Daily Archives: 5/19/2023

If This Then That: Action Triggers Are More Than Just Notices

This program explores the capabilities of Evergreen’s Action Triggers. We’ll look at all the components that make Action Triggers work, where they live in the database and ways to customize existing triggers and add new ones. We’ll start with a simple customization to a basic notification trigger, and look at […]

Evergreen 3.11-beta Released

The Evergreen Community is pleased to announce the beta release for Evergreen 3.11. This beta release marks one more step towards the release of 3.11.0, a major release with numerous new features. Everyone is encouraged to test this beta and report any issues on the Launchpad bug tracker so that […]

Evergreen Security releases: 3.8.4, 3.9.3, and 3.10.2

The Evergreen Community announces the release of Evergreen 3.8.4, 3.9.3, and 3.10.2. These releases are available from the downloads page. These releases include various bugfixes as well as fixes for three security issues. One security fix is for an SQL injection, one guards against malicious catalog search queries resulting in […]