Evergreen 3.12-beta Released

The Evergreen Community is pleased to announce the beta release for Evergreen 3.12. We encourage all community members to test this release and report any issues to Launchpad. Bugfixes will be applied to the future 3.12-rc (release candidate) and 3.12.0 releases, forthcoming in the next couple of weeks.

Highlights of 3.12-beta include:

  • Support for NoveList Added Content within the Angular staff catalog
  • A path to upgrade Evergreen/OpenSRF to use Redis
  • Angular ports of the Link Checker, Custom Org Unit Trees, and Hatch Print Config interfaces
  • Several improvements to the Create MARC Record interface
  • A new interface to support Acquisitions fiscal years
  • An update to support Google Analytics 4
  • Several updates to the marc_export script
  • Numerous accessibility improvements

Please see the list of the bugfixes and enhancements as well as the draft release notes for more information about the beta release.

The Evergreen Community thanks everyone who contributed to this release! An in-progress list can be seen in the Acknowledgments section of the release notes. We are particularly proud of the number of contributions from new community members and new committers in this release.

Download files & additional information is available on the Evergreen downloads page.

On behalf of the 3.12 release team:

  • Garry Collum (Kenton County Public Library)
  • Ruth Frasur Davis (Evergreen Indiana / Evergreen Community Development Initiative)
  • Stephanie Leary (Equinox Open Library Initiative)
  • Terran McCanna (PINES)
  • Michele Morgan (NOBLE)
  • Andrea Buntz Neiman (Equinox Open Library Initiative)
  • Jane Sandberg (Independent)