14:03:09 <agoben> #startmeeting EOB/Evergreen Project Board meeting for 2019-12-19, agenda:https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:minutes:2019-12-19
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14:03:17 <agoben> #topic Roll Call
14:03:17 <agoben> Use the #info command to provide name and affiliation
14:03:24 <agoben> #info agoben = Anna Goben, Evergreen Indiana
14:03:30 <tlittle> #info tlittle = Tiffany Little, PINES
14:03:32 <JBoyer> #info JBoyer = Jason Boyer, EOLI
14:03:37 <jvwoolf> #info jvwoolf is Jessica Woolford, Bibliomation
14:03:38 <rhamby> #info rhamby = Rogan Hamby, EOLI
14:03:39 <nfBurton> #info nfburton = Chris Burton, NFPL
14:03:48 <cowens> #info cowens = Chris Owens, BPL
14:03:57 <gmcharlt> #info gmcharl = Galen Charlton, EOLI
14:04:17 <alynn26> #info alynn26 = Lynn Floyd Evergreen Indiana
14:04:18 <agoben> csharp won't be able to join us; any word on Holly?
14:05:02 <agoben> Guess that's everyone then.
14:05:06 <agoben> #topic Approval of Minutes
14:05:12 <agoben> #info Minutes from 2019-11-21 meeting: https://evergreen-ils.org/meetings/evergreen/2019/evergreen.2019-11-21-14.00.log.html
14:05:12 <agoben> Corrections, updates, suggestions?
14:05:27 <tlittle> None from me
14:05:33 <nfBurton> None. Looks good
14:05:40 <agoben> #startvote Accept minutes from 2019-11-21? yes, no
14:05:40 <pinesol> Begin voting on: Accept minutes from 2019-11-21? Valid vote options are yes, no.
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14:05:45 <gmcharlt> #vote yes
14:05:46 <agoben> #vote yes
14:05:48 <tlittle> #vote yes
14:05:51 <cowens> #vote yes
14:05:51 <jvwoolf> #vote yes
14:05:54 <nfBurton> #vote yes
14:05:55 <JBoyer> #vote yes
14:05:57 <agoben> #endvote
14:05:57 <pinesol> Voted on "Accept minutes from 2019-11-21?" Results are
14:05:57 <pinesol> yes (7): nfBurton, JBoyer, agoben, cowens, tlittle, gmcharlt, jvwoolf
14:06:03 <agoben> #topic Chair Report
14:06:10 <agoben> Nothing specific to report here.
14:06:26 <agoben> #topic Treasurer's Financial Report
14:06:39 <gmcharlt> #info One invoice received from attorney, to be paid tomrorow
14:06:55 <gmcharlt> #info One invoice sent to OverDrive on behalf of the conference for a $500 donation
14:07:02 <gmcharlt> #info no updates to the SFC ledger
14:07:03 <gmcharlt> fin
14:07:12 <gmcharlt> well, not quite
14:07:35 <gmcharlt> #info gmcharlt working on draft of the grant report, to have ready for review by interested board members next week
14:07:41 <agoben> gmcharlt++
14:07:44 <agoben> Thanks!
14:07:52 <agoben> Speaking of which....
14:07:53 <agoben> #topic SFC Updates
14:07:57 <agoben> Actually have a couple of things here.
14:08:25 <agoben> Over the past few weeks the SFC has been sending out dunning notices to vendors and participants in the 2016 conference.
14:09:06 <agoben> They've looped the sfc listserv in on at least some of them, but it's causing some ripples in the vendor/sponsor community.  Any thoughts on what we can do to address this?
14:09:51 <gmcharlt> one thing to occurs is to request their list of what they consider to be unpaid invoices
14:09:55 <gmcharlt> *that occurs
14:09:55 <agoben> csharp forwarded an example to the private list (since it includes confidential vendor info)
14:10:04 <gmcharlt> to get a sense of the scope
14:10:21 <tlittle> Agree with that--that seems like a good first step
14:10:36 <cowens> Yes, I wouldn't understand why these would still be around from 2016.
