Evergreen 1.2.0

It’s amazing the emphasis folks put on public-facing software version numbers, and I used to think such things were mostly hype and marketing. However, we’ve been sitting on 1.2 (just released yesterday!) for longer than we would with a normal release, and we already have enough new things in the mainline trunk to cut a 1.2.2, and indeed there are a few tweaks and fixes that I feel compelled to check into the rel_1_2 branch for a future 1.2.x. So what is so special about 1.2? Well, there are some new features and architectural improvements, but more important is the list of contributors.

Evergreen 1.2 is the first Evergreen release that has received substantial contributions (patches, documentation, feedback, suggestions, testing, etc.) from folks affiliated with neither the Georgia Public Library Service nor Equinox Software.

So as a milestone, 1.2 is really significant because it is truly a community release. Thanks folks!

The next major milestone is 1.4, with which we can expect full internationalization, again, courtesy of the community.

— Jason