14:00:26 <dluch> #startmeeting 2020-02-06 - Documentation Interest Group Meeting
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14:00:32 <dluch> #topic Agenda
14:00:42 <dluch> #info The agenda can be found here:  https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=evergreen-docs:dig_meetings:20200206-agenda
14:00:53 <dluch> Welcome everyone!  Today's meeting will be primarily collaboration and working on documentation.
14:01:02 <dluch> #topic Introductions
14:01:13 <dluch> Please paste "#info <username> is <name>, <affiliation>" to identify who you are and what organization, if any, you represent.
14:01:21 <dluch> #info dluch is Debbie Luchenbill, MOBIUS
14:01:40 <sandbergja> #info sandbergja is Jane Sandberg, Linn-Benton Community College
14:01:45 <cmalm> #info cmalm is Carissa Malmgren, Roanoke Public Library
14:02:43 <rfrasur_> #info rfrasur is Ruth Frasur, Indiana State Library/Evergreen Indiana/ECDI
14:04:11 <dluch> Small group today. Thank you for coming! If you join in later, feel free to introduce yourself when you arrive.
14:04:21 <jihpringle> #info jihpringle is Jennifer Pringle, BC Libraries Cooperative (Sitka)
14:05:03 <dluch> #topic Helpful Information: Documentation contributions and collaboration
14:05:08 <dluch> #info You can find the Documentation Needs List at https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=evergreen-docs:documentation_needs
14:05:17 <dluch> #info DIG Roles can be found at https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=evergreen-docs:digparticipants
14:05:29 <dluch> We are going to do a couple of quick business items, but let's try to get through them fairly quickly...
14:05:44 <dluch> #topic Business
14:05:54 <dluch> #info Update on Documentation server move
14:06:05 <dluch> gmcharlt: (or anyone) Where are we with this?
14:07:22 <dluch> Well, we'll just circle back around to this topic next month!
14:07:33 <dluch> #info Quick update on Antora progress
14:07:42 <dluch> remingtron and bmagic: Where are we with Antora nav progress?
14:08:13 <remingtron> dluch: let me check...
14:08:24 <Bmagic> It's not "done" but remingtron has gone through several of the "modules"
14:08:41 <Bmagic> has it been a month already?
14:08:50 <remingtron> Bmagic: my thoughts exactly
14:08:52 <dluch> It has, lol!
14:09:27 <dluch> How about we come back to this in more detail for the March meeting?
14:09:28 <remingtron> We still need to figure out how to do the topic manuals in Antora
14:09:35 <remingtron> dluch: sounds good
14:09:50 <dluch> Great.  Thanks for all your work on this!
14:09:56 <dluch> remingtron++
14:10:00 <dluch> bmagic++
14:10:08 <dluch> #info We will catch up on other action items at business at the March meeting
14:10:22 <dluch> #info Anythihng else pressing?
14:10:33 <sandbergja> I am wondering about if we can get antora into 3.5
14:10:34 <Bmagic> sandbergja: any feedback from your folks? I seem to remember you were asking people
14:10:57 <Bmagic> I see the feedback on the LP bug
14:11:03 <sandbergja> Bmagic: they liked it!  The main feedback was about the navs
14:11:03 <Bmagic> bug 1848524
14:11:05 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1848524 in Evergreen "wishlist: Antora-ize docs " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1848524
14:11:15 <remingtron> sandbergja: we'll need a new docs server from gmcharlt before we can publish them
14:12:04 <dluch> sandbergja: thanks for getting the feedback from your folks!
14:12:12 <sandbergja> I am worried about us having to maintain both the Antora branch and the main repo for too long
14:12:21 <Bmagic> sandbergja++ # fur sur
14:12:26 <sandbergja> I suspect that we will end up with content missing from both
14:12:30 <remingtron> sandbergja: that's a good concern
14:12:32 <dluch> sandbergja++ and sandbergja's people++
14:12:50 <sandbergja> We could probably host antora on docs-testing for a while
14:12:59 <sandbergja> ??
14:13:06 <Bmagic> works for me
14:13:10 <remingtron> sounds ok
14:13:25 <dluch> That sounds good.
14:13:34 <dluch> What's necessary for that?
14:13:59 <sandbergja> dluch: great question!
