1. Evergreen 3.9.1

This release contains bug fixes improving on Evergreen 3.9.0.

1.1. Upgrade notes

  • Bug 18980409 introduces a new library setting - "Require call number labels in Copy Editor"

  • Bug 1771636 introduces a workstation setting to show full library name in addition to library shortname

1.2. Bug Fixes

1.2.1. Administration

  • Fixes a memory leak when performing fleshed Fieldmapper search (Bug 1974195)

  • No Holdings View Loaded For the Pre-cat Bib (Bug 1976557)

  • Permission Groups editor now indicates when a permission overrides a parent permission (Bug 1891375)

  • Adds sorting and filtering to the Circ Limit Sets interface (Bug 1945385)

  • Blocks deletion of Shelving Locations that have items attached (Bug 1910546)

  • Adds banner to Staff Portal Page (Bug 1974101)

  • Fixes a display issue with Simple Reporter Field Groups (Bug 1978567)

  • Fixes locale lookup in A/T event processing (Bug 1986479)

  • Removes unvalid Z39.50 search attribute from LOC (Bug 1501870)

1.2.2. Catalog

  • Adds independent Org Unit Admin Scrolling for separate navigation of org unit tree and configuration form (Bug 1884950)

1.2.3. Cataloging

  • Reduce parallel requests initiated by AngularJS holdings editor (Bug 1930617)

  • Angular editor is now used when accessed from item status and item buckets (Bug 1956619)

  • Holdings editor now enforcing required stat cats (Bug 1965448)

  • Fixes an issue where creating new copy alerts / notes and item tags failed for brand new copies (Bug 1959716)

  • Fixes several bugs that prevent item notes from being correctly deleted by the Angular item attributes editor (Bug 1955065)

  • Fixes a regression that required a call number label in order to save an item. A new library setting determines whether call number labels are required or not. (Bug 18980409)

  • Fixes issue preventing creation of item alerts / notes and management of existing copies in the copy editor (Bug 1959716)

  • Fixes several bugs that prevented item tags from being correctly deleted by the Angular item attributes editor (Bug 1981095)

  • Fixes an issue where item alerts contained within copy templates failed to apply when using the new Angular holdings editor. (Bug 1956790)

  • Improves the saving of holdings templates in the Angular holdings editor. (Bug 1957179)

  • Fixes an issue where shelving locations for ancestor org units weren’t included in the shelving location drop down menu in the holdings editor. (Bug 1976002)

  • Adds the full organizational unit path to the Copy Location Selector (Bug 1955627)

  • Fixes an issue where item alert types did not display in the item attributes editor (Bug 1978889)

  • Fixes an issue where creating item alerts would fail in the Angular item attributes editor (Bug 1956986)

1.2.4. Circulation

  • Fixes an issue where item alerts prevented hold capture when Hold Capture Delay Verification was used (Bug 1735221)

  • Performance fix to add request serialization to Edit Due Date in Items Out tab (Bug 1932203)

  • Fixes Holds Pull List to show Library Shortnames instead of Library IDs in Requesting Library and Selecting Library columns (Bug 1978839)

  • On the Holds Shelf the “User Display Name” and “User Alias or Display Name” fields will now use the preferred name if present. (Bug 1838553)

  • Adds manual refresh for patron penalties (Bug 1823225)

  • Adds a missing patron-visibility flag to messages created for the patron message center by notification action triggers (Bug 1958573)

  • Fixes a typo on the Holds Details screen of View Holds (Bug 1979099)

  • Fixes issues with printing from Angular. The option to print landscape is restored and the size of the text is no longer scaled down. This affected printing of the Holds Pull List. (Bug 1986725)

  • Fixes the patron print bills page label from select "items" to select "copies (Bug 1980692)

1.2.5. Client

  • Fixes an issue where Angular comboboxes would attempt to fetch all rows from a linked table (Bug 1851884)

