Evergreen and OpenSRF 1.2.2 released

The Evergreen development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of OpenSRF 1.2.2 and Evergreen from the Evergreen downloads page (including the Windows staff client and a minimalist virtual image for testing and development).

Evergreen is both a bug-fix and translation release: see the release notes for an overview of the changes since This release continues the healthy momentum of increased community contributions of bug reports, fixes, and new and improved translations – many thanks to all of you for making Evergreen a better system for all of us!

OpenSRF 1.2.2 (change log) follows just one week after the quietly released OpenSRF 1.2.1 (change log). Both releases focus on bug fixes and enhanced portability; most importantly for OpenSRF, it is now compatible with current versions of ejabberd, process and resource handling has been improved, and the OpenSRF HTTP translator interface delivers better browser compatibility and closer compliance to the OpenSRF-over-HTTP specification.

We invite you to try these releases, our best yet! And if you happen to find any bugs, please report them to the bug tracker for Evergreen and OpenSRF, or to the Evergreen Development Discussion list. We also welcome patches for enhancements or new features and new or updated translations.

About Dan Scott

I'm the systems librarian for Laurentian University, with a background in information architecture, database software development, and project planning from spending 8 years with IBM.