14:10:45 <agoben> Someone want to take that on?  I can if no one else is willing.
14:11:45 <agoben> Yeah, it raises some concerns for me about the state of the project's bookkeeping, but part of the letter was to ask for verification if they actually *had* paid already, so it may be less extended than initial appearances suggest.
14:12:33 <nfBurton> So they don't even know if payment has been made?
14:12:43 <agoben> Right.
14:12:48 <nfBurton> That doesn't bode well
14:13:15 <jvwoolf> Is this holding anything up for us?
14:13:29 <agoben> Not at this point.  It might for the final turnover of our funds.
14:13:30 <jvwoolf> Other than reputation, I guess.
14:13:31 <nfBurton> I was going to suggest buying the debt from them and dealing with it ourselves but they don't even know if it actually is a debt
14:13:38 <JBoyer> In that case I wonder if there's something that ties them together, invoices handled through a third party or something like that. (I don't remember anything about the 2016 conference along those lines though)
14:13:59 <gmcharlt> agoben: I can make a treasurer-to-treasurer inquiry first if you wish
14:14:01 <agoben> I think there was some weirdness with either the CC or invoicing process that year
14:14:29 <tlittle> Can we ask them to send communications about this through us, so that they're not harassing our sponsors for something that may not even be an issue?
14:14:30 <agoben> gmcharlt, I like that.  Keeps it purely a business thing for bookkeeping purposes.
14:14:40 <gmcharlt> agoben: ok
14:14:51 <agoben> #info gmcharlt will reach out to the SFC and request a list of open bills owed the project.
14:14:57 <nfBurton> yeah that sounds good
14:14:58 <gmcharlt> do we know of other example beyond the one csharp forwarded?
14:15:35 <agoben> I haven't seen any others, and I didn't get that one either, so am not sure how wide-ranging it is, but I know there was at least one other to a vendor that's very involved in PINES.
14:16:00 <cowens> They definitely should be going through us rather than directly contacting people.
14:16:42 <gmcharlt> that's rarely been their position in previous years, unfortunately
14:17:28 <gmcharlt> and speculating, if this is in response to an audit or financial review, I'm not sure they would budge as a matter of fiduciary responsbiility
14:17:35 <gmcharlt> but in any event, hopefully will find out mroe soon
14:17:41 <agoben> Since the contracts were all with them, it could cause them auditing problems down the line if someone accidentally were to pay us directly though.  I'd appreciate knowing the scope so we can move forward with public relations wiht the affected individuals.
14:18:36 <tlittle> At the very least, could we ask them to use the current EOB listserv instead of the defunct 2016 one so that we actually know what they're sending out?
14:18:58 <tlittle> It sounds like they're CC'ing us (I think), but no one is actually seeing anything since no one is on that listserv. This may also be a dead end, but just sayin'
14:19:02 <agoben> It would publicly post confidential info
14:19:17 <tlittle> Hrm. The private Board list, then?
14:19:24 <agoben> So it couldn't go to the public list.  Might be able to ask for a cc to the private list
14:19:56 <agoben> But then they'll be privy to all of our private communications, becuase I think you have to be a member of the list to post.
14:20:10 <tlittle> Well then that's a no go
14:20:39 <gmcharlt> we can ask them to confirm the membership of their private email list of current EOB members
14:20:57 <rfrasur> gmcharlt++
14:20:58 <agoben> That would help, yes.
14:21:35 <agoben> I think it's not the regular sfc list, but rather the one for that year's conference if that's significant
14:21:41 <gmcharlt> yeah
14:21:47 <tlittle> Was just about to say the same
14:22:06 <agoben> So it may be a question of adding us to multiple lists.
14:22:19 <agoben> Depending on how many years worth of invoices are still open.
14:22:46 <gmcharlt> or, hopefully, then just CCing evergreen@sfconservancy.org or whatever it is rather than the conference-specific lists
14:22:52 <gmcharlt> *them just CCing
14:23:12 <tlittle> That sounds good
14:23:13 <agoben> gmcharlt, I appreciate you reaching out so we have a better idea of what we're working with.  And yeah, that would be a better option for us.