  • Adds a workstation setting to show full library name in addition to library shortname (Bug 1771636)

  • Fixes an issue with SSO Shibboleth logout and re-login. (Bug 1989209)

  • Fixes an issue where the shelving location selector didn’t work in several interfaces including adding course materials, circulation limit sets, and distribution formulas in acquisitions. (Bug 1980887)

  • Fixes issue with inactive button pointer (LP 1953381)

1.2.6. Course Materials

  • Adds a user visible warning when deleting a Term linked to Courses (Bug 1942647)

  • Fixes an issue where the carriage return activated the Add Materials and Add User buttons (Bug 1930896)

  • Fixes a display issue where the updated call number is not reflected in the grid when adding materials to courses. (Bug 1907974)

  • Fixes an issue with archiving Courses (Bug 1939994)

  • Items removed from a Course will now revert to their original call number owning library (Bug 1939730)

  • Now alerts when attempting to associate materials from a library different from the course’s library (Bug 1913604)

  • Fix issue where archiving a course removed materials from other courses (Bug 1993922)

1.2.7. Documentation

  • Updates to Carousels documentation (Bug 1901895)

  • Adds Staff Portal Page documentation

  • Adds Cover Image Upload documentation

  • Adds Alternate Notice Templates documentation

  • Updates to Holds Management documentation

  • Updates to Authorities documentation

  • Adds Group Penalty Thresholds documentation

  • Updates to Carousels documentation

  • Updates to My Account documentation

  • Adds Global Flags documentation

1.2.8. OPAC

  • Fixes formatting in Current Holds Group table in MyAccount (Bootstrap OPAC) (Bug 1950345)

  • Fixes formatting in Holds Groups Table in MyAccount (TPAC) (Bug 1950514)

  • If DOB is marked required, blocks self-registration form from submitting with a blank DOB (Bug 1950166)

  • Fixes an issue where DOB field would auto populate with the current date (Bug 1951642)

  • Adds a missing patron-visibility flag to messages created for the patron message center by notification action triggers (Bug 1958573)

  • Fixes an issue where payments made in the OPAC via Stripe were not credited in Evergreen for circulation bills as well as making minor display tweaks to Bootstrap. (Bug 1981628)

  • Fixes an issue where payments made in the OPAC via Stripe were not credited in Evergreen when patrons had negative bills (Bug 196557)

  • Fixes an issue in Bootstrap where list titles and descriptions couldn’t be edited. (Bug 1909583)

  • Restores the ability to update existing holds if a patron changes certain notification preferences or contact information. Evergreen will detect these changes and ask ther patron if they want to update existing holds with the new contact information and/or notification preferences. (Bug 1902272)

  • Lengthy titles in OPAC CArousels are now truncated in display (Bug 1979080)

  • Fixes cover alignment issue in OPAC search results (Bug 1920268)

  • Fixes inconsistent wording in My Account pages (Bug 1983129)

  • Other Formats and Editions now displays more prominently in Bootstrap. (Bug 1903767)

  • Fixes an issue in Bootstrap where the headers in advanced search couldn’t be translated. (Bug 1991395)

  • Fixes formatting in Booking Reservations page in the Bootstrap OPAC (Bug 1980297)

  • Fix Add to Bucket (from Basket) action in the Bootstrap OPAC (Bug 1898775)

1.2.9. Miscellaneous

  • Adds ng lint to github actions (Bug 1978049)

  • Cleans up Build Docs artifacts in github actions (Bug 1991444)

  • Fix issue exporting strings from the Angular client for translation (Bug 1993534)

  • Fix issue where Did You Mean was breaking parallel reingest and record overlay (Bug 1931737)

  • Fix applying Czech translation to the Angular staff client (Bug 1982887)

1.3. Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the following individuals who contributed code, testing, and documentation to the 3.9.1 point release of Evergreen:

