Evergreen 2.10.4 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Evergreen 2.10.4, a bug fix release.

Evergreen 2.10.4 fixes the following issues:

  • Fixes the responsive view of the My Account Items Out screen so that Title and
    Author are now in separate columns.
  • Fixes an incorrect link for the MVF field definition and adds a new link to
    BRE in fm_IDL.xml.
  • Fixes a bug where the MARC stream authority cleanup deleted a bib
    record instead of an authority record from the authority queue.
  • Fixes a bug where Action Triggers could select an inactive event
    definition when running.
  • Eliminates the output of a null byte after a spool file is processed
    in MARC steam importer.
  • Fixes an issue where previously-checked-out items did not display in
    metarecord searches when the Tag Circulated Items Library Setting is
  • Fixes an issue in the 0951 upgrade script where the script was not
    inserting the version into config.upgrade_log because the line to do so
    was still commented out.

Please visit the downloads page to retrieve the server software and staff clients