Evergreen Downloads

Evergreen Downloads

Evergreen depends on the following technologies Perl, C, JavaScript, XML, XPath, XSLT, XMPP, OpenSRF, Apache, mod_perl, and PostgreSQL.

The latest stable release of a supported Linux distribution is recommended for an Evergreen installation. For Ubuntu, please use a 64-bit LTS (long term support) Server release.

Currently the latest release from the Evergreen 3.12 series is recommended for new installations and stable releases are suggested for production systems.

Note: Evergreen servers and staff clients must match. For example, if you are running server version 3.1.0, you should use version 3.1.0 of the staff client. Evergreen 3.2.0+ no longer supports a separate client by default, but building a client remains as an unsupported option.

Server & staff client downloads

3.13 Series 3.12 Series 3.11 Series 3.10 Series
Status stable stable stable security only
Latest Release 3.13.0 3.12.3 3.11.5 3.10.4
Release Date 2024-06-06 2024-04-02 2024-04-02 2023-12-14
Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes
Tabular Release Notes Tabular release notes summary
ChangeLog ChangeLog ChangeLog ChangeLog ChangeLog
Evergreen Installation Install Instructions Install Instructions Install Instructions Install Instructions
Upgrading Notes on upgrading from 3.12.x Notes on upgrading from 3.11.x Notes on upgrading from 3.10.x Notes on upgrading from 3.9.x
OpenSRF Software 3.3.0 (md5) 3.3.0 (md5) 3.2.4 (md5) 3.2.4 (md5)
Server Software Source (md5) Source (md5) Source (md5) Source (md5)
Web Staff Client Extension (“Hatch”) Windows Hatch Installer 0.3.3 (md5) – Installation Instructions (Windows & Linux)
Git Repository Git Location Git Location Git Location Git Location

Evergreen in action

Visit the Evergreen catalog on our demonstration and development servers, or visit this list of live Evergreen libraries.

You can also download an Evergreen staff client and point it at the Evergreen demo or development server (see the community servers page for details).

Bug Reports

Please report any Evergreen bugs/wishlist on Launchpad.

To submit a vulnerability please email your report to security@evergreen-ils.org.

Evergreen Code Museum

Older versions of Evergreen software are available from the Evergreen Code Museum.

Source Code Repository

A Gitweb instance sits atop the Git repositories for Evergreen and OpenSRF. You can find both repositories at git.evergreen-ils.org. Here is the running change log for the Evergreen code repository: watch us work.

Notice of new code commits are sent to two public Evergreen mailing lists: