:15 <kmlussier> Hi!
14:24:20 <miker> and, for good measure...
14:24:26 <miker> kmlussier++ # all the things
14:24:34 <terran> kmlussier++ (sob)
14:24:43 <rgagnon> kmlussier++
14:24:44 <agoben> kmlussier++
14:24:46 <Sthomas> kmlussier++
14:24:47 <JBoyer> kmlussier++
14:24:49 <collum> kmlussier++
14:24:55 <kmlussier> Awww, shucks. Thanks!
14:24:57 <jvwoolf> kmlussier++
14:25:00 <kmlussier> The Outreach Committee met yesterday.
14:25:27 <kmlussier> We will be announcing our first Evergreen Contributor of the Month this week. Stay tuned for that announcement. I am thrilled with the choice.
14:25:49 <kmlussier> The committee also unanimously elected rhamby as the new Outreach Committee chair.
14:25:53 <kmlussier> rhamby++
14:25:57 <terran> rhamby++
14:25:59 <agoben> rhamby++
14:26:01 <JBoyer> rhamby++
14:26:02 <rgagnon> rhamby++
14:26:02 <Sthomas> rhamby++
14:26:04 <hbrennan> rhamby++
14:26:09 <collum> rhamby++
14:26:13 <jvwoolf> rhamby++
14:26:18 <kmlussier> That's all I have to report.
14:26:19 <miker> rhamby++
14:27:18 <kmlussier> Also, feel free to nominate somebody for our next contributor of the month. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd9NQNneP-zk_wMn9iGs1KWkFjEKbicgf9s3mq3BvRm5pmgJw/viewform
14:27:59 <miker> thanks! that's going to be very cool, I think
14:28:22 <miker> now moving on to Old Business
14:28:26 <miker> #topic Update on nonprofit status
14:28:50 <miker> well, we discussed it above, mostly.  I have one question for Sthomas, though
14:29:05 <Sthomas> Sure.
14:29:15 <miker> Do we have any word on a consent action document from the MOBIUS for adopting the COI policy, or a template we could use for the same? I have half a memory of one, but can't find it.  Or we can just ask our new lawyer for same.
14:30:00 <Sthomas> I have it somewhere. I can dig it out.
14:30:21 <miker> perfect, thank you!
14:30:26 <jvwoolf> Probably a good thing to send to the lawyer for their files as well, yes?
14:30:37 <Sthomas> I'll get it out to you today or early tomorrow.
14:30:38 <miker> yes, and for them to review
14:31:20 <miker> (my hope is they'll say, "yep, that's fine" and we can proceed without the new lawyer spending any extra time on it)
14:32:49 <miker> JBoyer: thanks for the notes on the 1023, as well.  I think we're close to handing it to the lawyer for review, and SFC has a recent draft now. Sthomas, once you have some time to look at those changes, let's get the updated draft to both?
14:33:03 * miker should have split that long line...sorry
14:33:16 <Sthomas> Sure. I worked on that a bit today.
14:33:19 <Sthomas> JBoyer++
14:33:26 <miker> awesome
14:33:51 <jvwoolf> miker: Copy was sent to lawyer as it stands. He left me a voicemail I have not returned yet. He already has some comments.
14:33:56 <miker> any pressing needs, Sthomas, other than further review by "TEP" folks (aka, us)
14:34:25 <miker> jvwoolf: oh, great!
14:34:40 <Sthomas> We never clarification on who exactly our Registered Agent is. As of now it appears to be MOBIUS.
14:34:41 <terran> jvwoolf++ sthomas++ jboyer++
14:34:47 <Sthomas> We need I meant
14:34:55 <miker> Sthomas: yes, it is Donna, specifically
14:35:28 <Sthomas> Okay. I appreciate getting the verified.
14:35:38 <miker> we should just ask the lawyer for his opinion, and directions on changing with SOS in MO (assuming he agrees we should move it to him)
14:36:12 <miker> jvwoolf: would you mind asking about that (if it's clear to you) in your next communication with him?
14:36:31 <jvwoolf> miker: Sorry, what is SOS?
14:36:41 <miker> Secretary of State
14:36:44 <jvwoolf> (Other than save our souls :) )
14:36:52 <jvwoolf> Ah, got it.
14:38:52 <jvwoolf> Just to clarify, I'm asking for clarification on who the registered agent should be?
14:39:42 <miker> jvwoolf: well, whether they concur that it would be Good(tm) to change the Agent to our principle attorney, and if so, what do we need to do?
14:40:00 <jvwoolf> OK, got it
14:40:08 <miker> thanks, muchly
14:40:14 <miker> and, having already discussed it, we can skip the next topic (Evergreen Lawyer) except to say...
14:40:22 <miker> jvwoolf++ # lawyer wrangling
14:40:32 <hbrennan> jvwoolf++
14:40:32 <JBoyer> jvwoolf++
14:40:34 <rgagnon> jvwoolf++
14:40:36 <Sthomas> jvwoolf++
14:40:38 <agoben> jvwoolf++
14:40:42 <collum> jvwoolf++
14:40:46 <collum> Sthomas++
14:40:52 <terran> jvwoolf++
14:41:06 <jvwoolf> Sthomas++
14:41:11 <miker> Sthomas++ # form wrangling, et al
14:41:16 <rgagnon> Sthomas++
14:41:23 <agoben> Sthomas++
14:41:27 <hbrennan> Sthomas++
14:41:28 <terran> sthomas++
14:41:42 <miker> and, finally,
14:41:43 <miker> #topic New Business
14:42:05 <miker> Does anyone have any? Or shall we make this a blessedly short one!
14:42:23 <jvwoolf> Do we have an update on the bank account, or did I miss that?
14:42:59 <Sthomas> We need to figure out what address the bank account should be associated with which ties in with the registered agent question.
14:43:07 <miker> jvwoolf: Sthomas has identified what's needed, AIUI, but the Agent question should be answered first. mainly to reduce paperwork :) ...
14:43:18 <miker> and, what Sthomas said
14:43:36 <jvwoolf> Got it
14:44:05 <jvwoolf> I'll speak with the lawyer today if there is time, or possibly tomorrow.
14:44:37 <miker> jvwoolf: thanks.  time pressure doesn't /really/ start until we start reviewing a draft proposal from SFC ;)
14:44:56 <miker> but, having the ducks lined up earlier will be good
14:45:06 <jvwoolf> miker: That's what I was thinking.
14:45:23 <Sthomas> And conference business is still held up by all of this.
14:46:15 <miker> Sthomas: indeed. if we don't hear from SFC by next week, I'll ping Karen about the proposal /or/ moving forward with their approval of the prospectus
14:46:39 <Sthomas> Thank you.
14:48:04 <miker> here's to hoping we'll all each be wearing only one "board" hat soon...
14:48:13 <miker> and, one final call for new business
14:49:03 <miker> hearing none, I thank you all, again, for your time and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
14:49:14 <terran> Happy Thanksgiving to all!
14:49:18 <miker> Have a good afternoon, everyone!
14:49:19 <terran> miker++
14:49:20 <rgagnon> Happy Thanksgiving!
14:49:20 <agoben> Thanks!!!
14:49:21 <JBoyer> miker++
14:49:24 <miker> #endmeeting