Evergreen 3.0 development update #12

Ducks army marching by Radoslaw Ziomber (CC-BY-SA)

Another 34 patches have made their way into Evergreen’s master branch since the previous update. This week’s batch includes some significant bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • The public catalog includes a feature to allow patrons to download a list of their past loans to a CSV file. This feature will now no longer time out for patrons who have hundreds of historical loans.
  • egGrids in the web staff client now know how to sort their rows client-side. This can be very useful for grids that are populated by user input (e.g., by scanning item barcodes into the Item Status page) or that are populated using APIs that do not currently support server-side sorting. To enable client-side sorting for a particular grid, a developer can turn on the clientsort grid feature like this:
  • Under some circumstances, the web staff client’s volume and copy editor could silently fail to add a copy record to an existing volume. This is now fixed.

Duck trivia

The fountain at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, is visited by ducks every day. As the legend goes:

How did the tradition of the ducks in The Peabody fountain begin? Back in the 1930s Frank Schutt, General Manager of The Peabody, and a friend, Chip Barwick, returned from a weekend hunting trip to Arkansas. The men had a little too much Tennessee sippin’ whiskey, and thought it would be funny to place some of their live duck decoys (it was legal then for hunters to use live decoys) in the beautiful Peabody fountain. Three small English call ducks were selected as “guinea pigs,” and the reaction was nothing short of enthusiastic. Thus began a Peabody tradition which was to become internationally famous.
In 1940, Bellman Edward Pembroke, a former circus animal trainer, offered to help with delivering the ducks to the fountain each day and taught them the now-famous Peabody Duck March. Mr. Pembroke became The Peabody Duckmaster, serving in that capacity for 50 years until his retirement in 1991.
Nearly 90 years after the inaugural march, ducks still visit the lobby fountain at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. each day.

Many thanks to Jeanette Lundgren for contributing this bit of trivia!


Updates on the progress to Evergreen 3.0 will be published every Friday until general release of 3.0.0. If you have material to contribute to the updates, please get them to Galen Charlton by Thursday morning.