14:01:38 <miker> #startmeeting EOB meeting for 2019-03-21, agenda: https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:minutes:2019-03-21
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14:01:44 * JBoyer crakcs knuckles
14:01:50 <miker> #topic roll call
14:01:57 <miker> Use the #info command stating name and affiliation
14:02:05 <miker> #info miker == Mike Rylander, EOLI
14:02:11 <collum> #info collum is Garry Collum, KCPL
14:02:11 <terran> #info terran is Terran McCanna, Georgia PINES
14:02:13 <agoben> #info agoben == Anna Goben, Evergreen Indiana
14:02:18 <JBoyer> #info JBoyer is Jason Boyer, Evergreen Indiana, IN State Library
14:02:26 <rgagnon> #info rgagnon = Ron Gagnon, NOBLE
14:02:57 <miker> we have a quorum...
14:02:59 <miker> #topic Approval of minutes
14:03:11 <miker> #info Minutes from 1/17 meeting: http://evergreen-ils.org/meetings/evergreen/2019/evergreen.2019-01-17-14.03.html
14:03:21 <miker> Any updates/corrections/objections?
14:03:57 <miker> hearing none...
14:04:07 <miker> #startvote Accept minutes for 2019-01-17? yes, no
14:04:07 <pinesol> Begin voting on: Accept minutes for 2019-01-17? Valid vote options are yes, no.
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14:04:15 <miker> #vote yes
14:04:15 <agoben> #vote yes
14:04:15 <JBoyer> #vote yes
14:04:19 <collum> #vote yes
14:04:22 <terran> #vote yes
14:04:22 <rgagnon> #vote yes
14:04:33 <miker> #endvote
14:04:33 <pinesol> Voted on "Accept minutes for 2019-01-17?" Results are
14:04:33 <pinesol> yes (6): rgagnon, JBoyer, agoben, miker, collum, terran
14:04:44 <miker> #topic Chair report
14:04:50 <miker> Nothing special here that won't be discussed later
14:05:04 <miker> (moving quickly, we have a full docket...)
14:05:11 <miker> #topic Financial report
14:05:47 <miker> #info No changes known at this time from SFC. We have ~$50k from conference registrations held with MOBIUS.
14:06:43 <terran> Scott emailed and asked, "how close are we to getting a check from the SFC? Who will the payee? I am still working on getting a bank account for the Evergreen Project, but it is slow going. Could SFC make out the check to MOBIUS since MOBIUS is setup to pay conference expenses?"
14:06:46 <miker> pardon, ~$59k, per Scott Thomas
14:07:41 <miker> terran: we will get to those parts in a bit, unless we want to skip to that
14:08:00 <terran> It sort of straddled the line between the two topics
14:08:07 <miker> tl;dr: we just need MOBIUS to send an invoice on our behalf to SFC
14:08:15 <miker> sure, let's start that topic
14:08:24 <miker> #topic SFC Updates
14:08:39 <miker> #info Separation agreement signed, and grant plan in place.  Separation will be complete upon receiving exempt acknowledgement.
14:09:48 <miker> as for getting project funds from SFC, they need an invoice from us. since MOBIUS is doing admin stuff for us, we'll ask Donna to produce an invoice from "us"
14:10:43 <miker> MOBIUS has already set up a bank account specificially for the project, so we'll use that to deposit funds
14:10:59 <miker> that's where they're collecting conference income currently
14:10:59 <terran> MOBIUS++
14:11:10 <JBoyer> MOBIUS++ # indeed.
14:11:13 <rgagnon> MOBIUS++
14:12:08 <miker> terran: would you be willing to interface with Donna on that invoice? (everyone should have the separation agreement, and a recent email from Bradly re an invoice)
14:12:15 <miker> and indeed
14:12:18 <miker> MOBIUS++
14:12:21 <terran> Sure, I can do that
14:12:50 <miker> thank you. Karen (and, Bradly, I suppose, since he jumped in) should get the invoice, I think
14:13:50 <miker> there was also a question from SFC to us about how we want to make use of their eventbright account
14:13:55 <terran> He referenced an accounts-payable email address, but I'll copy them both
14:14:14 <miker> however, because (AIUI) they cut us of in January, Scott just moved to MOBIUS's
14:14:51 <terran> And I don't believe we'll need it next year because we'll have access to a different registration / payment system for free for next year's conference
14:14:52 <miker> so, I don't think there's action for us beyond thanking them for the offer
14:15:01 <JBoyer> Wasn't there a difference in the Eventbright's take on the one account? I understood something like that was the reason for trying to use it in the first place.
