Evergreen 3.5.0 released

The Evergreen community is proud to announce the release of Evergreen 3.5.0. Evergreen is highly-scalable software for libraries that helps library patrons find library materials and helps libraries manage, catalog, and circulate those materials, no matter how large or complex the libraries.

Evergreen 3.5.0 is a major release that includes the following new features of note:

  • Support for PostgreSQL 10.
  • Improvements to the billing and payment aging feature, including two new global flags and additional columns in the aged payment database table.
  • A new Action Trigger hook that fires on patron self-registration.
  • Various updates to the Angular staff interface, including:
    • Porting the Enriched/Full MARC editor.
    • Adding a Patron View tab to the experimental Angular catalog.
    • A new Catalog Preferences interface.
    • Search query highlighting in the experimental Angular catalog.
  • Various circulation improvements, including:
    • A new hold sort order.
    • Improvements to the Angular staff catalog hold placement form.
    • Adding the ability for staff and patrons to update existing hold requests when changing notification preferences for holds.
    • In Hatch, a new ability to “print” receipts to file.
  • The ability to add custom CSS to the OPAC via a library setting.

The release is available on the Evergreen downloads page. For more information on what’s included in Evergreen 3.5.0, please consult the release notes.

Evergreen 3.5.0 requires PostgreSQL 9.6 or later and OpenSRF 3.2.0 or later.

Evergreen 3.5.0 includes contributions from at least 18 individuals and 11 institutions.

The release managers Bill Erickson and Chris Sharp would like to extend their appreciation for everybody’s help and patience with the release.