14:03:51 <miker> #startmeeting EOB meeting for 2019-01-17, agenda: https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:minutes:2019-01-17
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14:03:58 <miker> #topic Introductions
14:04:13 <miker> #info mike = Mike Rylander, EOLI
14:04:14 <JBoyer> #info JBoyer = Jason Boyer, IN State Lib, Evergreen IN
14:04:15 <hbrennan> #info hbrennan is Holly Brennan, Homer Public Library Alaska
14:04:28 <agoben> #info agoben = Anna Goben, Evergreen Indiana
14:04:34 <terran> #info terran is Terran McCanna, Georgia PINES
14:04:41 <jvwoolf> #info jvwoolf is Jessica Woolford, Bibliomation
14:04:43 <collum> #info collum is Garry Collum, Kenton County Public Library
14:05:01 <Sthomas> #info Sthomas is Scott Thomas, Scranton Public Library
14:05:44 <miker> we'll proceed, hopefully Ron can join (I don't recall seeing a note that he couldn't make it...)
14:05:48 <miker> #topic Approval or Correction of Minutes: http://evergreen-ils.org/meetings/evergreen/2018/evergreen.2018-12-20-14.18.html
14:05:54 <hbrennan> Ron is out
14:06:05 <miker> hbrennan: thanks!
14:06:21 <miker> so, JBoyer ran the last one and moved the important things forward
14:06:25 <miker> anything to add or change?
14:06:55 <agoben> Nope, it was really quick!
14:07:06 <miker> great. then:
14:07:08 <JBoyer> The only things of value are in the full logs which are hard to argue with.
14:07:11 <miker> #startvote Approve 2018-12-20 meeting minutes? yes, no
14:07:11 <pinesol> Begin voting on: Approve 2018-12-20 meeting minutes? Valid vote options are yes, no.
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14:07:18 <miker> #vote yes
14:07:19 <agoben> #vote yes
14:07:19 <JBoyer> #vote yes
14:07:21 <terran> #vote yes
14:07:25 <hbrennan> #vote yes
14:07:26 <Sthomas> #vote yes
14:07:38 <collum> #vote yes
14:08:05 <jvwoolf> #vote yes
14:08:08 <miker> #endvote
14:08:08 <pinesol> Voted on "Approve 2018-12-20 meeting minutes?" Results are
14:08:08 <pinesol> yes (8): JBoyer, agoben, miker, collum, Sthomas, terran, hbrennan, jvwoolf
14:08:17 <miker> thanks!
14:08:20 <miker> #topic Chair report
14:08:30 <miker> As usual, nothing here that won't be discussed later.
14:08:39 <miker> #topic Financial report
14:08:44 <miker> we have movement!
14:08:58 <miker> #info balance: $51,481.95 ... it looks like the ledger has been fully reconciled.  That balance is lower than I expected, TBH, but I don't know that that's a big concern as the conference starts paying for itself before the final bills come due.
14:09:15 <miker> However, Sthomas, do you have concerns with that number?
14:09:31 <miker> #info https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:financials:update_2019_01_17
14:09:49 <miker> gmcharlt++ # financial report
14:10:23 <JBoyer> gmcharlt++
14:11:01 <jvwoolf> miker: Apologies, I didn't see it on the quick scan - does this report include the invoice from the attorney? Or no because that money isn't spent yet?
14:11:29 <miker> it looks like the 2017 and 2018 conferences both saw much reconciliation. the change from expectations, for me, comes mainly from the 2017 conference
14:12:12 <miker> jvwoolf: it does not seem contain that
14:12:33 <miker> I would expect a legal-services line item
14:12:47 <JBoyer> I wouldn't expect that to be settled until after we have a bank account and the intial transfer. :/
14:12:56 <miker> JBoyer: right
14:14:05 <jvwoolf> I wasn't sure if the report reflects an actual balance or if projected expenses are factored in
14:14:29 <gmcharlt> upon looking at the line items, I don't see attorney fees included
14:14:29 <miker> Sthomas: I'm assuming that $51k does not concern you for initial conference costs, is that correct? (less, of course, the outstanding legal fees to MOBIUS and Mr. Dilly)
14:15:21 <Sthomas> I'm sorry. I got kicked out and missed a bit.
14:15:29 <gmcharlt> and in general, the ledger we have access to historically has lagged actual expenditures
14:15:35 <miker> Sthomas: what was the last you saw?
14:15:41 <gmcharlt> and by several months for a good chunk of last year
14:15:46 <Sthomas> Votes on minutes.