14:15:09 <miker> terran: FORESHADOWING! ;)
14:15:16 <terran> lol
14:15:27 <JBoyer> I was gonna say, sounds pretty confident. ;)
14:15:43 <terran> JBoyer: yes, I believe it was a difference of about $10 per ticket IIRC
14:15:49 <miker> JBoyer: there may have been more details, yes. but in the end we just lost access, I think
14:16:11 <JBoyer> But what about 2021+ ? Is there any benefit to having "our own" account now vs using MOBIUS's in the future
14:16:12 <JBoyer> ?
14:16:30 <miker> any questions re SFC that we can/should act on with them in particular?
14:17:20 <JBoyer> I suppose not, my position was to just take over the account and then we can let it sit if there's no benefit later.
14:17:37 <miker> JBoyer: that's a good question about which I don't have an opinion, having never had to wrangle eventbright
14:17:55 <JBoyer> Same.
14:17:56 <terran> I'm not sure if they charge an ongoing fee, or if the charges are just per ticket when there are events
14:17:57 <agoben> If there's an annual cost, that might make a difference.
14:18:01 <miker> JBoyer: there may be a cost associated with that?
14:18:32 <terran> At any rate, it's probably worth comparing all options for 2021+
14:18:52 <miker> JBoyer: do you want to get details from Scott? I think he is the most recently versed of us
14:19:02 <agoben> According to their site it looks like all fees are based on ticket sales.
14:19:18 <miker> agoben: ah, thanks for that.
14:19:45 <collum> But it should just take a matter of minutes to set up a new one, the thing you lose is history.
14:20:11 <JBoyer> I can double-check with Meagan/Debbie since MOBIUS already has an account. I just don't want us to potentially lose out on a later benefit.
14:20:29 <miker> JBoyer: thanks
14:20:43 <miker> collum: that's a good point. I wonder if it can be exported
14:21:21 <miker> I also don't know if we've ever made use of the historical data. does anyone know that?
14:21:46 <collum> Nope, that's another Maegan question.
14:22:21 <JBoyer> I would suspect not, we're not missing it this year.
14:22:31 <JBoyer> That I'm aware of, anyway,
14:22:52 <miker> ok, moving on to the nex topic
14:22:59 <miker> #topic Release Manager (Dan Wells)
14:23:08 <miker> dbwells: sir, have you anything for us?
14:23:25 <dbwells> Not too much to report.  I'll be building and testing the RC over the next couple days.
14:23:34 <dbwells> We also need to still sort out some of the new translation bits, but we're getting there.
14:23:45 <dbwells> It's been a pretty quiet and routine release cycle, which I think is as expected.
14:23:49 <dbwells> Any questions?
14:24:21 <terran> dbwells++
14:24:32 <collum> dbwells++
14:24:33 <miker> dbwells: one -- should we be avoiding angular7 infrastructure pushes in 3.3?
14:24:34 <agoben> dbwells++
14:24:34 <JBoyer> dbwells++
14:24:43 <rgagnon> dbwells++
14:24:50 <miker> dbwells++
14:25:23 <dbwells> miker: I've been thinking about that, and I actually think we can be more liberal there, since it is primarily still branded experimental.  What do you think?
14:25:38 <miker> I'm in favor of it, personally
14:26:13 <JBoyer> And the home icon has kind of been changed into an escape hatch, yes? I'd say for anything that's not Ang7 only now's the time to experiment.
14:27:00 <miker> ok, cool, thanks dbwells!
14:27:05 <miker> now for committees
14:27:10 <dbwells> Yeah, I think we can proceed with that attitude until it becomes an issue.
14:27:17 <dbwells> No problem.
14:27:24 <miker> #topic 2019 Conference Committee
14:27:44 <miker> we don't have Scott, I believe, but any other 2019 committee member want to speak?
14:28:10 <miker> hearing nothing...
