Evergreen API Deprecation Notice: Several Disused Methods for Holds

The following Evergreen API methods will be deprecated:

  • open-ils.circ.holds.create
  • open-ils.circ.holds.create.override
  • open-ils.circ.holds.create.batch
  • open-ils.circ.holds.create.override.batch

The deprecation will occur in two phases:

  • Evergreen 3.13: formal deprecation. Evergreen will warn about use of these APIs in its logs.
  • The major Evergreen release that follows 3.13: removal of the methods

Any applications using the deprecated APIs should instead use the methods “open-ils.circ.holds.test_and_create.batch” and/or “open-ils.circ.holds.test_and_create.batch.override”. This switch can and should be made at any time; it need not wait on the formal deprecation.

For assistance with updating your application, please feel free to raise questions on the evergreen-dev mailing list or on the #evergreen IRC channel.

Additional information and discussion about this deprecation can be found in bug 1017990.

This announcement supersedes a previous, retracted announcement that incorrectly stated that “open-ils.circ.title_hold.is_possible” will be deprecated. That method will NOT be deprecated

-Evergreen community