Call for features for the Evergreen 2.5 roadmap

As we mentioned during the developers’ update at the Evergreen Conference, for Evergreen 2.5 we will be reviving the roadmap.  The roadmap will serve as a list of major features that are expected to be released in 2.5.

Since 2.5 is due to be released in September, please add your feature to the roadmap only if you expect that it will be code-complete and publicly available for review by early August at the latest.

For now, the roadmap will live on the wiki at

Please add only features that you are committed to work on or that you are committed to funding very soon — the roadmap isn’t meant to be a wishlist or a way of seeking co-sponsorship for potential projects.

To request an account on the wiki, please email docs AT  Although the roadmap will be continually updated during the 2.5 release cycle, please consider May 1st as a deadline for the first cut.