14:00:15 <agoben> #startmeeting EOB/Evergreen Project Board meeting for 2019-11-21, agenda:https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=governance:minutes:2019-11-21
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14:00:24 <agoben> #topic Roll Call
14:00:24 <agoben> Use the #info command to provide name and affiliation
14:00:30 <agoben> #info agoben = Anna Goben, Evergreen Indiana
14:00:39 <JBoyer> #info JBoyer = Jason Boyer, EOLI
14:00:43 <tlittle> #info tlittle = Tiffany Little, PINES
14:00:48 <terranm> #info terranm, PINES
14:00:50 <jvwoolf1> #info jvwoolf = Jessica Woolford, Bibliomation
14:00:51 <csharp> #info csharp = Chris Sharp, PINES
14:00:57 <gmcharlt> #info Galen Charlton, EOLI
14:01:09 <cowens> #info Chris Owens, BPL
14:01:12 <nfBurton> #info Chris Burton, NFPL
14:01:16 <alynn26> #info alynn26 = Lynn Floyd, Evergreen Indiana
14:01:25 <agoben> Has anyone heard from Holly?
14:01:37 <JBoyer> No
14:01:57 <csharp> @seen hbrennan
14:01:57 <pinesol> csharp: hbrennan was last seen in #evergreen 22 weeks, 0 days, 0 hours, 11 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <hbrennan> agoben++
14:02:07 <agoben> We'll go ahead then
14:02:21 <agoben> #topic Approval of Minutes
14:02:21 <agoben> #info Minutes from 2019-10-21 meeting: https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=governance:evergreen_project_board_minutes_2019-10-21.pdf
14:02:21 <agoben> Corrections, updates, suggestions?
14:02:38 <csharp> yeah, these were manual, so please correct what I probably missed
14:02:49 <agoben> Special thanks for the extra work on those!
14:02:54 <agoben> csharp++
14:02:58 <nfBurton> Looks good to me
14:03:02 <csharp> always happy to help
14:03:08 <tlittle> csharp++
14:03:12 <tlittle> Looks good to me as well
14:03:26 <agoben> #startvote Accept minutes from 2019-10-21? yes, no
14:03:26 <pinesol> Begin voting on: Accept minutes from 2019-10-21? Valid vote options are yes, no.
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14:03:31 <agoben> #vote yes
14:03:34 <csharp> #vote yes
14:03:37 <tlittle> #vote yes
14:03:37 <gmcharlt> #vote yes
14:03:38 <JBoyer> #vote yes
14:03:39 <cowens> #vote yes
14:03:43 <nfBurton> #vote yes
14:03:52 <agoben> #endvote
14:03:52 <pinesol> Voted on "Accept minutes from 2019-10-21?" Results are
14:03:52 <pinesol> yes (7): nfBurton, JBoyer, agoben, cowens, tlittle, gmcharlt, csharp
14:04:28 <agoben> Whoops, sorry jvwoolf1!
14:04:53 <agoben> #topic Chair Report
14:04:53 <jvwoolf1> No worries! I concur!
14:05:01 <agoben> Spoke with the lawyer for 20 minutes this morning to get clarifications on where we are with him and the NFP process, a few clauses of the 1023, and next steps.  Nothing further to report here.
14:05:15 <agoben> #info agoben spoke with Project lawyer (Dilly) on 2019-11-21 regarding issues addressed later in meeting.
14:05:21 <agoben> #topic Treasurer's Financial Report
14:05:44 <gmcharlt> #info No substantial changes to to our accounts with SFC or Wells Fargo
14:06:11 <agoben> #topic SFC Updates
14:06:14 <gmcharlt> #info As Georgia BoR is handling registration for the 2020 conference, activity is expected to be light
14:06:24 <agoben> Sorry
14:06:25 <agoben> #topic Treasurer's Financial Report
14:06:52 <gmcharlt> and finally, it looks like I will need to resend the change to the articiles of incorporation
14:07:05 <gmcharlt> though this may overlap with what agoben discussed with Dilly today?
14:07:05 <agoben> Yeah, I have more on that later
14:07:17 <gmcharlt> great
14:07:32 <gmcharlt> #info gmcharlt is continuing work on a draft of a report to SFC for the grant
14:07:39 <agoben> gmcharlt++
14:08:15 <gmcharlt> and finally, as mentioned on the list and I believe is on the agenda, we should review and vote on the conference budget per the policy adopted at the previosu meeting
14:08:15 <agoben> #topic SFC Updates
14:08:16 <gmcharlt> fin
14:08:37 <agoben> I'll add that to the agenda at the end.
