Project Governance

The Evergreen Project Board represents the interests of the Evergreen Project and is responsible for enforcing the Evergreen trademark and discussing

  • Issues escalated from a committee or other subgroup in the Project that has reached an impasse but requires a decision by informed consensus.
  • Issues that do not fall into the purview of any of the established committees or other subgroups, but requires a decision by informed consensus.
  • Issues of strategic, as opposed to tactical, importance for the Project that require leadership and vision from above the team or subproject level to achieve
  • Sensitive legal or personnel issues which require research and discussion to protect the interests of the Project.

The Board is elected by annual vote by members of the Evergreen Project, namely those who have made direct contributions to Evergreen code, documentation, or committees or those who are employed by institutions running Evergreen.

Meetings are currently held online via video conferencing. They are normally held on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 2 p.m. EDT, 11 a.m. PDT, 18:00 UTC. All interested parties are welcome to observe the meetings.


Information on project governance can also be found on the WIKI here.

Minutes from previous meetings and agendas for upcoming meetings can be found here.

Mailing list

The main mailing list of the Board is open to all interested parties. There is also exists a private mailing list that includes representatives of Conservancy, for the purpose of discussing sensitive topics.

Current Board members

As of May 16, 2024, the current Board members are

Name Affiliation Board position Term ends
Galen Charlton Equinox Open Library Initiative President 2025
Kate Coleman Jefferson County Library, Missouri 2025
Ruth Frasur Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium 2025
Jeanette Lundgren CW MARS 2026
Katie Greenleaf Martin Pennsylvania Integrated Library System (PaILS) Treasurer 2027
Dan Moore King County Library System (KCLS) Vice President 2026
Susan Morrison Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) 2026
Andrea Buntz Neiman Equinox Open Library Initiative Secretary 2025
Lindsay Stratton Westchester Library System (WLS) 2027

Past Board members

The following individuals have served on the Board or its predecessor, the Governance Committee.

Name Affiliation Term
Lori Ayre Galecia Group 2011-2013
Shauna Borger Indiana State Library 2013-2014
Jason Boyer Equinox Open Library Initiative 2019-2021
Holly Brennan Homer Public Library 2017-2020
Andrea Buntz Neiman Kent County Public Library (Maryland) 2013-2016
Chris Burton Niagara Falls Public Library 2019-022
Galen Charlton Equinox Software 2011-2014
Garry Collum Kenton County Public Library 2016-2019
Jim Corridan Indiana State Library 2011-2013
Tim Daniels Lyrasis 2011-2012
Grace Dunbar Equinox Software 2014-2017
Stephen Elfstrand MnPALS 2011-2014
Lynn Floyd Evergreen Indiana 2021-2022
Ruth Frasur Hagerstown – Jefferson Township Library, Evergreen Indiana 2015-2018
Ron Gagnon North of Boston Library Exchange 2016-2019
Anna Goben Evergreen Indiana 2019-2021
Rogan Hamby York County Library (South Carolina); SC LENDS; Equinox Open Library Initiative 2012-2015
Sharon Herbert British Columbia Libraries Cooperative / SITKA 2015-2018
Ben Hyman British Columbia Libraries Cooperative 2012-2015
Joe Knueven Wilmington Public Library (COOL) 2024
Tiffany Little Georgia Public Library Service (PINES) 2019-2022
Deborah Luchenbill MOBIUS 2020-2023
Kathy Lussier Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative 2012-2015
Terran McCanna Georgia Public Library Service (PINES) 2016-2019
Elizabeth McKinney Georgia Public Library Service (PINES) 2011-2014
Jed Moffitt King County Library System 2011-2012
Michele Montague Grand Rapids Public Library (Michigan) 2011-2012
Chauncey Montgomery Sunbury Community Library (Ohio) 2013-2016
Chris Owens Blanchester Public Library (COOL) 2019-2022
Mike Rylander Equinox Software 2016-2019
Dan Scott Laurentian University and CoffeeCode 2011-2013
Chris Sharp Georgia Public Library Service (PINES) 2014-2016
Ben Shum Bibliomation 2014-2016
Tim Spindler C/W MARS 2015-2018
Yamil Suarez Berklee College of Music 2013-2016
Amy Terlaga Bibliomation 2011-2013
Scott Thomas Pennsylvania Integrated Library System (PaILS) 2017-2019
Steve Wills Beyond Print 2011-2014
Jessica Woolford Bibliomation 2019-2021