Evergreen 2.3.0 Released

Hi Everyone,
It is with great pleasure that I announce the official release of Evergreen 2.3.0.
Links to the source code, staff client, and documentation can be found at http://evergreen-ils.org/downloads.php
Some highlights from this release:
  • A significant staff client upgrade to support newer versions of XULRunner.
  • Kid’s Catalog
  • A whole slew of TPAC features and fixes (CSS templates, bookbag interface enhancements, locale picker, and much more).
  • A number of acquisitions features, including EDI invoicing, enriched EDI orders, and numerous enhancements to the invoicing process.
  •  New faster holds pull list
  • And more! — the release was composed of 538 commits across 26 different authors.
Some aspects of this release cycle make it unique and are, I think, important signs of continuing maturity of the software and the community.
  • This is the first release using the new time-based Sept / March release schedule.
  • This is the first release to benefit from electing a release manager (yours truly) in the early stages of the release.
  • During this release cycle, we introduced development-time release notes, helping us avoid the last-minute rush to compile release notes.
Special thanks to everyone who had a hand in coding, documenting, testing, poking, prodding, sponsoring development, providing candy / soft drinks, and generally helping in keeping Evergreen moving forward.  We couldn’t do it without you.