Evergreen 2.2 rc1

Hello everyone,

Evergreen 2.2 rc1 was just released today, 15 May 2012. This is the
release candidate. The Evergreen community hopes that Evergreen 2.2.0
will follow in just about two weeks, depending as always on feedback from
those who contribute their feedback after testing.

This release includes various bug fixes, please see the full list of

The 2.2 series includes many new features over the 2.1 series, including
the Template Toolkit OPAC (TPAC) and too many others to count.

Please report any new bugs on Launchpad.

I would like to particularly thank Thomas Berezansky, Ben Shum, Jason
Stephenson and Dan Scott for assisting in innumerable ways with the
mechanics of publishing this release candidate. I am surely neglecting a
couple of other folks whose help was invaluable, but at least they have
their karma.

Thanks everyone!