Evergreen Community Spotlight: Terran McCanna

The Evergreen Outreach Committee is pleased to announce that March’s Community Spotlight is Terran McCanna of the Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS). Terran is the PINES Program Manager at GPLS.

Terran has been involved with the Evergreen community since 2013. In that time she has been very involved with bug squashing – whether reporting, testing, or patching, Terran has tackled almost every aspect of bug management in Evergreen. For many years she has served as the Coordinator for the community Bug Squashing Week, where she organizes sandbox servers and tracks all bug activity.

Bug Squashing Week was a mere Bug Squashing Day until 2017, and Terran was instrumental in making the larger event happen. “I’m proud of my work in encouraging and enabling more community members to participate in testing through the expansion of Bug Squashing events,” she says.

Terran’s work with bug squashing has generated some impressive Launchpad and git statistics. She is responsible for 218 reported bugs (along with a total of 808 bugs she’s commented on), and has authored 30 patches accepted into Evergreen and signed off on 83 more. 

In addition to working with bugs, Terran also helped found the recently-created New Developers Working Group, which gives new developers a forum to exchange ideas and help each other learn.  Terran was also the local chair of this year’s Evergreen Conference (sadly cancelled), in addition to being a member of the standing Conference Committee for many years.

Prior to joining the PINES team, Terran worked at a PINES member library in several front-line roles. At PINES, she handles tasks such as training, policy discussion, documentation, and helpdesk support. “I have to take both a larger state-wide view of how our consortium works, as well as taking a deeper look at how the software works,” Terran tells us. “I feel that this has made me a strong advocate for making the software more user-friendly, and for improvements to the software that will provide benefit to both patrons and library staff.”

Terran recommends that new community members get involved by joining a community working group, contributing to documentation, or participating in testing.

“It’s been incredibly rewarding and exciting to be a part of the Evergreen community as the software has evolved from the desktop client to the web client, and how it continues to evolve to meet library needs. I look forward to participating in many more developments in whatever way I can.”

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