14:09:22 <agoben> Does anyone have anything on the SFC now that I've bobbled between topics again?
14:09:35 <agoben> Other than the grant write-up that is?
14:10:13 <agoben> Seems to be quiet.
14:10:28 <agoben> #topic Release Manager (3.4)
14:10:38 <agoben> Anything of note for us on 3.4, gmcharlt?
14:11:28 <gmcharlt> nothing of particular note beyond the 3.4.1 release, which fixes a couple important bugs in the .0
14:11:28 <nfBurton> Is SIP getting a patch before Hoopla makes their changes?
14:11:54 <gmcharlt> nfBurton: yes, a patch will be available mostly likely tomorrow
14:12:06 <nfBurton> Awesome
14:12:09 <agoben> How far back will that go?
14:12:18 <agoben> (version-wise)
14:12:29 <csharp> #info relevant bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1853363
14:12:30 <pinesol> Launchpad bug 1853363 in Evergreen "SIP2: add setting to specify overriding certain flag fields" [Wishlist,New]
14:12:33 <gmcharlt> (though there is a decent case to be made for accepting the additinoal chdecks that Hoopla is implementing, though that's also a matter of library policy)
14:13:11 <gmcharlt> agoben: the patch should work in all community-supported versions
14:13:16 <agoben> ++
14:13:18 <agoben> Thanks1
14:13:20 <nfBurton> I do like it better being conditional instead of a full block
14:13:29 <gmcharlt> (and likely earlier versions than that)
14:13:50 <agoben> #topic Release Manager (3.5)
14:13:58 <agoben> csharp, anything you wanted to share?
14:14:27 <csharp> #info roadmap for 3.5 is available: https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=faqs:evergreen_roadmap:3.5#third-party_integrations
14:15:13 <csharp> developers/project managers should add features/fixes they plan to work on between now and March-ish to that wiki page
14:15:33 <csharp> berick is working on a release schedule that will be released soon
14:15:52 <csharp> #info release schedule for 3.5 will be added here: https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=faqs:evergreen_roadmap
14:16:04 <csharp> that's all I have for now
14:16:09 <agoben> Thanks!
14:16:13 <agoben> #topic 2020 Conference Committee
14:16:24 <terranm> We have extended preconference submissions by another week. If we don't get enough submittals, we'll start reaching out to individuals.
14:16:32 <terranm> Conf registration form is being tested now, hopefully will get all changes made and posted right after Thanksgiving.
14:16:41 <terranm> Sponsor / exhibitor interest is starting to trickle in, but it's early days yet.
14:16:48 <terranm> #info Budget for approval: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/178j7UUgoQUgf0fWvRFrPeEJCn4i5qQXSBgzaqcJLTu0/edit?usp=sharing
14:16:53 <terranm> Food and beverage is incredibly expensive (the bad part about being in a nice hotel in Atlanta), but we're still on track to making a profit.
14:17:46 <nfBurton> How many submissions have we had?
14:17:57 <terranm> For programs?
14:18:03 <nfBurton> Yeah
14:18:13 <terranm> checking...
14:19:38 <terranm> 3 basically - one formal submission from Rogan on working with MARC records in Perl, then Chris said he can do his reports one again if there is interest, and I'd like to put together a NewDevs block that possibly covers git, signoffs, etc. (haven't worked out details yet, but will likely recruit a few others to help)
14:20:13 <terranm> We need at least one more, but if we have several we can be choosier
14:20:46 <JBoyer> To be clear, these are just pre-conference submissions, correct?
14:20:57 <terranm> Yes
14:21:15 <terranm> We've received 4 regular conference submissions so far, and will need a lot more
14:21:41 <agoben> Early days in CFP time.  We'll have to encourage over the next few weeks!
14:22:01 <agoben> terranm, anything else for us?
14:22:03 <terranm> It's best to get the preconference ones posted close to the start of registration so people know whether or not they want to pay for the preconference day or not
14:22:07 <dbs> éwin 18
14:22:12 <agoben> ++
14:22:21 <terranm> I believe there needs to be an official vote on the budget
14:22:31 <agoben> I've got that on the agenda udner new business
14:22:36 <terranm> sorry :)
14:22:45 <csharp> #info dluch's email to the General list with proposal info: http://libmail.georgialibraries.org/pipermail/open-ils-general/2019-November/016030.html
14:22:51 <agoben> No worries, it got added after the meeting started.
