14:00:27 <agoben> #startmeeting EOB/Evergreen Project Board meeting for 2020-02-20, agenda:https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:minutes:2020-02-20
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14:00:34 <agoben> #topic Roll Call
14:00:34 <agoben> Use the #info command to provide name and affiliation
14:00:58 <JBoyer> #info JBoyer = Jason Boyer, EOLI
14:00:59 <agoben> #info agoben = Anna Goben, Evergreen Indiana
14:01:05 <tlittle> #info tlittle = Tiffany Little, PINES
14:01:06 <gmcharlt> #info gmcharlt = Galen Charlton, EOLI
14:01:33 <Cowens> #info Cowens = Chris Owens, COOL/BPL
14:01:33 <agoben> csharp reported he will be unable to attend.
14:01:44 <jvwoolf> #info jvwoolf = Jessica Woolford, Bibliomation
14:02:05 <nfBurton> #info nfBurton = Chris Burton, Niagara Falls Public Library
14:02:33 <agoben> I don't see Holly listed as online, so let's get things started.
14:02:33 <alynn26> #info alynn26 = Lynn Floyd, Evergreen Indiana
14:02:40 <agoben> #topic Approval of Minutes
14:02:46 <agoben> #info Minutes from 2020-01-16 meeting: https://evergreen-ils.org/meetings/evergreen/2020/evergreen.2020-01-16-14.00.log.html
14:02:50 <agoben> Corrections, updates, suggestions?
14:03:02 <nfBurton> Looking good
14:03:14 <tlittle> Looks good to me
14:03:27 <agoben> #startvote Accept minutes from 2020-01-16? yes, no
14:03:27 <pinesol> Begin voting on: Accept minutes from 2020-01-16? Valid vote options are yes, no.
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14:03:33 <agoben> #vote yes
14:03:36 <tlittle> #vote yes
14:03:37 <JBoyer> #vote yes
14:03:40 <jvwoolf> #vote yes
14:03:42 <gmcharlt> #vote yes
14:03:42 <Cowens> #vote yes
14:03:50 <nfBurton> #vote yes
14:03:56 <agoben> #endvote
14:03:56 <pinesol> Voted on "Accept minutes from 2020-01-16?" Results are
14:03:56 <pinesol> yes (7): nfBurton, JBoyer, jvwoolf, Cowens, tlittle, gmcharlt, agoben
14:04:05 <agoben> #topic Chair Report
14:04:22 <agoben> Nothing specific to report here.
14:04:26 <agoben> #topic Treasurer's Financial Report
14:05:16 <gmcharlt> #info Financial activity since prevous meeting has been centered on the 2020 conference as well as the venue contract review for the 2021 one
14:06:06 <gmcharlt> #info Next tasks includes preparing tax statements for TEP; I will be working on that, and will likely have the some questions, most likely for agoben
14:06:24 <agoben> ++
14:06:51 <gmcharlt> I also have an update re Conservancy doing collections on unpaid invoices which I'll share when we get to that point in the agenda
14:06:56 <agoben> ++
14:07:40 <agoben> That everything for the Financial report then?
14:07:56 <gmcharlt> yep
14:08:01 <agoben> #topic SFC Updates
14:08:14 <agoben> gmcharlt, the floor is yours again.
14:08:19 <gmcharlt> whee
14:08:51 <gmcharlt> so, here's the summary from Bradley Kuhn.. they are making collection attempts to satsify their auditors
14:09:08 <gmcharlt> and are doing it as they would with their other projects
14:10:00 <gmcharlt> they would be amenable to declaring the unpaid invoices as bad debt... but not until we have 501(c)3 status and (presumably as a board action) are ourselves willing to do so
14:10:14 <agoben> Does that mean they will or will not be sharing a list of who they're contacting?
14:10:19 <Cowens> Do we have any idea of the scope of the collections that pertain to Evergreen?
14:10:25 <gmcharlt> if there ends up being a specific case where there's a problem, we can reach out to Karen
14:10:31 <agoben> I'd also like to know how much "bad debt" we're talking about.
14:10:50 <gmcharlt> one moment, I can generate that
14:11:18 <agoben> Rather not write off $10K, but $1K might be worth it shortly to preserve vendor/community relations given the timeframes in question.
