All About T-Shirts 2018 Edition

We on the Evergreen Outreach Committee have had a bunch of great questions from community members in the last few weeks. While we will continue to answer questions by email, Facebook and so on I thought it might be good to gather all of the information together in one place for easy reference.  

First of all, we currently have one t-shirt available as of March 2018 and that is the IRC t-shirt that went on sale last year with the quote from IRC that says, “I’m not a cataloger but I know enough MARC to be fun at parties”.  This shirt is black with green text and the Evergreen logo with our website on it. We have this shirt in sizes from women’s small to men’s 2X.

As of the 2018 conference we will have two more shirts to bring the total to three designs but the availability will be a little different.  One will be another shirt perennial design. It will be similar to last year’s but with the new quote voted upon by the community, “You never know what trouble you’ll get into reading the documentation.”  That one, along with the first, will available to purchase at the conference in limited quantities. However, after feedback from last year, sizes will be expanded to 3X for men and women. The print run will be fairly small so don’t drag your feet on picking one up!

There will also be a conference t-shirt for the first time featuring the 2018 conference logo.  These are only guaranteed via pre-order. We will be ordering them in batches. If we don’t get the exact number needed for a batch we may order a few more to get qualification for a higher discount.  If we do, we will sell the extras at the conference but we will not be able to guarantee a number or sizes available. T-shirts that are pre-ordered will be delivered at the conference to attendees. If you’re not attending the conference you are welcome to have an attendee pick yours up for you, just contact myself (Rogan Hamby) or another outreach committee person to make arrangements.  We don’t, currently, have any plans to ship shirts out individually.

We’ve had pre-orders available for a little while but had questions about sizes.  Initially, we were not able to offer 3X or larger sizes but now we can. The ordering page has been updated to reflect both being able to order those larger sizes now and upgrading if you’ve already ordered a smaller shirt.  If you do this you will only be charged for the price difference between your previous order and the upgrade.

Order here:


These make great summer reading shirts for staff if your library allows it!