Zoom Policy

The Evergreen Project zoom account is made available to the Evergreen community to allow for a consistent virtual platform on which video conference type meetings, interest groups and other forms of collaboration between individuals from different organizations in the Evergreen community can occur to the benefit of the Evergreen community. 

 The convener of a meeting should contact zoom-host@evergreen-ils.org for credentials. 

 Usage is limited based on the current zoom subscription.  

 Usage for recurring community meetings and events shall take precedence over one-off meetings.  In the event that two recurring community meetings or two one-off meetings have a conflict, the conveners are encouraged to work collaboratively to resolve the conflict.  In the event that this is not possible, the conflict should be referred to the The Evergreen Project Board for resolution.

Usage that is exclusively to the benefit of an individual or a for-profit entity is prohibited.  Usage that is exclusively unrelated to the Evergreen community is prohibited. 

If the convener of a meeting wishes to record a meeting or presentation, the following rules should be followed:

– If a scheduled meeting will be recorded, the fact that it will be recorded should be announced in advance, e.g., as part of the meeting announcement or invitation.

– The convener should remind participants before recording begins.

– Participants must be given an opportunity to turn off cameras before recording begins.

– If the participants in an ad hoc meeting wish to record the meeting, all participants must consent to the recording.

Generally speaking, meetings should be recorded when there is a specific reason for the recording to exist, such as to provide accountability for open Board meetings or to allow others to view a presentation.

All usage must conform to the Evergreen Event Code of Conduct, the Evergreen Event Photography/Audio/Video Policy and the ZOOM End User Community Standards.

Approved by The Evergreen Project Board 7/21/2022.