14:23:04 <agoben> Ok, on to 2021.
14:23:05 <agoben> #topic Site Selection Committee
14:23:27 <agoben> csharp, you said you had an update.
14:23:37 <csharp> ok - so we've yet to receive an actual site proposal at this point
14:23:52 <agoben> :/  Hmm.
14:23:59 <csharp> I have heard from one site who indicated they are willing to host, but we don't have anything in writing yet
14:24:36 <tlittle> csharp I think Debbie sent something? It went to my spam folder though initially
14:24:45 <csharp> so we're in a holding pattern until we get something - we've begged and pled as much as we can without losing our dignity
14:24:54 <csharp> oh? I missed that'
14:25:02 <tlittle> I'm trying to find it, now that I've said that
14:25:51 <agoben> Have we ever talked about shifting to an every other year pattern?  Or what are the issues if we skip a year?
14:25:52 <csharp> ok - so clearly we're still in process
14:26:15 <csharp> we have not discussed changing the conf schedule before that I remember
14:26:56 <agoben> Obviously there's a gap in potential income, but pondering the possibility of a longer prep cycle.
14:27:13 <csharp> hopefully we'll have something by next month's TEP/EOB meeting
14:27:33 <csharp> #info we're still awaiting submission of a formal site proposal for 2021
14:27:50 <agoben> Hope so too!  We've offered a lot of lead time this round, so we're still in okay shape. :)
14:27:55 <agoben> Thanks!
14:28:01 <agoben> #topic Outreach Committee
14:28:21 <agoben> #info The full report from rhamby is available here: http://list.evergreen-ils.org/pipermail/board/2019-November/000029.html
14:28:30 <agoben> Any discussion or additions?
14:28:44 <rhamby> I don't have anything to add but glad to discuss anything.
14:30:04 <csharp> agoben++ # contributor of the month
14:30:07 <agoben> Seems to be all quiet.  So on we go to the NFP stuff.
14:30:19 <agoben> #topic Unfinished Business: The Evergreen Project mission statement/amendment of incorporation articles
14:30:26 <agoben> (and thanks!)
14:30:32 <agoben> Something went wrong with the amendment submission.  Dilly reports that we should have heard one way or another within 10 days of submission.  He has not received any paperwork, and the SoS has not posted the amendments on their site.  Dilly's willing to look it over for any issues if we'd like, but we should resubmit in any case.
14:30:57 <gmcharlt> thought so; I'll resubmit it tomorrow
14:30:57 <agoben> I had some follow-up for us internally.  Did the check clear?
14:31:03 <gmcharlt> no
14:31:28 <agoben> Ah, well, then it would appear most likely it got lost in the mail.
14:31:35 <agoben> Do you want me to run it by Dilly for a rewrite or should gmcharlt try resending as is?
14:32:11 <gmcharlt> I'm in favor of trying again as is unless Dilly mentioned any issues he saw with the wroding
14:32:50 <csharp> +1
14:32:56 <agoben> +1
14:32:57 <tlittle> +1
14:32:58 <cowens> +1
14:33:01 <jvwoolf1> +1
14:33:08 <JBoyer> +1
14:33:14 <agoben> Ok, the ayes have it.
14:33:21 <agoben> #info Original amendment of articles was not approved by MO Secretary of State.
14:33:25 <agoben> #action gmcharlt will resubmit the form to the MO Secretary of State.
14:33:46 <JBoyer> It's more likely it was not *received
14:34:04 <JBoyer> if it weren't approved we wouldn't be trying again. :)
14:34:24 <agoben> Both may be true. But it definitely wasn't approved.
14:35:08 <agoben> I'm not sure it's worth it to put a stop-check on the original payment.  Thoughts?
14:35:27 <JBoyer> How much was it?
14:35:35 <agoben> $10 I think?
14:35:43 <csharp> nah
14:35:43 <gmcharlt> $10, so the stop-check fee would almost certainly be more
14:35:53 <cowens> Not worth it
14:35:59 <tlittle> Nah
14:36:01 <JBoyer> agreed
14:36:03 <agoben> ++
14:36:18 <agoben> Ok, just wanted to be sure we're crossing our t's.
