Evergreen Announces the 2020 Online Conference

The Evergreen International Conference is the premier event for the Evergreen open-source ILS community. Each year, a broad cross-section of software developers, systems administrators, librarians, and other stakeholders gather to discuss, learn, and do work related to the continual development and implementation of this full-featured and highly scalable library management system. The conference serves as both a high-level professional development opportunity as well as a vehicle to develop and fortify community relationships.

This year, due to the CoViD-19 pandemic and the pursuant societal constraints, local planners and community leaders made the responsible, but difficult, decision to cancel the in-person conference. The content that would have been shared during the traditional event, however, remains valuable and relevant. Responding to all of these realities, and with thanks to the willingness of those groups and individuals scheduled to present, teach, and facilitate to shift gears, the Evergreen community will present its first-ever online conference June 9-11. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information. Make sure to subscribe to the General Discussion List for details as they are available.