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Just a few days ago, something very significant happened quietly in PINES/Evergreen land: we tagged Evergreen 1.0.

Side note: I’ve learned there are few things more difficult than to get obsessive/perfectionist software developers to sign off and stamp their approval on a piece of software that’s been their lives for the past couple of years. Just one more tweak here! Oh, let me just get that one other thing…

As always, the software is available from our CVS repository.

4 thoughts on “Evergreen 1.0

  • miker

    Hey! I resemble^Wresent that remark…

    For those interested in checking out the 1.0 branch (we’re already busy breaking HEAD), you can do so thusly:

    $ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@open-ils.org:/cvs login
    $ cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs@open-ils.org:/cvs co -r rel_1_0 ILS

    The anonymous password is still anoncvs.

    We’ll be getting a bit more structured about our versioned releases, and I promise we’ll try really hard to post an update whenever there’s a new milestone tagged. There will still be intra-tag patches as we fix minor things for PINES, but the rel_1_0 branch is considered stable — it’s exactly what PINES runs on, give or take a couple days — so feel free to grab the branch at any time to get the most recent pile of production code.


  • George Duimovich

    You have done an amazing job – fantastic and congrats to all of you at the Georgia PINES network…

    Looking forward to checking things out!

  • Christopher

    I’m volunteering at a small non-profit literacy organization which has a small library they’ve been tracking with an Excel spreadsheet. A lot of time is wasted manually making letters for overdue books and we haven’t found any easy way of getting Word Mail Merge to get multipe books into one letter.

    I came accross your project looking for free library software and would like to try it. Unfortunately this organization can’t afford to get another PC to use for Linux or give up one of it’s Windows PCs for Linux use and I couldn’t find a Windows version of your software. Will you be making a version availble to run on Windows?

  • jason

    Hi Christopher,

    The server components for EG have quite a few dependencies on software packages that don’t have a Windows version, so a true port to Windows probably won’t happen anytime soon for the backend. However, if you are willing to try Linux, and it’s just a question of spare machines, then you might would want to try a virtualization product like vmware. I make heavy use of it for testing out the staff client, but there is effort underway on the OPEN-ILS-DEV mailing list for making a vmware image for the server components, and there is an effort to make Evergreen easier to install in general. It’s not a turnkey solution yet by any means, but we hope to get it there.

    Feel free to join our mailing lists if you have more questions or need more help! http://open-ils.org/listserv.html

    — Jason

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