14:36:20 <cowens> Sorry, how long ago was this originally submitted?
14:36:28 <gmcharlt> I will send it with one of USPS's tracking options this time
14:36:31 <agoben> First week in September
14:36:33 <agoben> ++
14:36:43 <cowens> Thanks
14:36:52 <agoben> And since we should know in less than 2 weeks, we can monitor much more closely this round.
14:37:00 <gmcharlt> yup
14:37:14 <agoben> Ok, ready to move on?
14:37:44 <agoben> #topic Unfinished Business: Dilly's POA
14:37:49 <agoben> Dilly will submit to the IRS for us.  I received the form for my signature after lunch today.
14:38:00 <agoben> #info Dilly is sending the 2848 to agoben for a signature.  Should be on file by next week.
14:38:00 <agoben> #action agoben will finalize 2848 and return to Dilly for submission next week.
14:38:37 <agoben> This is pretty much done.  He held the form until we had a phone call, so that's a bit of a bummer, but we're on the same page now.
14:38:48 <agoben> Any questions/concerns?
14:38:55 <gmcharlt> none from me
14:38:58 <JBoyer> no
14:39:20 <nfBurton> Is this the last step to sever ties with SFC?
14:39:30 <nfBurton> Or is there more to do
14:39:48 <agoben> No.  But it's a required step.  We're going to be talking about the rest of the paperwork next
14:40:01 <nfBurton> Okay
14:40:07 <agoben> #topic New Business: NPF Status - Timing
14:40:14 <agoben> We have officially missed the preferred window for submission by the IRS, but as long as we do not collect any donations or further grants, we should not face any penalties.  Dilly recommends pushing forward as quickly as possible though to alleviate any issues from the SFC grant (and just so we're done!)
14:40:51 <agoben> The preferred window is 15 months from the original filing was approved.
14:41:00 <agoben> #info We're late submitting the 1023, but shouldn't face any penalties.
14:41:23 <agoben> That said, we need to finalize the 1023 now that the 2848 is going in.
14:41:29 <agoben> #topic New Business: NPF Status - 1023 questions
14:41:38 <agoben> I have most of the draft (except for the fiscals) filled out, but there are a few questions that go back to mission or I simply don't have the info on.  I'll need to collaborate with gmcharlt to fill out the fiscal portion in the next few weeks.
14:41:38 <agoben> Up first then:
14:41:59 <agoben> I need everyone's mailing address.  Up to you whether it's your personal or professional address.  Please send them to me via email.
14:42:13 <agoben> #action Board members will send mailing addresses to agoben.
14:42:30 <agoben> (and by everyone I mean the board members, of course)
14:43:02 <agoben> Now for the actual questions:
14:43:04 <agoben> Our current draft application says that in future we may seek donations from our website or grants from either foundations or government.  Any other sources you'd like to mention or should any of those be removed?
14:43:31 <agoben> ^on our website, not from the website.
14:43:40 <gmcharlt> conference and merchandise revenues, if applicable for the 1023
14:43:58 <agoben> I asked about that and Dilly said that didn't apply
14:44:03 <gmcharlt> cool
14:44:31 <agoben> I had stuff all written up already, so if he changes his mind during the draft review we should be set though.
14:44:37 <gmcharlt> for grant and donations, any implications if some come for Canadian sources?
14:44:43 <gmcharlt> *from
14:45:03 <gmcharlt> (well, non-US sources more broadly)
14:45:31 <agoben> There are.
14:46:13 <gmcharlt> of immediate concern for the 1023, or just something we would deal with at the time of soliciting or receiving such donations?
14:46:23 <agoben> Oh wait, no.  There are if we are granting, but the fundraising section does not explicitly call out international solicitations on our behalf
14:47:10 <agoben> So we should be alright if we petition for a grant, but we would need to provide a list of the states and countries for evaluation.
14:47:14 <agoben> in the 1023
14:48:15 <gmcharlt> then it sounds like we should at least mention Canada
14:49:31 <agoben> I'll add that to the draft solicitation locations.  BTW, I'm using the new interactive form that's WAAAAY easier than the previous version and will share it with you all as soon as I can for additional review.  Just made so many changes already today I wanted to get in a few more before sharing.
