, 2.0 RC2, and developer team meeting minutes

The developer team has been holding weekly meetings, primarily to help coordinate our 2.0 release efforts, for the past few months. The minutes from yesterday’s developer team meeting are available from the list of developer meetings. Our next meeting is January 11, 2011.

Last night, Mike Rylander created two new releases of note:

  •, the latest in the stable Evergreen release series
  • 2.0 release candidate 2 (RC2) – the next and hopefully one of the last candidate releases before the first official 2.0.0 release

The downloads page has been updated with the links to the source tarballs, and the staff clients are on their way.

Also, two public servers running 2.0 RC1 are available to help people try out and document Evergreen 2.0 – thanks to Brian Feifarek and Jason Etheridge for setting those up!

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