  • John Amundson

  • Jason Boyer

  • Dan Briem

  • Eva Cerninakova

  • Galen Charlton

  • Garry Collum

  • Dawn Dale

  • Jeff Davis

  • Ryan Eby

  • Jason Etheridge

  • Bill Erickson

  • Elaine Hardy

  • Kyle Huckins

  • Stephanie Leary

  • Shula Link

  • Tiffany Little

  • Mary Llewellyn

  • Terran McCanna

  • Gina Monti

  • Christine Morgan

  • Michele Morgan

  • Andrea Buntz Neiman

  • New Developers Working Group

  • Jennifer Pringle

  • Erica Rohlfs

  • Mike Rylander

  • Jane Sandberg

  • Chris Sharp

  • Jason Stephenson

  • Jennifer Weston

  • Beth Willis

  • Carol Witt

2. Evergreen 3.9.0

2.1. Upgrade notes

2.1.1. New Permissions




2.1.2. New Library Settings

  • Custom jQuery for the OPAC

2.2. New Features

2.2.1. Administration

Localized Templates Available for Action Triggers

This feature supplies the ability to create alternate templates for Action Triggers that will generate locale specific out for Action Triggers. If you send notices in multiple languages, we recommend putting some words to that effect in your notice templates. The template, message and message title can all be localized. To use the feature the following new UI elements have been added:

  • When you double-click on an Event Definition under Notifications / Action Triggers to edit it there will be a tab option for Edit Alternate Template if the reactor is ProcessTemplate, SendEmail or SendSMS.

  • In the Patron Registration and Patron Editor screens staff members may now select a locale for a patron and edit it in the Patron Preferred Language field.

  • Patrons may set their own locale in the My Account interface off the OPAC by going to Preferences → Personal Information and setting the Preferred Language field.

The templates used on the Edit Definition tab are the defaults that are used if there are no alternate templates available that match the preferred language. If alternate templates are available the system will use a locale that is an exact match and then if failing that use one where the language code matches and then fall back to the default one.

For example, if a patron has a locale of fr-CA and there are templates for both fr-CA and fr-FR it will use the fr-CA. If the fr-CA template was deleted it would fall back on using the fr-FR for the patron since it at least shares the same base language.

Valid locales are the codes defined in the i18n_locale table in the config schema.

Staged Search Tables and Functions Removed from Database

This release removes the asset.opac_visible_copies materialized view and search.query_parser_fts function from the Evergreen database. They have been obsolete since staged search was eliminated in Evergreen 3.0. Any custom code that relies on them should be updated accordingly.

2.2.2. API

array_accum Aggregate Removed

The custom array_accum aggregate function has been removed from the PostgreSQL database because it will need to be dropped and recreated with a different definition when upgrading to PostgreSQL version 14 or later. Its functionality is also redundant with PostgreSQL’s own array_agg function.

Sites that have custom code using Evergreen’s array_accum function should alter their code to use array_agg instead.

Removal of OpenILS::Utils::ISBN

Evergreen used to include a perl module called OpenILS::Utils::ISBN. This module provided a single subroutine, isbn_upconvert, which wrapped some behavior from the Business::ISBN module. The module is no longer used in Evergreen code. Any custom code that used it should be migrated to use Business::ISBN directly.

2.2.3. Cataloging

Custom Cover Image Uploader

If configured for a given Evergreen instance, staff with the UPLOAD_COVER_IMAGE permission may upload a custom jacket/cover image for a given bibliographic record for display in the staff client and OPAC. This is done through the Other Actions → Upload Cover Image command from the record details page in the staff interface.

====== Note for system administrators ======

The following stanza needs to be added to eg_vhost.conf:

<Location /jacket-upload>
    SetHandler perl-script
    PerlHandler OpenILS::WWW::Vandelay::spool_jacket
    Options +ExecCGI
    Require all granted

and this to the open-ils.vandelay → app_settings → databases section of opensrf.xml:


with the path appropriately adjusted for your installation. The Apache process will need write permissions for that directory.

