Evergreen 2.0 – Released!

Thursday, January 27, 2011 marked the much anticipated release of Evergreen 2.0, which brings with it an impressive list of new functions and features.  The 2.0 feature list can be found here and includes such major functionality as Acquisitions.  There were several key library systems that drove development in this major release.  This truly was a collaborate, community effort.

With the 2.0 release comes the first effort by the Evergreen community to formalize a release strategy.  This strategy was used to coordinate the efforts of volunteers from the community in the release of the Evergreen software.  Their release strategy can be viewed here.

Thanks to all of the hard-working core committers, patchers, bug testers, documentation writers, and everyone else who came together to make Evergreen 2.0 happen!

Evergreen 2.0 is finally here!