14:28:14 <terran> Everything seems to be coming along nicely!
14:28:14 <miker> #topic Outreach Committee
14:28:18 <rhamby> update was in email, nothing to add really other than to say everything is on schedule and some experiments are going well for increasing our exposure
14:28:22 <rhamby> any questions?
14:28:32 <terran> rhamby++
14:28:34 <miker> terran: sorry! do you have more to say re 2019?
14:28:46 <terran> miker: not really, it's just down to little details now
14:29:05 <miker> awesome
14:29:14 <terran> registration & sponsor numbers are all good
14:29:16 <miker> rhamby: was that for outreach?
14:29:34 <collum> The last meeting was about signage.  So the end is near.
14:29:35 <rhamby> miker: yep, more detaiils are in the email I sent about an hour ago, everyone on the committee is doing a great job
14:29:52 <miker> rhamby++
14:29:54 <agoben> rhamby++
14:29:59 <JBoyer> rhamby++
14:29:59 <collum> rhamby++
14:30:00 <rgagnon> rhamby++
14:30:46 <miker> and now
14:30:50 <miker> #topic 2020 Site Selection (Amy Terlaga)
14:30:54 <miker> afterl: it's all you
14:31:01 <afterl> coming ...
14:31:03 <terran> <trumpets>
14:31:12 <afterl> #info Site Selection Report:  The site selection committee, after careful review, contacted the PINES consortium earlier this month to let them know that they had been selected to be the host of the 2020 Evergreen International Conference.
14:31:13 <JBoyer> The suspense! ;)
14:31:25 <afterl> We asked a few follow-up questions and PINES was able to provide good answers to all of them.   So we will be returning to Atlanta, GA in April 2020!  PINES will be working with the University System of GA conference planning group on the conference.  The MOBIUS consortium will help again this year in the final contract review and signing.
14:31:41 <afterl> Elizabeth McKinney will be organizing the first meeting with various committee members and MOBIUS soon.
14:32:17 <afterl> Any questions/
14:32:19 <afterl> ?
14:32:49 <miker> I'm curious what the venue will be. has that been determined?
14:32:59 <miker> or was it in the proposal?
14:33:01 <afterl> Crowne Plaza in Ravinia
14:33:16 <terran> The Crowne Plaza Ravinia - it just completed a 40 million dollar renovation and it's lovely. And there are power outlets EVERYWHERE.
14:33:54 <miker> cooool
14:33:55 <terran> Direct shot on MARTA from the airport to about a mile from the hotel, and the hotel has a free shuttle, so travel should be easy
14:34:00 <afterl> and a beer garden
14:34:14 <JBoyer> Ooh, and it appears to be easier to drive to than some prior, heh.
14:34:19 <terran> Was just going to mention the beer garden in the pretty terraced wooded area :)
14:34:44 <afterl> and you can press a button to get drink service
14:34:45 <terran> Yes, it's right off the freeway, so extremely easy for driving too
14:34:48 <afterl> from your seat
14:34:54 <miker> that's great! thanks PINES!
14:35:11 <terran> And a Dancing Goats coffee bar in the lobby :)
14:35:29 <JBoyer> coffee++
14:35:35 <miker> goats++
14:35:55 <JBoyer> going to be fun to see pinesol mention that one now and then.
14:36:52 <miker> moving on
14:36:57 <agoben> afterl++
14:37:01 <collum> afterl++
14:37:02 <terran> afterl++
14:37:07 <JBoyer> afterl++
14:37:07 <miker> afterl++
14:37:09 <rgagnon> afterl++
14:37:24 <afterl> thank you for the thanks :-D
14:37:28 <miker> #topic Update on nonprofit status
14:37:31 <miker> #info We've agreed on COI, so now we just need to get final confirmation from the lawyer and submit.
14:37:47 <miker> Which also covers the next topic
14:38:03 <miker> submit the 1023, that is
14:39:11 <miker> with Jessica on leave, I would like someone that will be on the board next year to take her place with me in coordinating with our lawyer
14:39:48 <miker> don't all volunteer at once! ;)
14:39:59 <agoben> There's only a couple of us.  I can
14:40:07 <terran> agoben++
14:40:09 <miker> agoben: fair point. and thanks
14:40:15 <miker> agoben++
14:40:16 <collum> agoben++
14:40:18 <rgagnon> agoben++
14:40:39 <miker> agoben: you'll see an email with a bunch of attachements soon, then
14:40:42 <agoben> ++
14:40:54 <JBoyer> I almost forgot how few of us there actually would be.
