#Evergreen on IRC


As of June 2021, the Evergreen community switched its IRC network to Libera. We recommend that you register your IRC nickname to guarantee that you can post messages in the channel.

Quick Link

Join #evergreen through a web gateway courtesy of Libera.

Chat online with the Evergreen community

Quite a few of us (developers, contributors, enthusiasts, etc.) hang out on the Libera Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network for real-time chat, on channel #evergreen. In early February of 2008, we decided to start publicly logging the channel so that everyone could benefit from the knowledge shared there. You may browse these logs, and if you’re on channel, you may prepend a specific message with [off] to prevent that message from being logged. We also have a web gateway to the channel. Like most forums on the Internet, IRC has its own culture and etiquette, and when in doubt over something, just ask.

In the interests of transparency everything on IRC is public and logged.

Technically, administrators can delete things, but the content may be mirrored, has feeds and is in the Google cache & other search engines indexes, so deleting something doesn’t make it go away. Our policy is to leave the archives alone except in exceptional cases. Please send a request promptly to if you believe you are the exception.

There are two sub-channels, #evergreen-release, which is for coordinating release builds; and #evergreen-feeds, in which a bot (pinesol) post updates from QA testing, latest bug reports, and latest commits.

IRC Help



The IRC channel is community oriented and any help you receive there is by volunteers, not support staff from any commercial company. Folks are not always available 24×7 on the channel, and the mailing lists are a good alternative for seeking help with Evergreen.  The list tends to be most active during the day work hours of UTC -4 to UTC -7 time zones.