14:50:03 <agoben> In the other direction then:
14:50:04 <agoben> Do we want to indicate that we wish to be a granting agency to other non-profits?  This does add a significant layer of complexity as we have to explain all the hows, whos, and reporting stuff.
14:50:47 <gmcharlt> as distinguished from grants/scholarships to individuals?
14:50:59 <agoben> yes
14:51:14 <rfrasur> Is that something that can be done in the future or does it have to be at inception?
14:51:24 <JBoyer> That seems a little outside the scope of the org, at least as I understand it.
14:51:39 <agoben> It may affect how we are classified (private operating foundation vs public charity)
14:52:03 <tlittle> +1 to rfrasur question if this is a can that can be kicked down the road
14:52:13 <csharp> this has never occurred to me as a possibility, so I'm not sure how I feel about that
14:52:21 <tlittle> Same
14:52:26 <agoben> I don't htink it can be kicked, no.  Because of the classification issue
14:52:31 <tlittle> Hmm
14:52:35 <nfBurton> Yay Canada!
14:52:51 <csharp> my first reaction is that I can't think of a situation where we would be providing grants to other non-profits
14:53:01 <agoben> I think we'd be better off saying no, but didn't want to speak for the community on that one
14:53:17 <tlittle> I also think it's a no. I can't think of a situation either
14:53:34 <agoben> I listed grants, but it can include loans as well.
14:53:41 <alynn26> I would think No.
14:54:14 <agoben> I figured we'd be mostly likely to target grants though if we did want to sponsor some program with MOBIUS or EOLI.
14:54:45 <rfrasur> you mentioned loans.  I'm wondering if there would ever be an conference related things where that might arise.
14:55:11 <agoben> I asked about that too.  Not included in this eval since it's related to vendor costs
14:55:24 <rfrasur> agoben++
14:55:42 <agoben> We can offer that without the grant/loan option on our 1023
14:56:05 <gmcharlt> e.g., exhibiting or sponsorsing a program at ALA (a non-profit) is ultimately fee for service, not a donation
14:56:12 <agoben> Ok, so seems to be an overall no on the NFP grant/loan option.  Up next....
14:56:13 <gmcharlt> if I'm understanding correctly?
14:56:18 <JBoyer> I would lean no just because I wouldn't expect our finances to be in a place where we can give away enough money for it to be worthwhile, and we have multiple potential sources of development funding as is.
14:57:38 <agoben> Looks like there's still questions, so am waiting
14:58:35 <rfrasur> gmcharlt - I think that's right.  it's definitely not a donation
14:58:44 <gmcharlt> thanks
14:59:09 <agoben> Ah, yes, sorry.  Didn't see the earlier question.  That is a fee, yes.
14:59:10 <gmcharlt> agoben: if the pending question you were alluding to is mine, I think I'm on the same page as the hivemind^W collective
14:59:14 <agoben> ++
14:59:18 <agoben> Do we want to indicate that we wish to offer individuals scholarships/grants for conference attendance?  This also adds a fair bit of complexity, but seemed a more likely thing for us to offer.
14:59:32 <csharp> yes
14:59:36 <tlittle> I could see that, yeah
15:00:05 <agoben> I think if we're just talking about a couple of subsidies for our conference, we may be eligible to skip this, but if we want to send representatives to other conferences, this may be required.
15:00:48 <csharp> I would anticipate the former and expect the latter situation to be paid by our individual employers (unless I'm missing a use case)
15:01:31 <agoben> So, is that a no as well?
15:01:38 <rfrasur> (I'm not on the board but I have opinions) I could see this as something that could be developed in the future, and it'd be nice to have the platform available to build on.
15:01:47 <gmcharlt> well, to toss another use case out there
15:02:13 <gmcharlt> we could potentially want to do things like send a community member to a specialized training, potentially sharing the costs with there employers
15:02:21 <Dyrcona> A lot of other F/OSS projects/foundations offer such scholarships and grants for conference attendance. They are sometimes means tested.
15:02:28 <JBoyer> csharp, not so much "us," but TEP offering a grant to the Eg conference to those in the community at large that can't afford it or potentially sending Evergreeners to Code4Lib or something like that.
15:02:29 <gmcharlt> so I'm in favor of keepign the door open for that
15:02:56 <csharp> ok - good points and no arguments from me :-)
15:03:10 <terranm> (I'm not on the board either, but I love that idea - there are some small Evergreen libraries that don't have much travel budget)
15:03:16 <agoben> Ok, I'll draft that section out then.  Since we're still talking a minor portion of our mission, hopefully no affect on our classification.