14:15:55 <Sthomas> But $51,000 should be okay
14:15:57 <miker> Sthomas: ok, I'll send a paste
14:16:06 <miker> oh, ok, you saw that much. cool
14:16:10 <gmcharlt> so I believe that the 51K is closer to the real amount, but I do not think it should be assumed to be 100% current
14:16:37 <jvwoolf> gmcharlt: Thanks for the info
14:16:42 <miker> gmcharlt: that is a good point. thank you
14:16:43 <jvwoolf> gmcharlt++
14:16:55 <terran> gmcharlt++
14:17:02 <agoben> gmcharlt++
14:17:04 <collum> gmcharlt++
14:17:10 <Sthomas> gmcharlt++
14:17:20 <JBoyer> gmcharlt++
14:17:23 <miker> gmcharlt++ # MOAR KARMA
14:17:50 <gmcharlt> and never before has an accounting report gathered so much karma ;)
14:17:55 <terran> LOL
14:18:00 <miker> :)
14:18:11 <JBoyer> It turns out all you have to do is a bunch of hard work! Easy!
14:18:40 <miker> or write parody songs...
14:18:42 <miker> JBoyer++
14:18:50 <terran> JBoyer++
14:18:50 <JBoyer> Dah-dum, psh.
14:18:53 <miker> anyway! moving on to..
14:18:59 <miker> #topic SFC update
14:19:10 <miker> #info As of 2019-01-03 we have a proposal from SFC for a separation agreement, and as of 2019-01-07 we have feedback from TEP's attorney Mr. Dilly.  There was on item of substance to request, a change to the end of reporting requirements with SFC, and that has been communicated.  The ball is now back in SFC's court.
14:19:34 <miker> mmm... one item, not "on item"
14:19:51 <Sthomas> They have the $51K, right?
14:20:00 <miker> Sthomas: yes
14:20:18 <Sthomas> We are going to need access to that by March to start paying the conference venue.
14:20:19 <miker> or whatever the actual amount is, after full ledger reconciliation
14:21:03 <miker> Sthomas: is there a date certain we must have an amount in hand?
14:21:04 <terran> Sthomas - any idea what our March venue bills will be?
14:21:10 <miker> and that
14:21:26 <miker> so that we can provide motivational context
14:22:15 <Sthomas> Will owe $5000 on March 9
14:22:56 <miker> ok, thanks.  we will work with that as drop-dead. I am hopeful
14:23:40 <miker> other SFC-related communication? We'll get into other non-profit stuff that doesn't relate to the SFC directly in a bit.
14:23:59 <Sthomas> They shut down the registration site.
14:24:20 <JBoyer> I wondered if that was going to come up now or in the conf report.
14:24:22 <miker> Sthomas: is there any information we have about why?
14:24:34 <Sthomas> We used the Eventbrite from last year because the cost per reg was less.
14:24:45 <Sthomas> Turns out it was still associated with them.
14:24:56 <miker> that's when I was going to ask about it, but if we have SFC-related info...
14:25:10 <Sthomas> They shut it down without telling us. MOBIUS is spinning up a new one.
14:25:18 <miker> ok, so, have we been in contact with SFC?
14:25:47 <Sthomas> Nope. They just shut it down. Luckily, MOBIUS has setup the Paypal so our money is not in SFCs hands.
14:26:04 <miker> I haven't seen anything on the inside list re the registration site...
14:26:20 <miker> ok, and you'll link the new one to the same paypal account, I assume?
14:26:38 <Sthomas> Yes. Waiting on a new URL from MOBIUS. They are on it.
14:26:39 <miker> a pain of re-creation, but we can continue after that, I mean
14:26:48 <terran> Do we have the information for all of the people who already registered?
14:26:49 <miker> cool, thanks!
14:26:53 <Sthomas> Correct. Not a huge problem.
14:27:04 <Sthomas> Yes. The info was preserved.
14:27:10 <miker> (well, /not/ cool, but you know what I mean...)
14:27:13 <terran> Phew
14:28:04 <miker> I'll follow up with karen and see what happened there
14:28:06 <JBoyer> The lack of communication is fairly disappointing, if unsurprising.
14:29:03 <terran> Agreed.
14:29:15 <Sthomas> Very much agreed.
14:29:43 <miker> any other SFC-related events to discuss?
14:30:45 <miker> separately, perhaps we should look for a time in Feb to get on the phone and sync up, as TEP
14:31:03 <miker> sync up re SFC... there are a few threads to pull on.
14:31:23 <miker> but barring anything else immediate...
14:31:31 <miker> #topic Release Manager update (dbwells)
14:31:46 <miker> #info dbwells is not available (teaching a class) but let me know that he will send an email update to the general and EOB lists in the next 24 hours or so.
