Evergreen 1.4 Release Candidate 2 available, plus sundry updates

Hoorah! Evergreen 1.4 Release Candidate 2 (1.4rc2) debuted last week (see the Evergreen downloads page), and by Friday the developers also had the 1.4rc2 staff client available as well. I downloaded it, pointed it to the development server, poked around, played with the importer/exporter, sucked in records with the multi-target Z39.50 client, etc.  Kewl beans!

A question came in on the blog post: can we post the importer/exporter (aka “Vandelay”) webinar somewhere other than the blog? We now post the webinars to a wiki page dedicated to webinars, community tutorials, and the like. Not sure that page existed when the first Evergreen newsletter came out. If you have a tutorial, webinar, tip page, etc. that you’d like to see on that page, you can either share it with me or if you have wiki access, post it on your own.

Per another comment, we do need an Evergreen conference page. Expect an update post today or tomorrow. Fingers flying fast! Thanks also to folks who have volunteered their efforts.

I’m pulling together another newsletter — if you have tidbits, do holler. It’s ok if it’s something already posted elsewhere; the newsletter is intended to be a monthly aggregation of Important Evergreen Stuff.