Community Spotlight: Irene Patrick

The Evergreen Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that the Community Spotlight for the 4th quarter of 2021 is Irene Patrick. Irene is the Electronic Resources Librarian at the State Library of North Carolina. In that role she oversees electronic resources for the state and manages the Evergreen ILS for North Carolina’s Government and Heritage Library (GHL). 

Irene has extensive experience  in library automation and ILS management, beginning with the State Library’s implementation of Dynix in 1989. Her background in acquisitions and serials has informed many of her community interests. Irene is a regular presence at Evergreen Serials Interest Group meetings. While the Serials module sometimes doesn’t get the attention of other modules in Evergreen, Irene maintains her strong interest in Serials and is often advocating for Serials end users.

In 2017, Irene led the migration of GHL from a standalone Voyager system to the NC Cardinal Evergreen Consortium. The GHL is a research library, and NC Cardinal is a consortium of public libraries. This involved a lot of complicated work to get records and policies in place for the migration.

“We’re the proverbial square peg in the round hole,” Irene says. “But the migration was successful, and we have been pleased with the many enhancements that have come to Evergreen in the years since.”

She recommends that new community members join the listservs, and find an interest group to join. “Pick [an interest group] that matches your interests, and attend the meetings to learn about the modules and share problems you face,” she says.

Irene also participates with the Cataloging Interest Group, and often chimes in on listserv questions to help share her knowledge with the larger Evergreen community. Irene contributes to discussions that affect front line staff and their use of Evergreen, both on the listserv as well as in the community bug portal Launchpad.

Irene also recommends participating in the annual Evergreen conference. “I miss the in-person conferences, where you could get to know other members of the community,” she notes. “But the online conferences the past couple of years have still provided opportunities for learning and limited ways to meet people.” At the conferences, Irene likes to participate in community brainstorming sessions to share ideas for Evergreen improvements.

When she’s not working, Irene enjoys reading, gardening, and travelling to new places (though the latter has been curtailed the past couple years). She’s also a lifelong Star Trek fan and enjoys keeping up with the new streaming series.

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