14:11:30 <tlittle> Agreed
14:11:33 <nfBurton> agreed
14:13:21 <pastebot> "gmcharlt" at pasted "unpaid invoices" (26 lines) at http://paste.evergreen-ils.org/10129
14:14:06 <rfrasur> Ugh.  Right in the middle Anna
14:14:13 <agoben> Hmmm, that's higher than I'd like
14:14:56 <gmcharlt> hmm, the $4,150 one is likely a misunderstanding one way or another
14:15:06 <agoben> That's the balance, isn't it?
14:15:14 <gmcharlt> (2018 sponsorship from MOBIUS)
14:15:15 <Cowens> Pleading ignorance, are we sure these are legitimate from 4+ years ago?
14:15:22 <rfrasur> Oh, I thought that was the balance
14:15:34 <gmcharlt> well, lemme double check
14:15:43 <agoben> Ah, so the large one is probably on file with us, just not with SFC.
14:15:46 <agoben> whoops
14:16:18 <gmcharlt> Cowens: I'm sure they're legitimate as good faith invoices
14:16:40 <gmcharlt> but obviously I can't speak to any cases where something literally got lost in the mail or the like four years ago :/
14:17:09 <Cowens> Yeah, it just seems odd for invoices to go unpaid for that long.
14:17:14 <agoben> Ok, we know where we are then.
14:17:47 <agoben> Since we can't take any action on the debt immediately, are there any we want to follow up with SFC on now for discussions?
14:17:55 <terranm> I'm dubious that organizations like Stat and Sage didn't pay
14:18:20 <gmcharlt> I can follow up with MOBIUS, as I'm sure that's just as case of something getting on the wrong set of books
14:18:25 <gmcharlt> *a case
14:18:29 <JBoyer> Yeah, if those amounts don't come in around conference time people notice.
14:19:20 <agoben> Which suggests they are chasing paperwork to verify for now.
14:19:42 <gmcharlt> yeah
14:19:46 <agoben> Do we want to request kid gloves for anyone or let them do their thing until we get our paperwork here?
14:20:38 <gmcharlt> none of them jump out to me as an emergency
14:20:42 <agoben> I don't imagine they have a lot of flexibility with an active audit, but...
14:21:26 <agoben> ++  Ok, with that roughly settled, we'll plan to keep an eye on things and make decisions as soon as we can later this year.
14:21:32 <agoben> Any update on the grant report?
14:22:37 <gmcharlt> unfortunately not yet, but I'm still poking at it
14:22:53 <agoben> ++  Let us know if you need anything from any of us!
14:23:01 <agoben> #topic Release Manager Update
14:23:20 <agoben> I know csharp is out.  gmcharlt or berick have anything they want to mention?
14:23:43 <agoben> Also many celebrations of the awesome work being done during this week's feedback fest!
14:23:56 <agoben> Kudos to everyone involved!
14:24:01 <jvwoolf> terrannm++
14:24:01 <JBoyer> feedback++
14:24:11 <JBoyer> terranm++
14:24:18 * berick is in a meeting :(
14:24:20 <agoben> terranm++
14:24:22 <berick> feedback++
14:24:28 <gmcharlt> the main update I have for 3.4.x is mentioning bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1858448
14:24:29 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1858448 in Evergreen 3.4 "Aged Payment (and Billing) Table Breaks Cash Report and Removes Relevant Payment Tracking Abilities" [High,Confirmed]
14:24:29 <tlittle> terranm++
14:24:49 <nfBurton> I'm about to make my first contribution!
14:24:50 <gmcharlt> which is a signfiicant one for anybody contemplating upgrading to 3.4 who also uses circulation aging
14:24:52 <gmcharlt> nfBurton+
14:24:54 <gmcharlt> nfBurton++
14:24:59 <agoben> Ooo, that's a big one.  Is there a fix on the way?
14:25:14 <tlittle> nfBurton++
14:25:33 <jvwoolf> nfBurton++
14:25:35 <JBoyer> nfBurton++
14:25:48 <nfBurton> :D
14:26:47 <terranm> nfBurton++
14:27:00 <agoben> Looks like a lot of active stuff still going on with that bug.
14:27:05 <gmcharlt> agoben: yeah, I think between berick and Dyrcona and others that there will be a resolution soonish
14:27:33 <Dyrcona> jamundson of CW MARS is looking at it as we type.
