API Reference


I mentioned in a previous post that we were planning to create a script to extract API documentation from our new OpenSRF method signature layout. Well, I was inspired by Aaron Krowne, and found guidance in Thom Hickey, to create an XSLT wrapper to the existing OpenSRF introspection API using the OpenILS XML Gateway.

It’s still only available for use on my development server, but it’s in cvs for all to see, or you can click on the unreadably tiny image at the top left of this post for a screenshot. It’s a (some would say scary) mix of XSLT and Apache SSI, but it’s fast and does what we need. It is currently based, as I mentioned, on the OpenILS XML Gateway, so it’s not really part of OpenSRF proper. I plan to remedy that shortly by pulling the OpenILS specific parts of the XML Gateway out into their own library, and creating a generic OpenSRF XML Gateway.

If anyone out there with free time, a love of XSLT and a desire to help out with OpenSRF or OpenILS/Evergreen would like to poke at it, be my guest. Be forewarned, though; if you are experienced with XSLT (which I most certainly am not) it may make your eyes bleed.

UPDATE: For those interested, I asked Bill to push the docgen XSLT out to our dev site, and, well, he did. You can see it in action here.