Evergreen 2.10.0 released

Thanks to the efforts of many contributors, the Evergreen community is pleased to announce the release of version 2.10.0 of the Evergreen open source integrated library system. Please visit the download page to get it!

New features and enhancements of note in Evergreen 2.10.0 include:

  • Improved password management and authentication. Evergreen user passwords are now stored with additional layers of encryption and may only be accessed directly by the database, not the application layer.
  • To improve privacy and security, Evergreen now stores less data about credit card transactions.
  • A new library setting has been added which enables a library to prevent their patrons from being opted in at other libraries.
  • To improve patron privacy, patron checkout history is now stored in separate, dedicated database table instead of being derived from the main circulation data.
  • Patrons can now delete titles that they do not wish to appear in their checkout history.
  • A new action/trigger event definition (“New User Created Welcome Notice”) has been added that will allow you to send a notice after a new patron has been created.
  • The web staff client now includes a patron editor/registration form.
  • Funds are now marked as paid when the invoice is marked as closed rather than when the invoice created.
  • A new “paid” label appears along the bottom of each line item in the PO display when every non-canceled copy on the line item has been invoiced.
  • The MARC stream importer is now able to import authority records as well as bibliographic records.
  • When inspecting a queue in MARC Batch Import/Export, there is now a link to download to MARC file any records in the queue that were not imported into the catalog.
  • Coded value maps have been added for a variety of fixed fields.
  • MARC batch import can now assign monograph part labels when adding or overlaying copies.
  • The stock indexing definitions now include a search and facet index on the form/genre field (tag 655).
  • The web staff client now includes preview functionality for cataloging, including MARC recording editing, authority maintenance, and volume/copy management.
  • HTML reports can now be sorted by clicking on the header for a given column.
  • Evergreen’s unAPI support now includes access to many more record types.

With the release of 2.10.0, bugfixes for the web staff client will now be considered for backporting to maintenance releases in the 2.10.x series, particularly in the areas of circulation and patron management.  Libraries are encouraged to try out the web staff client and file bug reports for it.

Support for PostgreSQL 9.1 is deprecated as of the release of Evergreen 2.10. Users are recommended to install Evergreen on PostgreSQL 9.2 or later. In the next major release following 2.10, Evergreen will no longer officially support PostgreSQL 9.1.

For more information about what’s in the release, check out the release notes.