14:27:34 <agoben> But very excited to see all the other patches going in this week.  My subscription list is going to be significantly shrunk.
14:28:12 <JBoyer> jamundson++
14:28:20 <agoben> Thanks again to everyone working on things!
14:28:32 <agoben> Anything else on the dev front to chat about today?
14:29:12 <agoben> #topic 2020 Conference Committee
14:29:22 <agoben> tlittle? or terranm?
14:29:51 <tlittle> terranm has got it :)
14:29:59 <terranm> Everything is on schedule. We're up to 107 full conference & 58 preconference registrants. Hopefully we'll get more.
14:30:27 <terranm> The one problem is that we don't have as many sponsors as we expected. If more don't come through, we'll have to make some cuts to meals.
14:31:00 <terranm> Changing from a full breakfast to continental is the most obvious place to make a significant cost cut.
14:31:34 <terranm> We're low on room bookings, too. Hopefully those will go up the closer we get, but we may lose some of our discounts if we don't meet our minimum.
14:31:58 <agoben> Well, I'm still waiting on my approval to register and get a room, so there's at least 1 more coming!
14:32:09 <terranm> But, the conference schedule looks really good - lots of new topics!
14:32:09 <alynn26> i am too.
14:32:15 <agoben> What is our target registration?
14:32:30 <terranm> For rooms or attendees?
14:32:36 <nfBurton> What if we got a room thats not in our block
14:32:39 <agoben> Both, I guess
14:32:50 <terranm> If it's not in the EIC block, it doesn't count towards our minimums.
14:33:09 <terranm> We had targeted about 170 attendees.
14:33:32 <agoben> mk
14:33:35 <terranm> I don't recall the number of rooms, but I think I calculated we'd need about 35 more people getting 3 nights
14:33:43 <nfBurton> That's rough. I got 3 single rooms instead of the double beds
14:34:07 <nfBurton> My apologies. Didn't realize it affects our numbers
14:34:29 <terranm> We might be closer on rooms now, the most recent number I have is from early last week.
14:34:49 <terranm> Any other questions?
14:34:57 <agoben> Appreciate the all of the committee's hard work on this!  I know you're also putting in the fretting time so the rest of us don't have to!
14:35:03 <terranm> :)
14:35:07 <terranm> fretting--
14:35:17 <agoben> agreed.
14:35:34 <nfBurton> terranm++
14:36:18 <agoben> terranm++
14:36:25 <agoben> #topic 2021 Site Selection
14:36:34 <agoben> #info The MOBIUS proposal was approved, with concerns about the timeline.  Many thanks to all three committees that reviewed and worked on getting the proposal dealt with.
14:37:30 <agoben> Any questions about that today?
14:38:07 <agoben> #topic Outreach Committee
14:38:14 <agoben> rhamby_?  You around?
14:38:15 <rhamby_> meeting notes are available as usual on the wiki for outreach, we are looking at doing a collaboration with LITA, details still to be determined, work on the summer ALA session has started and I will be sending out the first "beta" version of the annual report later today for people to start editorial reviews on, that's all for outreach
14:38:21 <rhamby_> I am :)
14:38:35 <agoben> Sounds terrific!
14:38:39 <agoben> Thanks!
14:38:56 <agoben> Now for the big one:
14:38:57 <agoben> #topic Unfinished Business: NPF Status - 1023 - Final draft approval
14:40:06 <agoben> The final draft is in the board's drive folder; I originally posted it the day after our last meeting.  I didnt' get any feedback on it from anyone on the committee so far.  I'd like to get it submitted tomorrow.
14:40:57 <agoben> Anyone looked over it since our last meeting and had anything to update?
14:41:27 <gmcharlt> I have no further updatese
14:41:55 <tlittle> Same here.
14:42:01 <nfBurton> N, it looks good to me
14:42:10 <agoben> Anyone willing to make a motion to go ahead with submission?
14:43:05 <tlittle> I'll make a motion to submit the 1023.
14:43:12 <nfBurton> I'll second
14:43:28 <agoben> Any further discussion?