14:23:32 <agoben> Anything more that we want to do at this point?
14:24:23 <agoben> Ok, then I'll note for the record that I responded to Karen's query about status of NFP transition.  It went to the list, so hopefully everyone saw it.
14:25:28 <agoben> And gmcharlt has already given us an update on the grant report status.
14:25:37 <agoben> Anything else for the SFC today?
14:26:28 <agoben> Going once....
14:26:39 <agoben> twice...
14:26:44 <agoben> #topic Release Manager (3.4)
14:26:53 <agoben> any news on 3.4 that we should be aware of?
14:28:17 <agoben> Looks like no, so
14:28:18 <agoben> #topic Release Manager (3.5)
14:28:29 <agoben> csharp is out, berick, are you around?
14:28:51 <agoben> Or does anyone else have an update on 3.5?
14:29:42 <agoben> Hopefully all is well on that front.
14:29:50 <agoben> Conferences next:
14:29:52 <agoben> #topic 2020 Conference Committee
14:30:00 <agoben> Any updates on the conference?
14:31:16 <tlittle31> #info The contract for AV has been signed
14:31:48 <tlittle31> And the window for program proposals has been extended, and we're getting in some really good proposals so that's exciting
14:31:54 <agoben> Great!
14:32:36 <agoben> Look forward to seeing the program :)
14:32:43 <JBoyer> Don't let that discourage anyone from throwing something new or unusual our way. Make us vote on what's on the schedule!
14:32:45 <JBoyer> :)
14:33:04 <agoben> Alright, I don't think we have an update for the next one, but just in case
14:33:04 <agoben> #topic Site Selection Committee
14:33:18 <agoben> Has anyone heard if an application has been received as yet?
14:33:34 <agoben> I have not.
14:33:46 <tlittle31> I have not heard anything for sure; csharp has been heading that up
14:34:13 <agoben> Ok, we'll check in with him again in January
14:34:19 <agoben> #topic Outreach Committee
14:34:26 <agoben> #info The full report is available here: http://list.evergreen-ils.org/pipermail/board/2019-December/000030.html
14:34:33 <agoben> rhamby?  Anything to add?
14:34:43 <rhamby> I have nothing to add beyond the report but will take any questions.
14:34:54 <rhamby> And if anyone is just dying to do social media I'll be glad to take your name. :)
14:35:48 <agoben> Seems to be quiet.  Everything on the report looked good
14:35:50 <agoben> Thanks!
14:36:07 <agoben> #topic Unfinished Business: The Evergreen Project amendment of incorporation articles
14:36:21 <agoben> gmcharlt, did the replacement forms go out alright?
14:36:34 <gmcharlt> agoben: they did indeed
14:36:43 <agoben> I haven't heard anything, but wasn't sure what the timing was this round.
14:37:18 <gmcharlt> from my memory of timing, we should be hearing from the SoS soon, mod the holiday season
14:37:46 <agoben> ++
14:38:08 <gmcharlt> the check was cashed
14:38:22 <jvwoolf> That's a good sign
14:38:27 <agoben> Much better than the last round
14:38:45 <agoben> Woohoo!
14:38:50 <agoben> I just found it on their site.
14:38:58 <gmcharlt> cool!
14:38:59 <agoben> I hope this will work: https://bsd.sos.mo.gov/BusinessEntity/BusinessEntityDetail.aspx?page=beSearch&ID=4034716
14:39:22 <agoben> Looks like it was approved on 11/27/2019
14:39:45 <tlittle31> Woo!
14:39:58 <agoben> #info The Evergreen Project's amended articles of incorporation were approved by the MO Secretary of State on 2019-11-27
14:40:02 <rfrasur> I think you might need to be logged in to view the search.
14:40:12 <rfrasur> (at least, in my case)
14:40:22 <gmcharlt> you don't, but you do have to search by name
14:40:27 <agoben> Am not logged in.
