14:00:27 <ohiojoe> #startmeeting 2018-12-06 – Documentation Interest Group Meeting
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14:00:41 <ohiojoe> #link https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=evergreen-docs:dig_meetings:20181206-agenda
14:00:57 <ohiojoe> #topic Introductions: please paste "#info <username> is <name> <affiliation>" to identify who you are and what organization, if any, you represent
14:01:11 <dluch> #info dluch is Debbie Luchenbill, MOBIUS
14:01:14 <ohiojoe> #info ohiojoe is Joe Knueven, DIG Facilitator & Evergreen enthusiast
14:01:20 <dluch> Also, I'm only here for 30 minutes
14:01:30 <sandbergja> #info sandbergja is Jane Sandberg, Linn-Benton Community College
14:01:43 <abneiman> #info abneiman Andrea Buntz Neiman, Equinox (also only here for 30 mins)
14:01:48 <tkatie217> #info tkatie217 is Katie Martin, Blair County Library Sys
14:03:13 <ohiojoe> #topic DIG page in Annual Report
14:03:46 <ohiojoe> I know this is meant to be a working meeting, but I agreed with Andrea that we could handle this topic before we got going..
14:04:19 <abneiman> Hi all.  I'll be quick.  Rogan and I are spearheading the 2018 Annual Report, and the past two years DIG has had a page in said
14:05:00 <abneiman> So 1) does DIG want a page this year? 2) what would you like to talk about (recruitment? accomplishments?) and who would like to write it?
14:05:13 <abneiman> Doesn't need to be long, only about 150-200 words
14:05:14 <remingtron> ohiojoe: quick note, sandbergja committed lots of github pull requests, and the docs todo page hasn't been updated to reflect that yet
14:06:42 <ohiojoe> remingtron:  yeah, I noticed a bunch came through today..  I'll try to get to updating that later today..
14:06:57 <dluch> So, I'm NOT volunteering, but it seems like a nice idea to continue having a DIG page in the report.  There's been so much awesome happening this year
14:07:23 <sandbergja> dluch: agreed!
14:07:34 <sandbergja> abneiman: I'm curious about what the deadline might be
14:07:46 <abneiman> sandberja: important question!
14:08:28 <abneiman> It would be nice to have a draft in the first week or so of January
14:08:44 <tkatie217> If it's not this/next week, I would be happy to take submissions for content and compose it into something for the report. (i.e. I don't really know what we did but I could collate.)
14:09:08 <abneiman> First batch of content is *officially* due 1/15/19, but I'm a PM and I like to pad deadlines :)
14:09:13 <sandbergja> tkatie217++
14:09:18 <ohiojoe> tkatie217++
14:09:19 <abneiman> tkatie217++
14:10:13 <tkatie217> Which would actually be fantastic since I am (planning to, unless anyone else wants to do it) present on DIG with Angela Kilsdonk and Jim Keenan at EG19
14:10:18 <tkatie217> so I can use the content there as well.
14:10:36 <abneiman> OK, sounds like a plan.  Send 2018 DIG accomplishments to Katie, please!
14:10:51 <ohiojoe> excellent
14:10:52 <abneiman> Katie, you can send the draft to me and / or Rogan when you're ready
14:10:56 <tkatie217> I will send out a note to the list, also?
14:10:57 <abneiman> thanks all
14:11:09 <sandbergja> tkatie217: sounds like a good idea
14:11:11 <ohiojoe> tkatie217:  I think that's a good idea..
14:11:22 <dluch> tkatie217++
14:11:37 <tkatie217> +abneiman can do
14:11:52 <abneiman> thank you!
14:12:29 <ohiojoe> and with that...
14:12:33 <ohiojoe> #topic One on one and small group collaboration on documentation
14:13:02 <sandbergja> I'm planning to continue catching up on reviewing pull requests on GitHub
14:13:20 <sandbergja> abneiman's email must be full of emails from GitHub by now... :-)
14:13:35 <abneiman> I'm not complaining!  sandbergja++
14:13:46 <ohiojoe> it was really impressive when I peaked at it 20 minutes ago..
14:14:01 <ohiojoe> sandbergja++
14:14:21 <abneiman> I'm going to start updating the my_lists doc that sandbergja mentioned upthread a bit.  Text changes are relatively minor but it'll need a new set of screenshots.
14:14:36 <tkatie217> I'm going to work on my EG19 program proposal so if anyone wants to edit/participate let me know.
14:14:50 <tkatie217> +sandbergja++
14:14:59 <remingtron> QUICK ANNOUNCEMENT FOR DIG
14:15:18 <remingtron> don't change these old files, because they aren't used anymore:
14:15:32 <remingtron> circulating_items.adoc
14:15:37 <remingtron> circulation_patron_records.adoc
14:15:41 <dluch> I'm going to review the things I signed up for a LONG time ago and never submitted.
14:16:13 <remingtron> The new files to use are these:
14:16:16 <remingtron> circulating_items_web_client.adoc
14:16:18 <remingtron> circulation_patron_records_web_client.adoc
14:16:26 <remingtron> THANKS, that's the end of my announcement
14:16:39 <ohiojoe> I'm going to start sifting through the to-do page..  if I start now there's a better chance I'll get it done sooner rather than later..
14:16:50 <remingtron> dluch++ #never give up, never surrender!
14:17:03 <dluch> Haha!
14:28:18 <pinesol> [evergreen|kilsdonka] Docs: bibliographic record merging and overlay - <http://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=Evergreen.git;a=commit;h=1bbf52d>
14:28:59 <abneiman> out to my next meeting.  will try to PR the my_lists update later this afternoon.
14:29:12 <sandbergja> abneiman++
14:29:33 <dluch> Also off to my next meeting!  "See" you all later!
14:29:33 <ohiojoe> abneiman++
14:30:04 <ohiojoe> see y'all later, thanks for joining us
14:30:08 <ohiojoe> dluch++
14:31:17 <akilsdonk> #info akilsdonk is Angela Kilsdonk, Equinox (belatedly joining meeting)
14:33:34 <akilsdonk> one thing I've been unsure of lately is the preferred process for contributing and committing new docs.  I'd like that to be part of the EG19 presentation that tkatie217 mentioned ^.
14:33:49 <akilsdonk> It might be a better topic for email or another day though?
14:35:16 <sandbergja> akilsdonk: I think it's definitely worth some discussion!
14:36:07 <sandbergja> I think everybody is either working on projects or in another meeting now, though, so maybe email or another day would be better?
14:37:06 <akilsdonk> sounds good-- I'll start an email thread.
14:44:22 <pinesol> [evergreen|kilsdonka] Docs: Infrastructure changes to authority browse - <http://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=Evergreen.git;a=commit;h=5b3923e>
14:50:23 <pinesol> [evergreen|kilsdonka] Docs: virtual index definitions - <http://git.evergreen-ils.org/?p=Evergreen.git;a=commit;h=dfd2dd5>
14:51:08 <sandbergja> Okay, I think we're more or less caught up on docs pull requests!
14:51:35 <sandbergja> Thanks for everyone's patience (especially those who submitted PRs six or more months ago!)
14:52:06 <ohiojoe> sandbergja++
14:52:13 <remingtron> sandbergja++
14:58:18 <ohiojoe> Since we're coming up on the hour, I'm going to go ahead and close out the meeting
14:58:33 <ohiojoe> Thank you everyone
14:58:58 <ohiojoe> #endmeeting