Evergreen Bug Squashing Day

The Evergreen community will hold its first Bug Squashing Day on Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

The goal of bug squashing day is for contributors and volunteers to commit the entire day to the following activities:

  • Fixing bugs;
  • Testing bug fixes that have pullrequest tags;
  • General bug wrangling activities (confirming bugs, marking duplicates, etc.);
  • Pushing bug fixes into Evergreen (for core committers).

To help with bug testing, MOBIUS and MassLNC (with technical assistance from MVLC) will provide Sandboxes that will be loaded with requested development branches. If you would like to test a bug fix and are unable to load it locally, please fill out the Sandbox Request form by the end of the day Friday, August 22. We will have a limited number of Sandboxes available and may not be able to accommodate all requests, but we’ll do our best to see that everyone who wants to test a bug fix has the opportunity to do so.

More information on bug squashing day activities can be found at http://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=dev:bug_squashing:2014-08-26.

If all goes well, we hope to hold community-wide Bug Squashing Days on a quarterly basis. Many thanks to the Koha community for inspiring this event through its Global Bug Squashing Days.