14:40:28 <jvwoolf> Yeah, didn't work for me, but I believe you agoben
14:40:38 <gmcharlt> I'm looking at it now as well
14:40:47 <agoben> https://bsd.sos.mo.gov/Common/CorrespondenceItemViewHandler.ashx?IsTIFF=true&filedDocumentid=15008994&version=4
14:40:51 <agoben> How about that one
14:40:53 <agoben> ?
14:40:57 <rfrasur> Yep, that worked
14:41:03 <gmcharlt> (maybe TEP could offer the MO SoS guidance on how to create record permalinks ;) )
14:41:04 <tlittle31> That worked
14:41:14 <JBoyer> yay! a scan of a PDF, my favorite!
14:41:25 <nfBurton> woo!
14:41:41 <agoben> This means we're really just down to the 1023 though.
14:41:50 <jvwoolf> Progress!
14:42:03 <agoben> That's still coming up, so another update...
14:42:04 <jvwoolf> progress++
14:42:08 <agoben> #topic Unfinished Business: Dilly's POA
14:42:21 <agoben> The POA is on file with the IRS, so we're official there too.
14:42:32 <tlittle31> Woo!
14:42:54 <agoben> Nothing more to talk about there.
14:42:55 <agoben> #topic Unfinished Business: 2020 Election
14:43:21 <agoben> jvwoolf, any news? Or queries for us?
14:43:52 <jvwoolf> I have it on my calendar to start the process on January 6th.
14:44:00 <agoben> ++
14:44:11 <agoben> Sounds good, just wanted to check in :)
14:44:12 <jvwoolf> Remind me of the online tool that was used? Is there an account I need access to?
14:44:35 <rfrasur> was it opavote?
14:44:44 <agoben> Yes, that's what we used last year
14:44:47 <jvwoolf> That sounds familiar
14:45:21 <agoben> As long as you're in good shape!  Just let us know if you need a hand.
14:45:35 <jvwoolf> So do I just create my own account and start the election from there, or is there a global Evergreen account?
14:45:56 <agoben> I'd check with Terran.  She ran it last year and may be able to pass on the account
14:46:00 <rfrasur> I believe Terran has some information about it...
14:46:32 <jvwoolf> OK, I can check with her. Thanks!
14:47:00 <agoben> We should centralize the login so we have it for future use if desired if you don't mind archiving that with the Board somewhere.
14:47:15 <agoben> Moving on then.
14:47:16 <agoben> #topic New Business: NPF Status - 1023
14:47:24 <agoben> Still waiting on mailing adddresses from a couple of board members.  Didn't get the fiscal info in with the holidays, so that's still blank in the draft, but the draft is up in our drive folder for review.  Please send me any obvious corrections or open any discussions on the email list
14:48:26 <agoben> I didn't get current addresses from nfBurton or tlittle31, if you would please resend those?  My email may have eaten them.
14:48:43 <nfBurton> oh yes
14:48:46 <tlittle31> Sure, I will do that
14:48:50 <agoben> Thanks!
14:49:22 <gmcharlt> agoben: I have time next week to put in numbers
14:49:48 <agoben> Excellent!  I'm in on Monday if you want my help at all.
14:50:07 <gmcharlt> likewise
14:50:18 <agoben> Perfect.
14:51:21 <agoben> It's a LONG document at 22 pages so far, so if the rest of everyone will peruse it and get me any feedback over the next 2-3 weeks, hopefully we can confirm it and get it shipped to the lawyer for final review at the next meeting.
14:52:02 <agoben> Any other comments or elements you wanted to address now from the 1023?
14:52:55 <jvwoolf> The latest documents you'd like us to review are the Word Docs at the top?
14:53:16 <agoben> No, it's a PDF in the main 1023 folder with today's date attached
14:53:51 <agoben> The word docs are from the previous attempt (though I lifted some of the narratives since we'd already approved/reviewed them last year)
14:53:58 <jvwoolf> Got it. Thank you.
14:54:43 <agoben> Any announcements or other items for today?
14:55:18 <tlittle31> None here.
14:55:40 <agoben> Ok, then.
14:55:42 <agoben> #topic Next meeting
14:55:42 <agoben> #info Our next meeting will be on January 16, 2020.
14:55:59 <agoben> #endmeeting