Evergreen 3.8-beta available

The Evergreen Community is pleased to announce the availability of the beta release for Evergreen 3.8. This release contains various new features and enhancements, including:

  • Angular rewrites of several staff interfaces:
    • Acquisitions administration
    • Holdings maintenance and item attributes editor
    • Patron triggered events log
    • Item triggered events log
  • A new option to make headings browsing case-insensitive
  • A new interface for editing notes that are attached to bibliographic records
  • Improvements to the staff interface for browsing bib records that are attached to a heading
  • Patron notes, messages, alert messages, and standing penalties have been folded into a consolidated notes interface.
  • New settings to control how the item price and acquisition cost are used to determine the item’s value for replacement
  • Improvements to the dialogs used to override events in the checkout, items out, and renew items interfaces
  • The patron photo URL can now be edited from the patron registration interface
  • New settings for hold stalling based on the pickup library
  • New settings for tuning the default pickup location that is applied when a hold request is placed by a staff member
  • Stripe credit payments in the public catalog now use a newer API recommended by Stripe
  • Cover images are now displayed in the My Account items checked out, check out history, holds, and holds history pages
  • New reporting views, including item statistics andDewey call number blocks and ranges

Evergreen admins installing the beta or upgrading a test system to the beta should be aware of the following:

  • The minimum version of PostgreSQL required to run Evergreen 3.6 is PostgreSQL 9.6.
  • The minimum version of OpenSRF is 3.2.
  • Debian Bullseye is now supported, while Debian Jessie is no longer supported
  • The upgrade does not require a catalog reingest. However, if you are experimenting with the case-insensitive browse feature, reingests will be required for any index that you change.
  • The beta release should not be used for production.

Additional information, including a full list of new features, can be found in the release notes.