Evergreen 3.0 development update #4

Common Merganser Duck. Photo courtesy Arlene Schmuland.

Another 27 patches have made their way into the master branch since the previous update.

Some highlights from last week include:

  • Documentation patches arising from the DIG Hackfest
  • Bug 1257915: Make Evergreen automatically mark a purchase order received when all of its line items have been either received or permanently cancelled. This one is a good example of how patches can evolve; Chris Sharp came up with the initial implementation, but Bill Erickson ran with Chris’ starting point and brought it past the goal line.
  • Bug 1685840: Rewriting the Google Books Preview feature in the OPAC to not require Dojo; this is part of an overall project by Dan Scott to drop Dojo as a requirement in the public catalog.
  • Bug 1427392: allow deletion of hard due date values, written by Michele Morgan.

For the upcoming week, I would like to call out a couple bugs with active pull requests that are in tricky areas of the code and could benefit from many eyes:

  • Bug 1686194: make fine generation factor adjustments into max fines calculation
  • Bug 1677661: fixes to the Mark II hold targeter that was introduced in 2.12.

Duck trivia

Rubber ducks are typically not ocean-going, but when they do venture about, they can be a very useful tool for tracing ocean currents. The “Friendly Floatees” incident also inspired a children’s book by Eric Carle.


Updates on the progress to Evergreen 3.0 will be published every Friday until general release of 3.0.0. If you have material to contribute to the updates, please get them to Galen Charlton by Thursday morning.