Additionally, the following directories need to exist and be writable by the Apache process:

/openils/var/web/opac/extras/ac/jacket/large/r /openils/var/web/opac/extras/ac/jacket/medium/r /openils/var/web/opac/extras/ac/jacket/small/r

2.2.4. Circulation

Copy Inventory Date Improvements

This release fixes two bugs with copy inventory dates:

In addition to fixing the above bugs, improvements are made to the implementation of the latest copy inventory feature so that it may be further expanded in the future.

====== Technical Details for Developers and System Administrators ======

The following changes are made to the database, back end, and staff client user interface code:

  • The data moves to a new table in the database, asset.copy_inventory.

  • The new data table is accessible via a new Fieldmapper object, aci.

  • The new data table has appropriate foreign keys and triggers to ensure data integrity and prevent duplicate entries.

  • The old data table, asset.latest_inventory, is now a view on the new table.

  • The Fieldmapper object alci is now read-only.

  • The open-ils.circ.circulation.update_copy_inventory method replaces the open-ils.circ.circulation.update_latest_inventory method.

  • The open-ils.circ.circulation.update_copy_inventory method inserts into the asset.copy_inventory table.

  • The open-ils.circ.circulation.update_latest_inventory method is removed.

  • The Item Status screen now uses open-ils.circ.circulation.update_copy_inventory to update a copy’s inventory date.

  • The staff client Item Status screen now toasts success or failure as appropriate. It previously only toasted success.

  • ngToast has also been added for a single record view in the Item Status screen. This means that toasts can be added for other events.

  • The circulation back end code inserts into the asset.copy_inventory table when the do inventory modifier is used at check in.

  • An asset.copy_inventory entry is only added if the copy is at its "home," or owning, library or if the copy can float to the library where the inventory is being updated.

  • A Perl live test is added to verify back end functionality.

  • Pgtap tests are added to verify the schema and to verify database functionality.

The following items remain unchanged:

  • The staff interface to add/update copy inventory dates remains the same:

    • the Update Inventory option on the Checkin Modifiers menu

    • the Update Inventory command on the Item Status Actions menu.

  • The staff client’s Circulation and Item Status screens display data from the alci view object.

  • The alci object looks the same, so reports based on it should still work.

The motivation behind the changes beyond simply fixing the two bugs listed above is to allow for possible future expansion of the copy inventory feature. The new table makes it easier to add new fields and to track inventory updates of a given copy over time. While these changes do not constitute an inventory module, they should ease the implementation of such a module and assist in the preservation of the current data.

2.2.5. Client

Customizable Staff Portal

The staff portal / staff home page is now customizable. A new Local Administration interface, Staff Portal Page, allows staff users who have the new ADMIN_STAFF_PORTAL_PAGE permission to specify groups of Evergreen menu links, external links, catalog search widgets, and free text to display on the staff home page.

The portal customization is available only on the Angular version of the portal, so access to the AngularJS version is now redirected to the Angular one.

Different portal pages may be configured for different Organizational Units. The displayed portal page will depend on the staff user’s workstation. The Organizational Unit tree will be walked up starting from the workstation until one or more config.ui_staff_splash_page_entry rows are found for the Organizational Unit. The set of entries for that Organizational Unit will constitute the entire splash page entries to display, i.e., it won’t try to merge branch, system, and consortial-level entries.

The administration interface allows authorized to:

  • create, modify, or delete portal page entries

  • clone a library’s set of portal page entries to a different library

Portal page entries consist of the following fields:

  • Entry Label: free text that displays on the portal page

  • Entry Type: Catalog Search, Header, Link, Menu Item, or Text and/or HTML

  • Entry Target URL: target of Link or Menu Item entries

  • Entry Text: Free text and limited HTML to display for Text/HTML entry types. HTML is sanitized to allow only basic formatting and link elements.