14:41:12 <terran> Only four o_O
14:41:13 <JBoyer> agoben++
14:41:14 <miker> 4, I think
14:41:31 <JBoyer> Hey, that's at least 1 better than I thought. ;)
14:41:52 <terran> That's assuming Jessica comes back!
14:42:03 <miker> terran: sssshhhhh!
14:42:10 <terran> sorry :(
14:42:12 <miker> ;)
14:42:20 <miker> this carries us right into the next topic
14:42:21 <JBoyer> Yeah, maybe not with the tempting fate! ;)
14:42:32 <terran> I'm always jinxing everything
14:42:36 <miker> #topic Scott Thomas' Board Position
14:42:46 <miker> IIRC, Scott has one more year on his term
14:43:03 <terran> Current term end dates are here: https://evergreen-ils.org/governance/
14:43:19 <JBoyer> terran++
14:43:42 <terran> When someone leaves before their term is up, do we appoint someone, or include the position in the election?
14:44:12 <miker> the governance doc says appoint
14:44:24 <miker> however, we need to confirm the bylaws
14:44:30 <agoben> Since we're running an election in the immediate, it seems like it would be easiest to just include doing that along with.
14:44:36 <collum> 2.4f special election
14:44:37 * miker tries to do so quickly
14:45:00 <miker> collum++
14:45:13 <miker> thank you. 2.9 is much less specific
14:45:19 <terran> collum++
14:45:28 <JBoyer> collum++
14:45:28 <terran> For reference: A special election will be held if a member leaves the Board with more than six months remaining in their term, to complete the duration of the original term.
14:45:58 <miker> #info For reference: A special election will be held if a member leaves the Board with more than six months remaining in their term, to complete the duration of the original term.
14:46:05 <miker> terran++
14:46:36 <miker> so we'll have 2 elections, one for Scott's seat and one for the normal cohort
14:46:53 <miker> #topic Board Nominations and Voting
14:46:54 <agoben> Do we need to run separate nominations?
14:47:21 <miker> agoben: I think we do
14:47:38 <miker> one slate should know they're running to fill a single-year position
14:48:14 <agoben> ++
14:48:27 <JBoyer> That may be more appealing to some, also.
14:48:29 <miker> terran: were you looking into how we did this before, generally?
14:48:37 <terran> Errrr...
14:48:41 <miker> JBoyer: I would image that's so
14:48:42 <agoben> And can people be cross nominated or do they have to pick one?
14:48:52 <miker> terran: I don't mean you had an action item
14:48:54 <miker> sorry
14:49:21 <miker> just inferring from an email that I haven't dug out to the level of yet :)
14:50:13 <miker> agoben: seems simpler to me to pick one. but I guess with ranked-choice it'd be possible?
14:50:27 <miker> possible to handle nominations in both
14:51:29 <agoben> Just hoping for a larger pool of nominations if possible
14:52:04 <miker> agoben: that's fair... might be tough even without separate lists
14:52:10 <agoben> Having a choice is always appreciated
14:52:59 <agoben> :)
14:53:02 <miker> terran: you probably guessed that I was about to ask if you wanted to announce and collect nominations :)
14:53:14 <terran> miker: Yes, I can do that
14:53:26 <terran> I don't recall how we did the actual voting - did people have to register in advance to vote?
14:53:28 <miker> terran: thank you very much
14:53:43 <terran> Any suggestions on timing? We're behind schedule
14:54:08 * miker looks at calendar
14:54:29 <agoben> Solicit nominations thru the 5th, register the week after; vote the next week.   That takes us to conference
14:54:32 <terran> The call for nominations last year went out in February and the candidates were announced one year ago today.
14:55:22 <terran> agoben: sounds good to me - anyone else feel different?
14:55:23 <miker> agoben: that sounds good IMO
14:55:33 <collum> agoben++
14:55:37 <agoben> And we're supposed to have the new officers selected by the meeting at the Conference, so that's still tight.
