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Communicate with us

We invite you to join us in the many different forums in which we discuss the Evergreen project!

In the interests of transparency everything on the mailing lists and IRC is public and logged.

Every posting goes into the mailing list and IRC archive, which means that people will see your postings even if you haven’t yet linked it somewhere.

Once it’s out there, it’s public.

  • Technically, administrators can delete things, but the content may be mirrored, has feeds and is in the Google cache & other search engines indexes, so deleting something doesn’t make it go away.
  • Our policy is to leave the archives alone except in exceptional cases.
    Please send a request promptly to if you believe you are the exception.

Mailing lists

Most of the day-to-day conversations are held on mailing lists and open to anyone with an email account. In addition, archives that provide much of the history of the project are readily available.

Internet Relay Chat

Some members of the Evergreen community use real-time chat via our Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel . You can find us on the #evergreen channel on the Libera server. This channel is publicly logged and the archives of the IRC channel are available.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar provides a single view of all of the meetings of the various committees and working groups in the Evergreen community. Most of these meetings are open to any interested members of the community; volunteers are always welcome!