15:03:30 <agoben> This next one is more official
15:03:32 <agoben> When do we want the fiscal year to start?  We have to pick a month now.  January, July, and October seem to be the favorites that I've worked with.
15:04:03 <tlittle> I think we had tossed around July as an option, so the annual budget could be approved at the conference every year
15:04:11 <agoben> Since it plays into policy I will ask for a formal vote once we get thru discussion.
15:04:16 <gmcharlt> My top choice would be January to stay on a calendar year, followed by October to match SFC and (hopefully?) reduce the number of filings needed in 2020
15:04:27 <nfBurton> I'm a fan of following a calendar year
15:04:46 <JBoyer> I like January
15:04:53 <agoben> I like a calendar year budget myself, but the federal fiscal year (Oct) is good too.
15:05:16 <csharp> I move that we adopt a January - December fiscal year
15:05:16 <cowens> January is good with me
15:05:26 <tlittle> That's good with me
15:05:29 <agoben> #startvote The Evergreen Project's fiscal year will start on January. yes, no
15:05:29 <pinesol> Unable to parse vote topic and options.
15:05:40 <agoben> #startvote The Evergreen Project's fiscal year will start on January? yes, no
15:05:40 <pinesol> Begin voting on: The Evergreen Project's fiscal year will start on January? Valid vote options are yes, no.
15:05:40 <pinesol> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
15:05:44 <gmcharlt> #vote yes
15:05:46 <tlittle> #vote yes
15:05:46 <agoben> #vote yes
15:05:46 <JBoyer> #vote yes
15:05:47 <csharp> #vote yes
15:05:47 <nfBurton> #vote yes
15:05:49 <cowens> #vote yes
15:05:51 <jvwoolf1> #vote yes
15:05:57 <agoben> #endvote
15:05:58 <pinesol> Voted on "The Evergreen Project's fiscal year will start on January?" Results are
15:05:58 <pinesol> yes (8): nfBurton, JBoyer, agoben, cowens, tlittle, jvwoolf1, gmcharlt, csharp
15:06:13 <agoben> We should indicate the amendment in the fiscal policy as well.
15:06:17 <gmcharlt> no love for Thermidor, I see
15:06:25 <agoben> #info The Evergreen Project's fiscal year will begin in January.
15:06:48 <agoben> Sorry, I know we're running really long.  Just a couple more things
15:06:54 <agoben> #topic New Business: 2020 Elections
15:06:59 <agoben> Our timeline was extremely short last year so I'd like to get out in front of it this year a bit better. Would someone be willing to volunteer to head up the 2020 election cycle?  Duties include soliciting nominees and selecting and coordinating the election platform, and election.  We've used OpaVote in the past.
15:07:30 <agoben> terranm, you coordinated it last year, any thoughts?
15:08:00 <terranm> Did I?
15:08:14 <terranm> Sorry, it seems so long ago!
15:08:18 <agoben> According to the minutes, yup!
15:08:22 <terranm> lol
15:08:26 <agoben> Busy year!
15:09:00 <terranm> As far as I remember, OpaVote allowed us to do ranked elections and it was fairly easy to set up.
15:09:22 <agoben> Also at $10, it wasn't a major cost.
15:09:29 <jvwoolf1> I can give it a go
15:09:40 <agoben> Excellent!  Thanks, jvwoolf1!
15:10:06 <agoben> #info jvwoolf1 will head up the 2020 election project.
15:10:09 <jvwoolf1> When do you want to start the vote cycle?
15:10:10 <JBoyer> jvwoolf1++
15:10:24 <tlittle> jvwoolf1++
15:10:28 <agoben> The new members need to be in place by the conference.
15:10:55 <agoben> Maybe solicit in January-Feb and hold the election in March?
15:11:15 <jvwoolf1> Sounds good to me.
15:11:15 <csharp> jvwoolf1++
15:11:31 <agoben> ++
15:11:39 <agoben> jvwoolf1++
15:11:48 <jvwoolf1> Project for after the holidays :)
15:11:57 <agoben> Ok, last voting subject:
15:11:58 <agoben> #topic New Business: Conference Budget
15:12:02 <alynn26> jvwoolf1++
15:12:33 <agoben> #info Budget for approval: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/178j7UUgoQUgf0fWvRFrPeEJCn4i5qQXSBgzaqcJLTu0/edit?usp=sharing
15:12:41 <gmcharlt> I've got just a  few questions
15:12:47 <agoben> Discussion?