14:32:26 <miker> does anyone (berick for 3.2?) have anything to note for this section?
14:33:04 <miker> I thought not (3.3 looks like it will be a nice improvement to 3.2, though)
14:33:09 <miker> On to committees and task forces
14:33:18 <miker> #topic 2019 Conference Committee (Scott Thomas)
14:33:29 <miker> Sthomas: any more updates on conference stuff?
14:33:52 <Sthomas> Over $20,000 worth of sponsorships so far. Ebsco and Ingram are the two exhibitors. 14 registrations, but, of course, the site is down. The agenda is done and near ready to be released. Early next week.
14:34:15 <miker> awesome!
14:34:23 <hbrennan> I am starting to get real sad about not getting to go.... :(
14:34:34 <terran> hbrennan: surely you can make it happen!
14:34:42 <Sthomas> Agenda looks great. Some really good stuff. Sorry hbrennan
14:34:43 <JBoyer> hbrennan, you could present it as a marketing opportunity! ;)
14:35:06 <miker> Sthomas: there are some "given" sponsors and exhibitors, but do you want to solicit additional assistance?
14:36:00 <miker> hbrennan: I hope you can find a wat to make it, but if not, you'll definitely be missed ;(
14:36:17 <Sthomas> We are waiting to hear from one of the big Evergreen support organizations. (Hint.) I'll send out the list we have tomorrow and see if anyone can help with them. It is still early.
14:36:20 <hbrennan> I can't do it on personal funds, so nope. :(
14:36:42 <miker> Sthomas: I think "they're" one of the given's ;)
14:36:47 <terran> miker++
14:36:53 <miker> and I'll look forward to that list
14:36:54 <Sthomas> miker++
14:37:04 <collum> miker++
14:37:11 <jvwoolf> miker++
14:37:30 <miker> ok, enough of that :)
14:37:44 <miker> Sthomas: anything else you need from EOB to make it happen?
14:38:14 <Sthomas> We are in good shape. We just need the money from SFC.
14:38:24 <Sthomas> Before March
14:38:24 <miker> noted, indeed
14:38:48 <miker> #topic Outreach Committee
14:38:59 <miker> #info Rogan sent an email to the EOB list: We've been fairly quiet this past month due to holidays so our main project we've made progress on is the annual report for 2018 to be distributed at the conference.
14:39:13 <miker> rhamby: anything more to add, if you're around?
14:39:52 <miker> hearing nothing...
14:40:03 <miker> #topic Update on nonprofit status
14:40:11 <miker> #info donning TEP hat...
14:40:32 <miker> Scott, what do we need in order to proceed with a bank account? (Is this waiting on a COI policy change? my memory is fuzzy, I apologize)
14:40:47 <miker> sorry, Sthomas -^
14:41:16 <Sthomas> Yes. We need to pass a COI.
14:41:24 <Sthomas> My mind is fuzzy too. New job and all.
14:41:37 <JBoyer> Which we all have, as csharp forwarded your message to us some time ago.
14:41:48 <rhamby> miker: sorry, had stepped away for a second, nothing to add to the report this month beyond email but anticipate a lot more for next month
14:41:55 <JBoyer> Though I haven't done anything with it yet.
14:42:58 <miker> ok, I will collect signatures on the concent agreement over the next week. with that passed back to Mr. Dilly, Sthomas can present the COI to the bank.
14:43:11 * miker marks calendar
14:43:12 <Sthomas> Sounds good.
14:44:18 <miker> #info Mike will collect signatures for consent agreement on COI to effect the change and provide positive confirmation to Sthomas so he can proceed with the bank
14:44:29 <JBoyer> The bank is interested in a certificate of good standing, correct Sthomas? What do we need for that
14:44:57 <JBoyer> (Apologies if I've missed an update since I saw you use that term)
14:45:22 <Sthomas> Yes. I will revisit that and send an email tomorrow. It has been awhile since I focused on it.
14:45:29 <JBoyer> Sthomas++
14:45:32 <miker> thanks, Sthomas!
14:45:35 <miker> Sthomas++
14:45:48 <terran> Sthomas++
14:45:55 <jvwoolf> Sthomas++
14:45:56 <collum> Sthomas++
14:46:03 <hbrennan> Sthomas++
14:46:04 <agoben> Sthomas++
14:46:53 <miker> the Form 1023 is in SFC's hands for review, but I haven't seen anything from them.  I will ping, but if we don't see anything by Feb 1, I suggest we proceed with whatever changes Mr. Dilly recommends
14:47:50 <miker> opinions on that course of action?
