British Columbia and Evergreen: Northern PINES

What follows is an announcement from Ben Hyman of the British Columbia Ministry of Education:

I am pleased to announce the launch of the BC PINES Website

Over the coming weeks, months and years, this site will be the repository for all things Evergreen in BC.

The Project Management framework for Evergreen in BC is under development. Elements of the plan will be posted to the site as soon as they are available. Similarly, in time, additional functionality will be added to the site (we envision logins for developers, participating libraries, etc ) .

I’ll draw your attention to the artistic skills of several of your colleagues and peers; the graphic header featured on the site began as individual drawings collected at the April Georgia PINES workshop held at Harbour Centre in Vancouver; we couldn’t resist the consortial symbolism (individual trees / collective forest; individual sketches / collaborative art; and so on).

We are working steadily towards implementing Evergreen in BC, and expect to launch this fall with 3 pilot sites. Please stay tuned!

We live in very exciting times.