Evergreen 3.11-beta Released

The Evergreen Community is pleased to announce the beta release for Evergreen 3.11. This beta release marks one more step towards the release of 3.11.0, a major release with numerous new features. Everyone is encouraged to test this beta and report any issues on the Launchpad bug tracker so that we can make 3.11.0 the best that it can be!

Highlights of 3.11 include:

  • Queued Ingest functionality that improves the management of catalog record indexing
  • A new catalog record staff view tab in the Angular staff interface
  • Extending the “Did You Mean” functionality to cover multi-word, single class searches. In addition, search suggestions can now be triggered when the patron uses a non-preferred term that is present in an authority record.
  • A new test dataset called “Enhanced Concerto”
  • A new permission for updating patron barcodes
  • The new ability to define automatically-applied custom standing penalties
  • Improvements to the user interface for placing holds on titles that have monograph parts
  • An upgrade of the Angular staff interface to Angular 15 and Bootstrap 5
  • Numerous accessibility improvements

A list of the bugfixes and enhancements in the beta is available here. Full release notes will be published no later than upon release of 3.11.0.

The Evergreen Community wishes to thank all those who contributed code, testing, documentation and their time to this release.

Full information is available on the Evergreen downloads page.

On behalf of the 3.11 release team:

  • Michele Morgan
  • Jason Boyer
  • Blake Graham-Henderson