  • Entry Image URL: for specifying an icon to display with the portral entry.

  • Owner: the Organization Unit that owns the entry.

  • Page Column and Column Position: these control the positioning of the entry. The portal is styled so that three columns are displayed by default, as with the legacy hard-coded portal, but if the user chooses to define more than three columns, columns after the third will stack vertically as additional rows.

====== Upgrade notes ======

This patch adds the following:

  • New database table config.ui_staff_splash_page_entry. This stories the entries to display on the portal.

  • New database table config.ui_staff_portal_page_entry_type. This is a lookup table for entry types.

  • New permission ADMIN_STAFF_PORTAL_PAGE. This is implicitly available to stock Local and Global Administrator permission groups via the EVERYTHING permission.

  • New grid setting for the administration interface.

Org Selector Now Supports Entry Styling

The Org Selector now supports the ability to pass in an object composed of an array of Org Unit IDs and a function returning a CSS key value pair.

2.2.6. OAI2

OAI-PMH Data Provider Support

Evergreen can now act as an OAI-PMH data provider, exposing the catalog to harvesting through the (OAI2 protocol).

Entry points

There are two: one for bibliographic records and one for authority records:


An example of a working URL on a system with an authority record with ID 1:

Setspec are not implemented

This is a work in progress and not enabled. The aim is to have the owning library determine the set hierarchy. The Concerto test database for example has a record with record ID #1. This record is so popular it has copies attached to library units "Example Branch 1", "Example Branch 2", "Example Branch 3", "Example Bookmobile 1" which is a child of Branch 3 and "Example Branch 4". This entire kinship is expressed as sets like so:


Likewise the setSpecs of authority records are derived from their browse axis ( Title, Author, Subject and Topic ).

Bibliographic mapping of assets to 852 subfields

Certain attributes asset are placed into 852 subfields so:

subfield code

asset resource













Thus the Concerto with record ID #1 will have it’s 852 subfields expressed as:

<marc:datafield ind1="4" ind2=" " tag="852">
    <marc:subfield code="a">Stacks</marc:subfield>
    <marc:subfield code="b">BR4</marc:subfield>
    <marc:subfield code="c">ML 60 R100</marc:subfield>
    <marc:subfield code="d">BR4</marc:subfield>
    <marc:subfield code="g">CONC70000435</marc:subfield>
    <marc:subfield code="n">Checked out</marc:subfield>

This mapping can be customized and extended with static subfields:

    <marc:subfield code="q">A constant value</marc:subfield>
Default configuration

See comments in opensrf.xml (in the open-ils.supercat app_settings/oai element) for default configuration and customization instructions.

Upgrade Instructions

OAI support is not turned on by default. To enable it, edit the Apache configuration file eg_vhost.conf to uncomment the following section and restart Apache:

#<Location /opac/extras/oai>
#    SetHandler perl-script
#    PerlHandler OpenILS::WWW::SuperCat::OAI
#    Options +ExecCGI
#    PerlSendHeader On
#    Require all granted

2.2.7. OPAC

jQuery OPAC Library Setting

A new setting entitled opac.patron.custom_jquery has been added to library settings. Using this does require that the ctx.want_jquery be uncommented and set to 1 (true) in the opac/parts/config.tt2 file. Using this setting will allow OPACs to run jQuery without customizing server side templates. For example adding the following:

$(document).ready(function(){ $("a:contains(Link 2)").text(Kafka); });

Will change the text of Link 2 in the link bar to say Kafka. See the Evergreen WIKI (https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/) for examples.

2.2.8. Reports

Simple Reports

This release includes a new Simple Reports reporting system focused on ease of use and simplicity that is available from the Administration menu of the staff client. Simple Reports can be restricted by staff permissions and access to the overall feature is granted through a new RUN_SIMPLE_REPORTS permission.

The Simple Reports interface is intended to provide an alternate access point for running reports in Evergreen and is not intended to replace the main Reports interface. In particular, users in need of complex reports should still make use of the main Reports interface.