14:14:54 <sandbergja> I can explore that as my project for the rest of the meeting. :-)
14:14:54 <sandbergja> especially if remingtron and Bmagic are around to bounce questions off of
14:14:54 <sandbergja> :-)
14:15:07 <dluch> sandbergja++
14:15:30 <Bmagic> :)
14:15:36 <dluch> Should we also add an action item for next time or no?
14:15:40 <remingtron> sandbergja: I'll be around, though Bmagic has handled all the install stuff so far
14:15:48 <sandbergja> yay!
14:16:15 <sandbergja> Hmmmm... I remember the cutoff for 3.5 features being before the next DIG meeting
14:16:35 <dluch> Oh, that's probably true
14:16:46 <Bmagic> awwww, no 3.5 then?
14:16:50 <Bmagic> maybe if we begged
14:17:15 <dluch> Well, work on it may have to be done in between meetings
14:17:18 <Bmagic> I'm not sure it needs to be included in the release in order to put it up
14:17:47 <Bmagic> Taking advantage of the "versioning" in antora would be nice though
14:18:11 <dluch> Feb. 26 was what berick said was feature freeze
14:18:59 <dluch> Well, let's see what sandbergja figures out today, then go from there
14:19:01 <Bmagic> with that date in mind - what if we all set aside some time on our calendars to meet up and finish it up...
14:19:14 <sandbergja> What needs to be finished at this point?
14:19:32 <Bmagic> are all of the sections done?
14:19:41 <sandbergja> And does it seem like we have enough consensus that antora is a direction that we want to move to?
14:21:49 <Bmagic> sandbergja: that was the impression I got at the hack-a-way
14:21:50 <dluch> I believe so.  When we have talked about it at previous meetings, everyone seems pretty happy with it, other than some of the nav stuff
14:22:21 <Bmagic> but that said - I think we can drop it. LOL
14:22:48 <dluch> Okay, lol.  moving on... (and you can keep talking about it in collaboration time, if you want)
14:22:55 <dluch> Today's meeting is mainly for collaboration time, so let's move on to that!
14:23:03 <dluch> #topic Collaboration time
14:23:09 <dluch> What is everyone planning to work on today?  Please let us know here, and feel free to talk and work with each other.  If you'd like extra accountability, I can make an action item to show up in the minutes, but it's not necessary.
14:24:51 <Bmagic> remingtron sandbergja dluch - These modules have been touched: opac, development, admin_initial_setup, cataloging, shared, acquisitions
14:25:43 <remingtron> the remaining modules should be easy
14:25:48 <dluch> bmagic: thanks.  And what's still left?
14:25:52 <remingtron> I tried to tackle the harder more complex ones
14:25:58 <dluch> remingtron++
14:26:08 <Bmagic> which leaves admin/ api/ appendix/ installation/ local_admin/ reports/ serials/ using_staff_client/ sys_admin/
14:26:22 <Bmagic> I think*
14:28:18 <remingtron> I think local_admin and sys_admin are both empty
14:28:26 <remingtron> just placeholders for the nav files
14:30:54 <Bmagic> that's good
14:31:25 <Bmagic> I'll nab reports
14:32:58 <dluch> Unrelated to all that, but just as an fyi (and for accountability)... I've had a bunch of balls in the air, so haven't done much documenting, but I should have a little more time soon.  So I will look over our needs list and pick at least two things to do before the next meeting.
14:36:40 <Bmagic> oh and circulation still needs done
14:44:31 <Bmagic> remingtron: did you deal with "indexterm:[bla bla bla]" - whilst reviewing?
14:45:00 <remingtron> Bmagic: hm, doesn't sounds familiar
14:45:23 <Bmagic> Not sure - leave it?
14:46:37 <remingtron> I think that's real AsciiDoc, so I'd vote leave it, unless it causes a problem
14:46:42 * rfrasur_ is "listening and learning", btw.
14:47:05 * Bmagic loves rfrasur_
14:47:28 * rfrasur_ also loves Bmagic
14:50:32 <dluch> rfrasur++
14:59:07 <dluch> We are at time.  Thanks for all the great work, everyone!  Feel free to keep going after the meeting!
14:59:23 <dluch> The next meeting will be March 5. Same time, same place. Regular business meeting first then collaboration time (if there's time).
14:59:36 <dluch> Please continue using the email list for questions and other things that come up in between meetings.
14:59:52 <dluch> And/or Launchpad
15:00:06 <dluch> Thanks for coming!
15:00:14 <dluch> #endmeeting