14:48:08 <jvwoolf> miker: Mr. Dilly sent you and I a copy of from 2848, which we need for the 1023, with signatures. Did anything happen with that yet?
14:48:24 <jvwoolf> *form
14:48:27 <agoben> Seems reasonable.  The SFC have had a lot of time to respond already.
14:48:34 <terran> Agreed
14:48:47 <Sthomas> Sounds good.
14:48:54 <miker> jvwoolf: it has not. I will dig that back up and proceed via email (direct, perhaps, as appropriate)
14:49:02 <JBoyer> +1 to going ahead 2/1.
14:49:15 <collum> +1 as well
14:49:19 <miker> great, thanks all.
14:49:50 <miker> so that Sthomas can participate in this last topic, hopefully, I'd like to move on
14:50:02 <miker> #info and now, putting community hat back on...
14:50:08 <miker> #topic Site Selection Committee 2020
14:50:21 <miker> I open the floor to discussion.  I have not been involved in site selection committees in the past, so defer to those wiser than I.
14:50:34 <Sthomas> Unfortunately, I have to depart. Board meeting.
14:50:36 <miker> do we simply need to create a committee?
14:50:48 <miker> Sthomas: thanks for your time!
14:50:53 <terran> Bye Sthomas!
14:51:00 <afterl> miker:  I have been on and chaired these committees
14:51:23 <afterl> I think one just needs to be created
14:51:24 <miker> afterl: that was the sound of eveyone else taking a step back in the row :)
14:51:42 <afterl> yes, I would be willing to chair again to get this moving
14:51:42 <collum> LOL
14:51:47 <terran> afterl++
14:51:51 <miker> afterl: do you want to lead the selection c... and thanks!
14:51:54 <collum> afterl++
14:51:59 <JBoyer> afterl++
14:51:59 <miker> afterl++
14:52:04 <jvwoolf> afterl++
14:52:06 <agoben> afterl++
14:52:33 <miker> with that in mind, who would like to help on this committee? or, shall we solicit from the general list?
14:52:58 <afterl> I can first appeal to past committee members
14:53:03 <afterl> if that makes sense
14:53:12 <miker> indeed it does
14:53:13 <afterl> then take it out to the general list if needed
14:53:27 <miker> so, let's make it official with a vote
14:54:03 <terran> Does one of us need to make a motion?
14:54:17 <miker> terran: we can do that, sure
14:54:38 <miker> I move we create the 2020 site selection committee to be chaired by Amy Terlaga
14:54:41 <JBoyer> 2nd
14:55:01 <miker> #startvote Create the 2020 Conference Site Selection Committee, and appoint Amy Terlaga as chair? yes, no
14:55:01 <pinesol> Begin voting on: Create the 2020 Conference Site Selection Committee, and appoint Amy Terlaga as chair? Valid vote options are yes, no.
14:55:01 <pinesol> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
14:55:04 <terran> #vote yes
14:55:04 <agoben> #vote yes
14:55:06 <JBoyer> #vote yes
14:55:06 <collum> #vote yes
14:55:08 <miker> #vote yes
14:55:12 <jvwoolf> #vote yes
14:55:25 <hbrennan> #vote yes
14:55:30 <miker> #endvote
14:55:30 <pinesol> Voted on "Create the 2020 Conference Site Selection Committee, and appoint Amy Terlaga as chair?" Results are
14:55:30 <pinesol> yes (7): JBoyer, jvwoolf, miker, collum, terran, hbrennan, agoben
14:55:50 <miker> it is done. **taps afterl on shoulders with sword**
14:56:02 <miker> afterl: thank you!
14:56:03 <afterl> Happy to do it!
14:56:09 <terran> All hail afterl++
14:57:36 <miker> that was our last scheduled topic for today. is there anything else for us to discuss?
14:58:07 <miker> hearing nothing more...
14:58:12 <jvwoolf> I had a question about where to send the invoice for the attorney
14:58:19 <miker> oh, proceed
14:58:27 <miker> well, I guess that's the question :)
14:59:11 <jvwoolf> It's being sent to me Biblio's physical address at the moment. Should it be sent to MOBIUS?
14:59:28 <jvwoolf> With the understanding that it will be held until we have an actual bank account?
14:59:57 <miker> I think directing it to Scott, for now, would be ok
15:00:08 <miker> if he ascents to that
15:00:22 <jvwoolf> OK, I'll email him
15:00:25 <miker> since he'll have first access to the account
15:00:50 <miker> thanks, jvwoolf!
15:00:59 <miker> anything else before we go?
15:01:09 <jvwoolf> You're welcome
15:01:32 <miker> again, thank you all for your time. have a great afternoon!
15:01:36 <miker> #endmeeting