To simplify report creation some fields are generated from multiple backend fields and other fields such as dates are repeated with multiple transforms pre-applied. Reports and schedules can be edited at any time as needed.

2.2.9. SIP

Adding Captured Hold Phone Notification Number to Checkin Response

Some third party systems can phone users when a SIP checkin captures an item they have on hold. Normally, to do this a patron information request is sent (message pair 63/64), but some systems will only look for it in the reply to the Checkin pair, 09/10. Because this is not a part of the SIP2 standard and exposes patron personal information when used indescriminately, it must be enabled by including the key <phone_ext_on_msg10 enabled="true" /> in the "institution" section of oils_sip.xml.

Upgrade Note

To use this feature, Evergreen administrators should upgrade to the latest version of SIPServer.

2.2.10. Miscellaneous

  • The patron record juvenile flag is now available to the checkout and items out print templates. (Bug 1830387)

  • The Notices / Action Triggers administration interface (under Local Administration) is ported to Angular. (Bug 1855780)

  • The Local Administration interface Shelving Location Order Editor is ported to Angular Bug 1846552)

  • Series Title is now a column option in the Holds Pull List (Bug 1863196)

  • Credit card payment approval code is now available to the Payment Receipt template (Bug 1865062)

  • There is a new widget to share a Carousel on an external site (Bug 1882982)

  • Item Status Circ History now includes original checkout workstation and staff (Bug 1919500)

  • The 520 Summary field is now more prominently displayed in the Bootstrap OPAC (Bug1930614)

  • It is now easier to customize the Boostrap OPAC topnav logo (Bug 1964963)

  • Improvements to Angular grid copy to clipboard dialog (Bug 1958581)

  • Patron Notes now include Creation Date/Time and default to sorting by most recent created note (Bug 1956970)

  • Due date field is now available under Show More Details in staff catalog search results (Bug 1955931)

  • Staff can add jQuery code in to a Library Setting to perform simple OPAC customizations (Bug 1849113)

  • Added API call to allow external carousel display (Bug 1951318)

3. Acknowledgments

The Evergreen project would like to acknowledge the following organizations that commissioned developments in this release of Evergreen:


  • Equinox Open Library Initiative

  • Evergreen Indiana

  • Linn-Benton Community College

  • Missouri Evergreen


  • Pioneer Library System

We would also like to thank the following individuals who contributed code, translations, documentations patches and tests to this release of Evergreen:

  • MaryAnn Alexander

  • Jason Boyer

  • Dan Briem

  • Steven Callender

  • Galen Charlton

  • Garry Collum

  • Jeff Davis

  • Bill Erickson

  • Jason Etheridge

  • Lynn Floyd

  • Rogan Hamby

  • Blake Graham Henderson

  • Kyle Huckins

  • Angela Kilsdonk

  • Shula Link

  • Tiffany Little

  • Llewellyn Marshall

  • Terran McCanna

  • Gina Monti

  • Michele Morgan

  • Andrea Buntz Neiman

  • Jennifer Pringle

  • Jane Sandberg

  • Chris Sharp

  • Jason Stephenson

  • Josh Stompro

  • Mike Risher

  • Mike Rylander

  • Remington Steed

  • Lucien van Wouw

  • Jennifer Weston

We also thank the following organizations whose employees contributed patches:

  • BC Libraries Coop

  • Bibliomation

  • Calvin College

  • Catalyte


  • Equinox Open Library Initiative

  • Georgia Public Library Service

  • Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library

  • Indiana State Library

  • International Institute of Social History

  • Kenton County Library

  • King County Library System

  • Lake Agassiz Regional Library

  • Linn Benton Communit College



  • Sigio

  • Sitka

  • Westchester Library System

We regret any omissions. If a contributor has been inadvertently missed, please open a bug at http://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/ with a correction.