14:55:39 <rgagnon> agoben++
14:56:10 <agoben> Do we know who ran the software we've been using for the election registration and voting?
14:56:20 <terran> I don't recall
14:56:21 <agoben> I thought someone mentioned Galen, but wasn't sure
14:56:32 <JBoyer> I was trying to look it up, I think the SFC managed it.
14:56:37 <miker> so, nominees should specify 3-year, 1-year, or either?
14:56:38 <agoben> oh, hmmm
14:57:25 <terran> I'm unclear as to the purpose of the registration - did that anonymize the votes?
14:57:26 <agoben> I would go with a hard ranking of preference
14:57:39 <agoben> It created a fresh voting pool each year
14:58:19 <agoben> And once registered you were notified of the vote timings
14:58:32 <JBoyer> terran, you could only vote if you pre-reg'd; you got a special key that allowed you to vote and then you could use it later to verify.
14:58:42 <terran> ah, okay, thanks
14:59:10 <JBoyer> The software appears to be open source, but our local proxy appears to be unhappy about it so I can't really see much. :/
15:01:12 <miker> JBoyer: it's not just you ... I can't get to the voting page
15:01:27 <terran> What software is it?
15:01:37 <miker> terran: can't get there to see... :(
15:01:42 <terran> Oh, heh
15:01:50 <miker> it's hosted on gitorious, but that seems to be down
15:01:56 <terran> Can we use something like helios?
15:02:05 <agoben> I was looking at that one too
15:02:34 <miker> terran: I don't know that in particular, but we can use anything that support SVT or the like, IMO
15:02:58 <JBoyer> if it's verifiable and actively maintained that should be fine. Availability certainly is a point in it's favor.
15:03:08 <miker> heh
15:03:38 <miker> it's actively maintained, yes
15:04:06 <miker> so, let's do that, then
15:04:12 <JBoyer> +1
15:04:22 <agoben> Who's hosting?
15:04:27 <miker> unless there are objections, or we want to get SFC to do it for us
15:04:44 <miker> agoben: looks like we can do it right on the helio site
15:04:50 <jeff> In 2017 I believe we used https://www.opavote.com/
15:05:19 <miker> jeff: we did, and could again, for a small fee depending on voter count
15:07:34 <agoben> And at $10 for the election (based on past voter counts that I can remember), that also  seems very reasonable.
15:07:55 <terran> Yes, opavote looks like it might handle ranked elections better
15:08:10 <miker> +1 from me
15:08:22 <agoben> ++
15:08:26 <rgagnon> +1
15:08:27 <collum> +1
15:08:39 <JBoyer> Not having "sign in with Google or Facebook!" on the homepage also gets opavote a +1 from me.
15:08:46 <terran> True!
15:08:48 <agoben> Can MOBIUS create the account for us in the next week or so?
15:09:15 <miker> since the relationship is already in place, do we just ask MOBIUS to cover and invoice for reimbursement? (they know whe have the money to cover it, now ... :) )
15:09:18 <miker> ha!
15:09:23 <miker> agoben++
15:10:12 <miker> terran: can you interface with Donna or others at MOBIUS for that?
15:10:18 <JBoyer> agoben++
15:10:18 <terran> Yes, will do
15:10:25 <agoben> terran++
15:10:25 <JBoyer> jeff++ # thanks for the reminder
15:10:33 <collum> agoben++ jeff++
15:10:40 <rgagnon> jeff++
15:11:02 <terran> I got lost when we were talking about the 1 vs 3 year - when we do the call for nominations, do we specify? Or just whoever is in 5th place gets the 1 year spot?
15:11:16 <terran> jeff++
15:11:34 <agoben> We should be able to ask 2 questions in an election
15:11:43 <miker> terran: I think we ask them to specify which, or both, they want to be listed for,
15:12:00 <miker> agoben: am I interpreting what you were saying correctly?
15:12:03 <agoben> I would have a ranking for 3 year and one for 1 year.  With any adjustments to the pools based on nominations required.