15:13:25 <gmcharlt> first, the budget is projecting about $7.5K more in registration than last conference. Expecting more attendance (e.g., from PINES libraries?)
15:13:44 <terranm> We also raised the registration prices a bit to cover the increased costs
15:14:14 <terranm> We are pushing the PINES libraries to send people, but we are trying to keep our estimates low to be safe
15:14:23 <gmcharlt> second, since F&B is currently budgeted at $61.5K but has a minimum of $35K, at what point are we committed to a final decision on the meals to offer should registration numbers not meet their tgrget?
15:14:42 <terranm> We don't have to have final numbers in until about 2 weeks before the conference
15:14:56 <terranm> Here is the meal breakdown, btw: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jbt8eug6M9QDDa1zTvf0JPXvF6jPTcZNeics4oCt8Y8/edit?usp=sharing
15:15:22 <gmcharlt> final cost for a given meal based on actual headcount or just a projection made in advance?
15:15:49 <gmcharlt> third, I want to acknowledge the generosity of PINES in planning to pay for $7K of the A/V costs as noted in the spreadsheet
15:15:51 <terranm> It's based on the numbers we give them two weeks in advance
15:16:34 <terranm> thanks :)
15:17:24 <agoben> What is the lowest attendance can be for us to still break even with the new pricing?
15:17:43 <terranm> Hrrm...
15:17:59 <terranm> I'm not sure. The food pricing is all per-head, so it goes down as attendance goes down.
15:18:17 <agoben> mk
15:19:16 <agoben> Obviously, I'd prefer we max the place out, but it's nice to know when you hit the break even point :)
15:19:36 <agoben> Further questions about the budget?
15:20:13 <agoben> Going once...
15:20:25 <gmcharlt51> Galen back
15:20:40 <gmcharlt51> sorry, had server issue that kicked me out of IRC
15:20:42 <agoben> Any more questions or follow-up you're curious about?
15:21:01 <terranm> IRC is giving me fits today too
15:21:13 <gmcharlt51> so I believe the questions about registration numbers and meals have been addressed
15:21:24 <nfBurton> Thought IRC was just me lol
15:21:51 <gmcharlt51> my main comment is that since the meals are the biggest component of the budget this go around, we should be prepared to make adjustments to the meals as needed
15:22:01 <terranm> Yes, agreed
15:22:05 <gmcharlt51> in case registration numbers are an issue
15:22:24 <gmcharlt51> I'm not particularly concerned about meeting sponsorship targets, as they're in line with previous years
15:22:46 <terranm> We are also adding a question to the registration form this year that asks if the attendee is planning on attending the reception, so we can target that number better
15:23:26 <agoben> Alright, as we seem to have edged to consensus, I'll open the vote.
15:23:29 <agoben> #startvote Approve the 2020 conference budget at presented with the caveat that Food and Beverage may be adjusted in response to registration numbers? yes, no
15:23:29 <pinesol> Begin voting on: Approve the 2020 conference budget at presented with the caveat that Food and Beverage may be adjusted in response to registration numbers? Valid vote options are yes, no.
15:23:29 <pinesol> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
15:23:35 <csharp> #vote yes
15:23:38 <tlittle> #vote yes
15:23:39 <agoben> #vote yes
15:23:39 <cowens> #vote yes
15:23:40 <JBoyer> #vote yes
15:23:41 <gmcharlt51> #vote yes
15:23:48 <nfBurton> #vote yes
15:24:13 <agoben> #endvote
15:24:13 <pinesol> Voted on "Approve the 2020 conference budget at presented with the caveat that Food and Beverage may be adjusted in response to registration numbers?" Results are
15:24:13 <pinesol> yes (7): nfBurton, JBoyer, agoben, cowens, tlittle, csharp, gmcharlt51
15:24:21 <agoben> #topic Next meeting
15:24:25 <agoben> #info Our next meeting will be on December 19, 2019.
15:24:30 <agoben> Any final words?
15:25:01 <nfBurton> None
15:25:09 <tlittle> None here
15:25:17 <agoben> Ok, thanks so much everyone!
15:25:18 <agoben> #endmeeting