Evergreen 2.9.6 and 2.10.5 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Evergreen 2.9.6 and 2.10.5, both bugfix releases.

Evergreen 2.9.6 fixes the following issues:

  • Emails sent using the Action Trigger SendEmail reactor now always MIME-encode the From, To, Subject, Bcc, Cc, Reply-To, and Sender headers. As a consequence, non-ASCII character in those fields are more likely to be displayed correctly in email clients.
  • Fixes the responsive view of the My Account Items Out screen so that Title and Author are now in separate columns.
  • Fixes an incorrect link for the MVF field definition and adds a new link to BRE in fm_IDL.xml.

Evergreen 2.10.5 fixes the following issues:

  • Fixes SIP2 failures with patron information messages when a patron has one or more blocking penalties that are not otherwise ignored.
  • Recovers a previously existing activity log entry that logged the username, authtoken, and workstation (when available) for successful logins.
  • Fixes an error that occurred when the system attempted to display a translated string for the “Has Local Copy” hold placement error message.
  • Fixes an issue where the Show More/Show Fewer Details button didn’t work in catalogs that default to showing more details.
  • Removes Social Security Number as a stock patron identification type for new installations. This fix does not change patron identification types for existing Evergreen systems.
  • Adds two missing link fields (patron profile and patron home library) to the fm_idl.xml for the Combined Active and Aged Circulations (combcirc) reporter source.
  • Adds a performance improvement for the “Clear Holds Shelf” checkin modifier.

Please visit the downloads page to retrieve the server software and staff clients