14:45:02 <agoben> #startvote Submit the current version of the 1023 to the IRS for review? yes, no, abstain
14:45:02 <pinesol> Begin voting on: Submit the current version of the 1023 to the IRS for review? Valid vote options are yes, no, abstain.
14:45:02 <pinesol> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
14:45:10 <nfBurton> #vote yes
14:45:11 <agoben> #vote yes
14:45:12 <JBoyer> #vote yes
14:45:12 <jvwoolf> #vote yes
14:45:14 <tlittle> #vote yes
14:45:15 <gmcharlt> #vote yes
14:45:54 <Cowens> #vote yes
14:46:02 <agoben> #endvote
14:46:02 <pinesol> Voted on "Submit the current version of the 1023 to the IRS for review?" Results are
14:46:02 <pinesol> yes (7): nfBurton, JBoyer, jvwoolf, Cowens, tlittle, gmcharlt, agoben
14:46:13 <rfrasur> HUZZAH!!!!
14:46:38 <agoben> Awesome.  I'm looking forward to getting follow-up questions, which sounds strange, but hopefully means we're that much closer to the end
14:46:53 <jvwoolf> It's been a long road
14:47:25 <agoben> #info agoben will coordinate with gmcharlt to electronically submit our 1023 application tomorrow (2020-02-21).
14:47:29 <agoben> #topic Unfinished Business: 2020 Election
14:47:33 <agoben> jvwoolf?
14:47:36 <terranm> Woooo!!!!
14:48:11 <jvwoolf> We have two nominees, both are active community members who I'm sure would make excellent board members
14:48:27 <agoben> We need at least one more, right?
14:48:43 <jvwoolf> Well, there are two slots
14:48:44 <agoben> Or am I thinking about the wrong cycle?
14:49:11 <agoben> Ah, ok.  That's good.  I forget which year is the 2-fer vs 4-fer
14:49:47 <jvwoolf> But that was going to be my question - do we still continue with the rest of the election process?
14:50:11 <agoben> I believe they must be voted on under the bylaws.  I didn't think the positions are appointed.
14:50:27 <jvwoolf> OK, I thought that might be the case.
14:51:15 <jvwoolf> I'm a little behind where I wanted to be, but will send an announcement to the list and start the voter registration process tomorrow.
14:51:15 <agoben> Yup, 2.4.e
14:51:27 <agoben> ++
14:51:34 <agoben> Thanks again for taking the lead on this!
14:51:40 <agoben> jvwoolf++
14:51:43 <tlittle> jvwoolf++
14:52:24 <agoben> #topic New Business
14:52:32 <agoben> Anyone have any new business?
14:53:00 <nfBurton> None here
14:53:05 <JBoyer> No
14:53:07 <gmcharlt> none from me
14:53:11 <tlittle> None here
14:53:18 <agoben> I was thinking we'd plan on starting to define a policy for request/review submissions to the committee at conference this year, since that will probably be easiest to start in person.
14:53:46 <tlittle> I think that sounds good.
14:53:52 <nfBurton> Agreed
14:53:57 <jvwoolf> +1
14:54:09 <JBoyer> +1
14:54:12 <Cowens> +1
14:54:14 <agoben> That has come out of discussions from a couple of recent board reviews, but I don't think it's super critical to get that started at the momemnt.
14:54:27 <agoben> I'll plan to put it on the agenda for our meeting then!
14:54:31 <nfBurton> Only 2 months away anyways
14:54:34 <agoben> Yup
14:54:41 <rfrasur> (that's crazy)
14:54:46 <nfBurton> yupp
14:55:00 <nfBurton> I'm staying south for another week too. Much excites
14:55:04 <agoben> :)
14:55:06 <agoben> #topic Next meeting
14:55:06 <agoben> #info Our next meeting will be on March 19, 2020.
14:55:21 <jvwoolf> jvwoolf is bringing hubby and baby
14:55:23 <agoben> So we do have one more before the conference, but I imagine it'll be short work.
14:55:32 <nfBurton> agoben++
14:55:36 <JBoyer> agoben++
14:55:37 <jvwoolf> agoben++
14:55:40 <gmcharlt> agoben++
14:55:49 <tlittle> agoben++
14:55:57 <Cowens> agoben++
14:56:09 <alynn26> agoben++
14:56:18 <agoben> Thank you all!
14:56:19 <agoben> #endmeeting