Evergreen 3.3 Released

Evergreen 3.3 has been released to its eager users.  Dan Wells, release manager for Calvin College in his announcement email described 3.3 like this:

“As we close out this development period, I think the overall theme of this release can be summarized as infrastructural improvements and modernization.  Chief among these would be the significant shift to new versions of Angular/Bootstrap as spearheaded by Bill Erickson.  There are a handful of production ready interfaces now using the new system (MARC Import/Export and some Administration interfaces) and an ever more feature-rich “staff” catalog which can be optionally enabled by Evergreen administrators.  The staff catalog is still considered experimental for this release, but is already highly functional, and may one day serve as a prototype for bringing similar technology to the public OPAC.
A somewhat less glamorous but equally important effort is making sure Evergreen continues to work smoothly with major parts of our technology stack.  As lead by Jason Stephenson and Ben Shum, Evergreen can now claim official support for the newest Ubuntu LTS (18.04) as well as significantly more modern versions of PostgreSQL (9.6 and 10).  Ubuntu is a popular choice in the Evergreen community for a server operating system, and PostgreSQL plays the critical role of backend database for Evergreen, so these improvements are necessary and much appreciated.”
Read the full release notes here: https://evergreen-ils.org/documentation/release/RELEASE_NOTES_3_3.html
and download here: https://evergreen-ils.org/egdownloads/