Evergreen Conference Program Proposal Deadline Approaches

We’re seeing some excellent program proposals float in for the first-ever Evergreen International Conference, May 20-22 2009 (see http://solinet.net/evergreen), and yes, we are planning on two half-day “hackfest” sessions on producing documentation. We’ve also had some questions:

* How do I submit a program proposal? Answer: see the conference program proposal web page–
we’ve kept the process as simple as possible.

* When are program proposals due? Answer: 5 p.m. EST, March 2, 2009

* What level of audience? Answer: just about any level. The three tracks for programs — Admin, Tech, and Front Line — ensure that there is a place for any program.

* What category does my program go in? Answer: don’t sweat that detail. Just make a best-guess and if the program is a good match for this year’s conference, it will find a home.

* Can it be a panel discussion or presentation? Answer: absolutely! Just remember these are 45-minute programs so you might want to keep it to two or three panelists.

* What kind of setup will we have? Expect a computer projector and a laptop (or bring your own laptop). We should have online access but remember it’s usually a smart idea to “can” your program so you aren’t completely reliant on online access.

* Does the program proposal need to match the conference theme, “Branch out with Evergreen”? Answer: no, that’s not necessary, all ideas considered.

* How do I submit a lightning talk idea? Answer: you can submit in advance (just send an email to events@evergreen-ils.org), but you can also sign up at the conference. (Lightning talks are five-minute presentations.)

* What about a hackfest idea? Answer: submit it like a proposal.

* What’s a hackfest, anyway, and how long does it have to be? Answer: a hackfest is a concentrated work effort on a special project and it can range from a couple of hours to all day. Hackfests are traditionally used for development — but don’t let that box you in. You’ll have a room, wifi access, tables, and a few hours to spend with colleagues you might not normally get “f2f”-time with. Do you have a usability project? Coding? Documentation? Testing? Want to hold an advocacy camp? Here’s your chance!

* I have other questions. Where can I ask them? Feel free to pose them here on the list but you can also email events@evergreen-ils.org.

The Evergreen International Conference 2009 is jointly sponsored by Equinox Software, Georgia Public Library Service, and SOLINET.