15:12:08 <miker> terran++
15:12:19 <terran> ok
15:12:45 <agoben> That way if someone ranks high on both, we can fall back on their personal preference for term length
15:13:01 <miker> agoben++
15:13:06 <JBoyer> agoben++
15:15:09 <miker> last topic is
15:15:18 <miker> #topic Updating the Photography Policy: https://evergreen-ils.org/conference/photography-policy/
15:15:27 <collum> This is just a concern because of the upcoming conference. The photography policy makes mention of the SFC.  Is it premature to remove these references?
15:15:54 <collum> https://evergreen-ils.org/conference/photography-policy/
15:16:32 <agoben> I would think that since they're not involved with this conference, it would be acceptable to remove them.
15:16:42 <terran> +1
15:16:58 <rgagnon> Should we have "The Evergreen Project" instead?
15:17:23 <agoben> Yes.
15:17:30 <miker> +1
15:17:31 <JBoyer> rgagnon, that does make sense, it's not as if we need to wait on the 1023 for that, it's already A Thing.
15:17:58 <collum> I propose: "If the Evergreen Executive Oversight Board, or the Evergreen Conference Planning Committee chooses to publish photographs and recordings taken by event staff, we will publish them under a Creative Commons license.  Evergreen further reserves the right to use those photographs and recordings in promotional materials to promote the Evergreen project and/or the use of free and open source software."
15:18:16 <collum> as the change.  It just removes the mention of the SFC.
15:18:33 <agoben> Would go with: The Evergreen Project further reserves...
15:18:48 <collum> agoben++
15:19:34 <JBoyer> I'm +1 with that addition.
15:19:48 <miker> 1) +1 2) I don't feel strongly that this needs a vote, but if I hear a motion we can make it official that way
15:19:56 <agoben> I'll move
15:20:02 <rgagnon> So moved
15:20:06 <JBoyer> Second
15:21:07 <miker> #startvote change photo policy to read: If the Evergreen Executive Oversight Board, or the Evergreen Conference Planning Committee chooses to publish photographs and recordings taken by event staff, we will publish them under a Creative Commons license.  The Evergreen Project further reserves the right to use those photographs and recordings in promotional materials to promote the Evergreen project and/or the use of free and open source software. yes,
15:21:07 <pinesol> Unable to parse vote topic and options.
15:21:07 <miker> no
15:21:13 <miker> bah...
15:21:22 <miker> #startvote "change photo policy to read: If the Evergreen Executive Oversight Board, or the Evergreen Conference Planning Committee chooses to publish photographs and recordings taken by event staff, we will publish them under a Creative Commons license.  The Evergreen Project further reserves the right to use those photographs and recordings in promotional materials to promote the Evergreen project and/or the use of free and open source software." yes
15:21:22 <pinesol> Unable to parse vote topic and options.
15:21:22 <miker> , no
15:21:36 <miker> well, then...
15:21:39 <terran> heh
15:22:00 <JBoyer> "update policy in accordance with collum's recommendation?"
15:22:06 <miker> #info followin vote is to consider changing photo policy to read: If the Evergreen Executive Oversight Board, or the Evergreen Conference Planning Committee chooses to publish photographs and recordings taken by event staff, we will publish them under a Creative Commons license.  The Evergreen Project further reserves the right to use those photographs and recordings in promotional materials to promote the Evergreen project and/or the use of free and
15:22:06 <miker> open source software.
15:22:25 <miker> #startvote accept proposed photo policy change? yes, no
15:22:25 <pinesol> Begin voting on: accept proposed photo policy change? Valid vote options are yes, no.
15:22:25 <pinesol> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
15:22:31 <miker> #vote yes
15:22:31 <agoben> #vote yes
15:22:35 <collum> #vote yes
15:22:35 <JBoyer> #vote yes
15:22:39 <rgagnon> #vote yes
15:22:39 <terran> #vote yes
15:22:44 <miker> #endvote
15:22:44 <pinesol> Voted on "accept proposed photo policy change?" Results are
15:22:44 <pinesol> yes (6): rgagnon, JBoyer, agoben, miker, collum, terran
15:23:06 <miker> whew... ok, any last minute discussion? we're 23 minutes over...
15:23:36 <miker> hearing nothing, I thank you all for your (extra) time
15:23:37 <terran> marathon!
15:23:41 <miker> #endmeeting